The Goddess of Cycling by Cindy Sheehan

The Goddess of Cycling

Tour de Peace woke up in St. Louis in a downpour on May 28th.

What to do? Obviously, there's no riding in lightening and Mike Reid the Executive Director of Veterans for Peace came to our rescue.

We met Mike at a cafe and he laid our day out for us that was to eventually include: a trip to the Logan School of Chiropractic where my butt injury was diagnosed and treated (tore sacrococcygeal ligament when a porch swing collapsed under me ten days ago); the doctor customized the fit of my bike to me since he is a sports medicine doctor who has worked with professional cyclists for years; Mike treated my bike to a tuneup and took Team Tour de Peace out for pizza and I was able to get a delicious gluten free/vegan pie at Pi in The Loop neighborhood of St. Louis. 

Malcolm, Cindy and Mike Reid
 The day with our new best-friend, Mike, was awesome. By the time my bike and butt were tuned-up, the rain had stopped so we said a sad good-bye to Mike and headed to the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

The Arch symbolizes the "Gateway between the East and West" and after we left the Arch, we cycled over Eads Bridge into our 8th state and we will be sadly be leaving Route 66 where it ends for us in Chicago on the 3rd. Route 66 with all its quirkiness and charm has become like a close friend to us as we have very slowly cycled down it, foot by foot for just short of two months. 

On Illinois State Line looking back at Arch (8th State for TdP)
I am very proud of what Tour de Peace has accomplished since we began on April 4th at my son's grave in Vacaville (today, May 29, would have been Casey's birthday if he wasn't killed in another Imperial war for profit and hegemony). We have ridden through eight states and have experienced some wild weather and rough roads. Except for my porch swing mishap, we have come this far unscathed. I pat ourselves on the back, that's for sure!

After we crossed into Illinois, we drove (was too late to bike) to Mt. Olive and made a pilgrimage to the monument/grave of Mother Jones to pay our deepest respects and draw inspiration from the life of the Granny of radical movements. It was a special time for me.

Monument to Mother Jones in Mt. Olive, Illinois
Today, (May 29th) started out clear and humid and just got more hot and humid as we went. I, and my sidekick, Dan, started cycling South of Farmersville and, as we say, the "Goddess of Cycling" was definitely on our side with a tailwind AND mostly flat terrain. It's been a long time since we had a day like today and we were really happy, at least my butt was, to have an easy ride of about 20 miles to Springfield, from where I am writing this piece.

Tour de Peace has some exciting events planned for the remaining month, or so, so please go to our website and check it out!

Me, on the road to Springfield


  1. "Monument to Mother Jones in Mt. Olive, Illinois" can almost see her on a bicycle.

  2. This is felt as a very rewarding trip; many of us can and should do this.

  3. You for Cindy. Wish I were with you but at least I can read about your exploits! I'm from East St. Louis, Illinois so am familiar with your route. Now I reside in Sacramento, CA and am such an admirer for all you do to foster peace in this F*&%&ed up country. Love and blessings, Peggy Bean

  4. Your fans in St. Louis would have loved to have you stop over longer and meet with us, rain or no.

  5. You are amazing, Cindy. I am constantly awed by your dedication ay all that you do.

    Larry Siegel


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