Thursday, January 21, 2021

Transitions, Peaceful and Otherwise by Cindy Sheehan


Dede's Final Christmas

Four years ago, today, my oldest granddaughter and I sat together in a rocker-recliner with tears in our eyes, watching images from the Women's March in WashedUp, DeCeit, the day after Donald Trump had been inaugurated. (As far as I know, there was no Women's March today, or any online opposition to the sexual predator that was sworn in yesterday).

We weren't crying because Trump was peacefully sworn in the day before, we were devastated because my sister Dede Miller had died in the same room we were in at about 2:30 am earlier that morning.

One of the reasons I have put my health as my number one priority since Dede died, is because her transition was NOT peaceful in the very least. After over 18-months of invasive and counter-productive cancer treatments from the Cancer Industrial Complex, her poor body was ravaged by those treatments and the rapid spread of her breast-cancer to many other parts of her body. In hospice at the end, we could only relieve her pain, but she ironically died a very horrible and painful death. Four years have passed and I still have PTSD from her final hours.

Our only consolation is that Dede is now at rest, but after another "peaceful" transition of power here in the US, I think that all we the people of the world have to look forward to with a Biden regime is more war, internationally, and more police state repression, domestically. 

I am not going to go into reciting a litany of the "accomplishments" of Biden's long history in the corrupt and violent government of the USA, nor will I detail the sordid feats of Harris as top cop for SF, California, and then Senator, because Biden's supporters will only tell me to "give him a chance," and those who know both parties are evil, don't need the list. I am sure if we could travel and organize together, the antiwar movement will find no shortage of actions to protest in the next four years.


During the funeral yesterday (oops, I meant "inauguration,") there were 200k flags on display--my mind goes to "wow, one flag for every five lives taken in Iraq." You remember that war, the one that killed my son, and over one million Iraqi and other US troops? The war that Joe Biden enthusiastically supported? 

As an historian and political commentator, I have no optimism for the future of the world under Biden/Harris and I wish Dede were here to lean on during this "Dark Winter." It was very hard to lose my sister, best-friend, and comrade all in the same day. However, it was not hard to "lose" Trump, but it also was not easy to see two more stooges for Capitalism and Imperialism take his place.

May I be proven wrong and may a long era of peace, tranquility and prosperity reign over us. I have a bad feeling about this, though.


Vacaville, Ca




  1. It's a shame that Cindy has been barred from Facebook. It's not like
    she's planning a violent insurrection. All she wants is a peaceful revolution, and that's not an evil act.

  2. I always look to you for truth and candor. we could all come together and have a world war fighting a virus and not kill eachother, maybe even borrow some money from the Pentagon

  3. Thank you for this heartfelt and lovely post. It is a dark time we are moving into, predicated by 20 years of gradual decline... if not more. I am very grateful for friends like you who see through the b.s. and understand what we are dealing with. I wish I had known your sister, Dede. I am also happy to see Trump go but horrified at the Biden administration, which will be infinitely worse.


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