Tour de Peace Route: re-adjustment June 14th to the 21

Change of Tour

From Philadelphia, Pa to Gaithersburg, Md

One of our friends and Tour de Peacers Jon Gold is recovering from back surgery in Philadelphia and we are diverting the Tour, again, to go visit him.

So far, we have had no one volunteer to organize anything for us in Pennsylvania.

We have an organizer who has volunteered to host us in New Jersey, but any of the other dates are open.

Please contact me, or Dede Miller, to volunteer/or get more information about hosting an event for Tour de Peace.

We would be open to deviating from these cities to other close ones.
June 14th drive to Philly from Kent, Oh to see Jon

June 15th drive to Jersey Shore for event there (90 miles)

June 16 Day off at Jersey Shore

June 17th: Bike to Allentown, PA (32 miles)

June 18th: Bike to Norristown, PA (50 miles)

June 19th: Bike to Wilmington, DE (31 miles)

June 20th: Bike to Aberdeen, MD. (40 miles)

June 21: Bike to Baltimore, MD (30 miles)

June 22: Bike to Gaithersburg, MD (42 miles)  
(We have an organizer in Gaithersburg)
(Rest of Tour from June 22 is the same)


  1. Are you coming thru Delaware?

    1. yes, sorry,
      I put Wilmington DC instead of DE...I will change it.

  2. Hi. I have bicycle toured 37,000 miles (59,000 kilometers) through nineteen countries. It sounds like your tour is going to be hot that time of year.

    John Shaw


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