Friday, August 30, 2013

Cindy Sheehan for Reichwing Dummies

Now that the War Party with its leader, Barack Obama, is ratcheting up the rhetoric for another war, the predictable Reichwing attacks against me begin.

Whether written by moronic bloggers, or emailed to me directly, the subject line is always something like this:

"Where are you now?"

I thought to save myself some time, I would write this fact sheet for those Dummies. It always amuses me that they can come to my blog, find the "CONTACT" link, then write me with misinformed accusations like those below. The Reichwingers can take the time to find my email, but they don't look down the page a little to see that I actually do the opposite of what they want to accuse me of?

"What? You only opposed war when Bush was in office? What a hypocrite!"

I oppose every war of the past and in the present. I oppose every war of the future.

War is a tool of barbarism and it is the opposite of sane and healthy for states to force its young to kill other people in some kind of geo-political game of serial madness and murder.

I don't care what war you want to throw at me, I oppose it and it was/is/will be wrong. People can sit across from one another and solve problems without resorting to murder, plain and simple. Any solution that involves troops, bombing, torture, etc, is evil and fraught with sorrow and destruction. Think about it...please...if you think about it with a rational mind, you will see yourself how demented war really is.

I can't remember a war that was waged to solve any geo-political problems that weren't created so the war profiteers can get more blood soaked money. The sane solution would be to dismantle the war machine and mantle a healthy economy based on peace and environmental sustainability. Again, if you take the red, white, and blue cloud out of your brain, I know you will know that I am correct.

Just the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost over three-trillion dollars. Where did all that money go? Into the pockets of multi-national corporations from oil companies, to tank builders, to drone manufacturers and even Burger King and AT&T. 

The planned misadventure in Syria will shoot off Tomahawk missiles at 300 million/per missile. Right off the top of my head, I could probably think of 300 ways that money could be spent to contribute to a healthy and sane society and not one that goes around the world killing people to save them from being killed by their own leaders? Again, if that doesn't cause some kind of incongruity in your Limbaugh-esque addelpation, then I am afraid there is very little hope for you.

War is only good for the global elite, and the rest of the billions of us should reject being harmed for the good of the elite.

Again, I can't say this strongly enough...Reichwing Dummies who call me a "hypocrite" should look at their own "values." If you supported Bush and his immoral wars of aggression, then you should support Obama and his. If you opposed Bush and his immoral wars of aggression, then you should oppose Obama and his.

It's just common sense, but when the two violent branches of the War Party come together, we lose our reasonableness and turn into stone cold killers, or the enablers of stone cold killers, ourselves.


"What else can I expect from a Democrat."

I left the Democratic Party in 2007--the irony here is that I probably loathe the DP more than you do, because Democrats not only support Empire, but their mission is to demobilize true opposition to the policies of Empire. At the moment, I belong to the Peace and Freedom Party and would NEVER return, or support, the War Party.

"You crawl up the ass of every Democrat out there."

This one is laughable and so easy to fact check. 

I ran against Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in 2008 for Congress.

I ran against Barack Obama (D-MORDER) in 2012 as VP candidate for the Peace & Freedom Party. I have NEVER supported Barack Obama and voted for Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party in 2008 and also supported Ralph Nader (I). I made a vow at Camp Casey in 2005 to NEVER support any politician, or party that supported war--so that excludes most Democrats and almost every Republican.

Right now, I am challenging Governor Jerry Brown (D) here in California for Governor. 

I don't see how anyone with two seconds to devote to a google search can make that claim with a straight face. I am afraid all of you must really be Dummies, though.

"I haven't seen you crying on the TV every time I turn it on since Obama has been president."

I listed a few things above that I have done electorally, but other than that, I have held three protest camps near Obama: one in Martha's Vineyard and two in Washington, DC--I have been to every antiwar protest (as small as they are) locally and the ones I can get to nationally--I have been arrested several times protesting wars, nukes, drones, and the CIA/NSA---and I just completed a 90 day bike ride across the country trying to gauge the antiwar sentiment of people who should be opposing Obama's wars.

We send out press notifications and we have press events, but NO press ever shows. I haven't been invited on any of the "progressive shows," either, except for once on Mike Malloy and once on Democracy, Now for about 80 seconds in 2010. This lack of coverage doesn't discourage me, obviously, but the idiot box is apparently making idiots out of the Reichwing Dummies.

However, dear Reichwing Dummy, don't make the mistake of thinking that things only happen if they are happening on your magic TV box.

There is a thing called "life" and why don't you turn off your Dummy Box and set up camp in Washington, DC or Martha's Vineyard if you hate Obama so much?

Where are your large marches and rallies? Why don't I see you crying on TV about Obama being a Muslim or Commie (LOL)? I put my money where my mouth is and devote considerable time, energy and resources to what I believe in, now get off the computer and do the same.

