Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hypocrites Part II

Part I is available here.

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  1. the only thing is.. and i think this video is great again, giving another concrete and otherwise uncriticized example of the bull (and there are many, many constant examples flying by our eyes and ears so fast and often that it's a giant blur, isn't it? and we almost stop listening- and stop asking- it's a giant psyop)..but- the other thing is.. is that SUSAN RICE...! is about as peaceful and diplomatic -for like hitler!
    like, what planet are these people from?
    so, just sayin'. i'd oppose her nomination, too! but for totally other reasons, wouldn't you? so we're on john mccains side? so, is mccain just pretending to oppose her? well, let's see. let's see if she gets the spot anyways and if this isn't just another big stupid fight for show and distraction or whatever. meanwhile.. what's important that's going on? (a million things) israeli attacks aiming to slay the whole population of gaza? the w.h. and congress giving the robbing banks more money and doing what the banks say and planning attacks on all the social net? people in ny and nj freezing in prison fema camps with black helicopters buzzing them overhead? more drones being built in newyork by an israeli company? where a needed hospital is now?! more foreclosures (on america?). the thing is.. the whole topic about susan rice is NOT the biggest hypocrisy - it's the charlierose story for the night. should we even listen EVER to that kind of report/hypocrisy/bullshit? at all? i don't think so BECAUSE apparently, all the truth is what they DON'T TALK ABOUT AT ALL- IN PUBLIC - EVER.


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