Saturday, May 19, 2012

The War Party and the Faux-gressives who adore it

by Anthony Freda (

This is a reprint of an article I wrote on June 19th, 2009. 

With the election season grinding into full gear, we here in the Propagandized States of America are being deluged with faux-debates on non-issues. Of course, gay marriage is an important civil right for a minority, and if we don't stand up for minorities, then we are bullies, or worse; but, Obama's pronouncement is nothing to cheer and similarly, nothing to curse. It was nothing---a politically expedient announcement impeccably timed to raise the most (over 15 million dollars) in campaign funds.

Along with US troops, profiteers, mercenaries and other imperial functionaries still occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, US Special Forces (and drones) are in Yemen and Africa; and two pregnant women (among others) were just slaughtered by US commandoes in Honduras.

I asked the question early on in the Obama regime of "what will it take" for a majority of us to wake up and realize that the problem is cystemic, not political.

There are thousands of activists in Chicago this weekend protesting NATO--and that's a really, really good thing. In fact, I had my airplane tickets and bag packed to head there myself when I caught a bug (that's been going around my household) the night before I was getting ready to leave. I really wanted to go to Rahm Emanuel's police state to bear witness and support anti-NATO and  anti-G8 austerity.

There's many more thousands of 3rd party activists working for an alternative solution within established and acceptable paradigms--which is also good, but, at this stage in the game it's like throwing a teaspoon of water on a raging inferno. 

So, while we protest in numbers that should be far larger and work on political solutions, we also need to be organizing in our communities to build caring, revolutionary systems of compassion, peace, and health.

Revisit, or visit for the first time, the wo(man)ifesto that I wrote in 2009 called: Myth America: 20 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The War Party and its Faux-gressive Minions by Cindy Sheehan

For years now, I have been writing about the duplicity of the Democrats and the shocking similarity between the two parties when it comes to the use of state-sanctioned terrorism against innocent populations.

This past week, after the betrayal of every American who elected Democrats to end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, I am wondering if there is anyone still in this nation who thinks that there’s any significant difference between the war ideologies of Democrats and Republicans.

I know many faux-gressive entities on the “left” whose silence on this matter is so loud it’s hurting my eardrums. Where was over these past few weeks when the Dems were bludgeoning their caucus to vote “Aye” to extend the war crimes in the Middle East? Where were Markos Moulitsas (Daily Kos) and his bloggers that day? The day the funding bill passed, I wandered over to The Daily Kos and saw that it was all a-twitter about Senator Ensign (R) having an extra-marital affair. Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Harry Reid may, or may not, be loyal spouses, but their calumny will kill, maim, torture or displace thousands of people over the next 4-8 years. I am not so interested in what happens in bedrooms as what happens in Democratic war zones.

Faux-gressives and The Daily Kos supported me, and my work, as long as it solely focused on the Bush regime and the Republicans. However, when I had a late in life epiphany and figured out that the Democrats were abusing the energy of the anti-war movement to regain power, and I started to speak out against the entire War Party, not just one-half of it, I was kicked off blogging for The Daily Kos and ostracized by the fully co-opted Nathan Diebenow of the Lonestar Iconoclast then accused me of “alienating” my friends, to add insult to injury.

I think that I have unfortunately been vindicated by almost every single action that the Democratic Party has taken since 2006 when impeachment was taken “off the table,” but “blank-check” war funding was served up to the Military Industrial Complex on a bloody platter dripping with the flesh and blood of real human beings.

Our politicians have no integrity partly because the organizations in the movements that have the largest emailing lists have no integrity. Wars that were wrong under Bush become acceptable under Obama and the stain of torture fades into the woodwork or is hidden from sight like a demented relation because a Senator has an affair. As I understand it, was founded to oppose the impeachment of Bill Clinton for the same thing Ensign did…now the gatekeepers of the War Party are going to crucify Ensign to distract their subscribers from real issues? sent this out in April 2008 in a fundraising email to its 5 million person list: No matter what happens in Iraq, the Bush Administration and John McCain always have the same answer: 6 more months. They're at it again this week, asking for six more months. But six months won't change anything—except the body count and the price tag. 

They were not talking about the Democratic war funding this week. Apparently it’s fine to fund wars if we have a Democratic Despotism, but dangerous for our troops if we have a Republican Regime.

Hey Come back from the dark side of partisan politics. You look like Move America Forward, now:( a reich-wing organization that irrationally and blindly supports Republicans and unquestioningly supported BushCo). CODEPINK supported Barack Obama, but at least CODEPINK is over in Gaza trying to call attention to that crime, while ignores the situation and most of the bloggers at The Daily Kos just like to sit behind their computer screens and snarkily criticize anyone who is actually on the streets doing the work.

What Pelosi and her Wrecking Crew did last week was disgraceful, but it’s shameful that people who opposed the exact same policies under BushCo support the same crimes of ObamaCo.

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