Saturday, February 9, 2013

ROUTE FOR TOUR DE PEACE (From Cali to Chicago)


This tentative route is California and Rte 66 to Chicago
We have several commitments for events/rallies in these cities:

Sacramento, Ca
Fresno, Ca
Palm Springs, Ca
Albuquerque, NM
Amarillo, Tx
OKC/Norman, Ok
Tulsa, Ok
Springfield, MO
Charlottesville, Va

We obviously need more commitments for housing, rallies, events, etc. 

If you check the route and have suggestions for relevant and meaningful sight-seeing, protest, visits, camping, housing, organizing, etc, please email Dede Miller at:

We will try to adhere to these dates as much as possible, but, of course, conditions due to weather, etc, will likely change things.

We are open to variations in the route.
Tour de Peace 

Tentative Route and Schedule

April 4th:

11AM:              Meet at Vaca-Elmira Cemetery
                           Casey Sheehan’s Grave (Near front)
                           522 Emira Rd, Vacaville, Ca 95687

11:30:               Bike to Sacramento (approx. 50 miles)

6PM:                 Pot luck and event in Sacto (TBA)
                           Overnight in Sacto

April 5th          Make way to Santa Monica
                           Drive, bus, bike?
(Team TdP will be driving. Driving North/South will sometimes occur)

April 6th:         Fresno

April 7th:         
9AM:                 Meet at Veterans for Peace Arlington West (near  Santa Monica Pier)
                           Press Conference and Send off
                           (Beginning of route 66)
                           Bike approx. 50 miles of RTE 66
                          Overnight in Rancho Cucamonga

April 8th:          Open Day

April 9th:          Palm Springs
                           Off-route stop
                           Events TBA

April 10th:        29 Palms (50 mile ride)

April 11th:        Down Day (Explore Joshua Tree?)

April 12th:        Amboy (46m)

April 13th:        Needles (97m may drive part way)


April 14th:        Kingman (63m)

April 15th:        Peach Springs (50m)

April 16th:        Seligman (37m)

April 17th:        Williams (41m)

April 18th:        Down Day

April 19th:        Flagstaff (34m)

April 20th:        Possible commute to Phoenix for Event?

April 21st:        Phoenix?

April 22nd:       Winslow (Commute from Phoenix?)

April 23rd:        Petrified Forest National Park (51m)

April 24th:        Sanders (30m)


April 25th:        Gallup (43m)
April 26th:        Down Day

April 27th:        Bluewater (55m)

April 28th:        Laguna (43m)

April 29th:        Albuquerque (57m)
                           Event TBA

April 30th:        Clines Corners (60m)

May 1st:            Santa Rosa (57m)

May 2nd:           Down Day
                           (Cindy Sheehan will be gone from May 2 to the 6th at a conference and will rejoin TdP in Amarillo)

May 3rd:            Tucumcari (58m)

May 4th:            Adrian (71m)
                           One month anniversary of tour
May 5th:            Cinco de Mayo: Rest, Recharge, Rebuild
May 6th:            Amarillo (50m)
                           Event TBA
May 7th:            Groom (44m)
May 8th:            Shamrock (57m)
May 9th:            Elk City (57m)
May 10th:         Weatherford (45m)
May 11th:         El Reno (45m)
May 12th:         Norman
                           Events TBA
May 13th:         Rest, indigenous sites
                           Drive back up to OKC
May 14th:         Chandler (47m)
                           (Cindy will leave tour in OKC and rejoin in Tulsa on the 16th: grandson’s 5th Birthday)
May 15th:         Sapulpa (54m)
May 16th:         Tulsa (15m)
                           Events TBA
May 17th:         Chelsea (43m)
May 18th:         Miami, OK (50)
May 19th:         Down Day
May 20th:         Sarcoxie (50m)
May 21st:         Springfield, Mo
                           Events TBA     
May 22nd:         Lebanon (58m)
May 23rd:         Waynesville (32m)
May 24th:         Cuba (54m)
May 25th:         Down Day
May 26th:         Pacific (53m)
May 27th:         St. Louis (40m)
May 28th:         Litchfield (58m)
May 29th:         Casey’s Birthday
                           Springfield, Il (49m)
May 30th:         McLean (49m)
May 31st:         Pontiac (53m)
June 1st:           Joliet (68)
June 2nd:           Chicago (42m)
June 3rd:           Chicago

July 3rd

Meet at Arlington Cemetery
for ride to White House


  1. Well, get a little south wind in our faces on our swing down to OK, Cindy, but it will be worth visiting our Native brothers and sisters.
    A cure for headwinds? Shout, "Is that all you got? Is that all you got?"

  2. "ROUTE FOR TOUR DE PEACE (From Cali to Chicago)"

    Pleese!! Cali is a city in Columbia. I have lived my whole life in CALIFORNIA. I grew up on Route 66, and would be open to riding a portion of it.

  3. Safe travels, Cindy. Heard you on Mike Malloy last night. Wish you could make it to Madison but it's out of the way. You have many friends here.


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