I'd love to thank my attorney, Dennis Cunningham, for all his hard work here in California;

Attorney, Peter Goldberger, from Pa, who advised us every step of the way;

The National War Tax Resistance Co-ordinating Committee   
(Especially Ruth Benn and Ed Hedemann)
for its continued great work, advice, solidarity, and friendship. 

I am sure this is just the beginning!  


All of the wonderful support I have received from so many people from all over!  

Hasta la victoria, siempre! 


  1. So happy for you, Cindy. This is now put to rest. We knew it would eventually come to this, and although going through this unnecessary process took a toil in time, expense and frustration the statement made is worth it! Congratulations.

  2. Oh Cindy, this is great news. Congratulations! What a victory. I'm so glad this is not a worry for you any more. Imagine if enough of us (I'm sure you have) were to do as you have done -- the whole damn machine would come to a grinding halt.

  3. This is awesome news and a great relief to you personally I am sure! Congrats Cindy!

  4. Congrats Cindy! When we can end the aggression against the people that is taxation we can end the empire. Thanks for doing your part.

  5. Can you advise the rest of us how to resist paying taxes for war?

    1. I would advise getting in contact with the National War Tax Resistance Co-ordinating Committee:


  6. Keep kicking butt girl!!!

    Love "Light" and Energy


  7. Congratulations, Cindy! Mr. Jose Arteaga sure didn't waste any words in letting you know they'd withdrawn their case, did he! Yes, we ALL need to quit paying taxes, then stupid Congress would have to quit their ridiculous, childish bickering about "sequesters," the "fiscal cliff," debt ceilings, AND the deficit, because there simply wouldn't be any money for them to argue over! I think we need to write up a new amendment to the Constitution, TELLING CONGRESS EXACTLY WHAT THEY CAN SPEND MONEY ON AND NOTHING MORE! If I had my way, they could only pay for infrastructure, new and adequate schools, tons more teachers, computers for every child, training for everyone who prefers not to go to college, low-interest loans, free grants and scholarships (i.e., AFFORDABLE TUITION) for those who do want to go to college, preschool programs for every single child, FOOD and ADEQUATE HOUSING FOR ALL FAMILIES (NO MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE!), low-interest loans to all who want to purchase homes instead of renting, publicly funded elections (!), huge investments in renewable energy resources, counteracting global warming in every way that people in both the private sector and gov't. can think of... Let's see, what else? And then we could create ANOTHER amendment stating that all of Congress has to go back to the old standard of working 50 weeks out of the year instead of the 32 or 35 they now work (!), and that they would have to work 5 days a week, not the pathetically puny schedules they work these days! Also that they will NOT RECEIVE lifetime pensions, health care, etc. just because they put in a few years of public service to the government of the United States! It is gross that We the Taxpayers have to pay for these people to retire in style FOREVER, even if they only serve two years! We the People have no say over what happens in the Congress of the United States, and many of these people are so arrogant they feel no compunction to ask our permission or to inform us at all! War as we have known it would be done away with, and the International Tribunal would be given all the power it needs to just go in and arrest and deal with all the thugs of the world like Assad of Syria and the newest despot of North Korea. It is sickening that the world stands by while these thugs murder and starve their people and/or cause them to live in egregious poverty. The Pentagon would be DRASTICALLY REDUCED IN SIZE, we would stop being the policeman of the world, we would get most of our bases out of the 135 nations they are now in, and we would let all these countries shore up their own militaries and fend for themselves! If you do away with the paradigm of war and allow people the dignity of work and LIVING WAGES, most people would set their minds to work and most would not be thinking of war anyway! It is only the aforementioned thugs who are causing the problems. Imagine economies based on food production, renewable resources, and plenty for all!


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