Thursday, November 15, 2012

Final Hypocrisy

Part I is available here, and Part II is available here.

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  1. this is great. excellent. i've got two FINAL thoughts: it IS important to listen to what they say and to realize the extent of the hypocrisy, but i find it really difficult to watch ANY of the tv reporting since it is so full of bad stuff that you have to watch 10 x's of crap to get 1x of useful and true information. the other thing is that the same is true about the jfk murder and mlk and so much else, and even when true facts are exposed, getting these to the general public is almost impossible, blocked by fantasy tv news, entertainment, and advertisements. tv is a giant psyop; radio, too. so , we love reports like this. will the internet be taken from us, or what? many serious thinkers have suggested such a worry. peter dale scott, for one. thanx.


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