Clarity on Corona with Sayer Ji (Soapbox Podcast March 29, 2020)

March 29, 2020


GUEST: Sayer Ji
Topic: Clarity on the Coronavirus

This week, Cindy had the honor of interviewing natural health expert Sayer Ji of the widely followed GreenMedInfo site.

Sayer talks about the problems with the lab tests that declared that Covid-19 was a "novel" Coronavirus; the best ways to deal with the crisis for families and communities; and the dangers to our health, psyches, liberty, and emotional well-being of Medical Martial Law.

If you listen to only one Soapbox, or one podcast about Coronavirus, make it this very important interview!

Sayer Ji is the founder of GreenMedInfo, the world’s largest open-access natural health database.

He is also a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, the co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, a board member of the National Health Federation, and a steering committee member of the Global Non-GMO Foundation.

Cindy, who lost her health insurance in 2004 after she was fired from her job for "taking too much time off" after her son Casey was killed in Iraq has been very interested in natural health and healing.

In Cindy's opinion, GreenMedInfo  is the best researched and credible natural health site and has trustworthy information.

Please check out GreenMedInfo and this great article (below) by Sayer Ji:

Why Everything You Learned About Viruses is WRONG




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Check out Sayer Ji's new book!



Radical resilience – not disease – is your body’s destiny
MODERN MEDICINE AND HUMAN HEALTH are at a critical crossroads, and the truth is that you and not your genes are in the driver’s seat. You are the one who gets to make informed decisions on how you use and nourish the evolutionary miracle that is your body.
Combining analysis of cutting-edge scientific findings with our deepest ancestral wisdom and health-promoting practices, Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, offers a time-tested program to help prevent and manage the most common health afflictions of our day—cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic syndrome.

Antiquated thinking and scientific dogma have long obstructed our understanding of our innate untapped potential for self-regeneration and radical healing. But the New Biology explains why biological time is not a downward spiral and how chronic illness is not inevitable when you implement nature’s resiliency tools.
In his thorough and thoughtful exploration of the New Biology, Sayer Ji illuminates:
  • the fascinating new science of food as information
  • the truth about cancer and heart disease screening and what real prevention looks like
  • how to reverse the most common forms of degeneration using food-based approaches
  • how the body extracts energy from sources other than food, including water and melanin
  • how to make sense of conflicting dietary recommendations and out-of-date food philosophies
Encoded within every tissue of your body is your ability to regenerate. Unlock your radical resiliency through this roadmap for diet, exercise, stress reduction, and the cultivation of the environment in which you choose to live.


10 More Experts Criticizing the Coronavirus Panic



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