But, Reichwing Dummy, maybe you should quit whining at me and get busy supporting Obama, since he is just carrying on the policies of your heroes, Bush and Cheney.


  1. I was involved in my local demo precinct as an officer. I stepped down for several reasons but one was the hubris and hypocrisy I noticed. I have taken the opinion that of the 2 parties available I would go with the one that represented me and my community on some level. Many of your observations I agree with as I've witnessed them also. I'm disappointed and would like to have a viable party that really represented the people and not the oligarchy.

  2. I recently stripped down from a position I held in my local demo party and for as I noticed a lot of hypocrisy. There were other reasons but the main concern I was similar political hubris. I want there to be a visible alternative... one that represents people and not the Oligarchy. I had decided to just go with the group that I thought represented my community and I had good intentions. I am disappointed.

  3. Girl

    Special link to send to your Ahole fans:

    Love "Light" and Energy


  4. Again, read your history.
    Would a megalomaniac like Hitler have risen to power to do what he did without the harsh sanctions clamped down on Germany after WWI? A lot of people hate different groups of people, but they don't rise to power to do anything about it.

    End Israeli apartheid in Palestine!

  5. But how would you have helped the Jews after he came to power?

    1. You're not listening...the 2nd world war was not waged to "save Jews."


  6. Hitler's war of conquest and expansion is a good example of the evilness of war. It is too bad the imperialist mafia criminal arrogance has not learned from that and insists in following in Hitler's murderous goosesteps.

  7. The question I am asking is if you were FDR IN the 30s how would you have helped the Jews in europe?you could help without going to you have any jewish friends?

    1. Do I have any Jewish friends? What does that have to do with the price of a latte at Starbux? I am asking you to do more research--FDR actually blocked boatloads of Jewish refugees from coming to the US. He didn't go to war to save any Jews. He put Japanese people in internment camps. Do you have any Japaneses friends, LOL?

  8. But,forget about the war,what would YOU DONE to help the Jews?IF YOU had lived in HOLLAND would you have hid them like Miep Giles hid Anne Frank and her family?Now,she is a hero.

  9. you are very flip about 6 million people who died because of where they went to church.

  10. What has a JEW done to you,for you to hate them and have no sympathy for them?I have cerebral palsy,Hitler got rid of people like me before he started on the Jews.The people who survived the camps,the only one they blamed was Hitler.

  11. Now you're being even more ridiculous.
    Why does being against war mean that I hate Jews?
    I have tried to patiently explain to you what really happened in WWII and what I would do to prevent it, but you just want to attack me and pretend to yourself that I hate Jews, so that must be why I am against war.

  12. Hi Cindy,
    The main news outlets used to cover you frequently but do not seem to do so recently. Why do you think that is the case?

  13. I don't think I used my name on my last post so I guess it won't be published.

    I am wondering why you are not appearing on the David Lettermen Show voicing your opinion about Obama wanting to go into Syria and why you are not camping out in front of the WH the way you camped out at Bush's ranch when President Bush was in office? Why are you not protesting about the four Americans killed in Benghazi? Our government just shoved Benghazi under the rug and wants to keep it there.

    Obama promised to bring our troops home in six months (once he got into office). He is now in his fifth year as President and yet the wars still go on and Guantanamo has not yet been closed.

    I would like to see you and all the anti-war protesters doing what you do best, protesting? Why all the silence lately? Those on the left were anything but silent when President Bush was in office.

    BTW, the one thing I do agree with you about is Syria. I do not think we should go into Syria.

    I'd love to see you appear on the Judge Jean Pirro show and tell her that WWII was not about Hitler's hatred for the Jews...I'd love to see you and the Judge have a "discussion."

    Cathy Colarusso
    Marlboro, NJ

    1. Cathy,
      Did you actually read my post? If you read it, obviously you didn't not comprehend it, which actually proves my point very well. Thank you so much!

      Do you think it would be better to ask David Letterman why he has not invited me to be on his show to discuss Syria and Obama? Do you think I can just walk onto any show or into any newsroom and demand to be on?

      I can only do what I do...maybe your hatred should be directed at the media and not me.


  14. Surely, you are very insulting Cindy. I "obviously 'didn't not' comprehend it?" hmmm

    As for David Lettermen, I do not watch him as I think he is quite mean-spirited and cruel, something conservatives are accused of all the time. The only reason I saw you on his show is because it was reported in every magazine, newspaper, and on every news show at that time.

    I truly am curious about the silence on the left but it will all come out eventually.

    I never used the word hate and I am sorry that you chose to "see" that word in my post. It is an ugly word and a very powerful, negative, emotion. I don't hate. I disagree but I do not hate. Life is way too short for hate.

    I will not be returning, Cindy, but thank you for responding to my post and may you find peace in your heart and may we all enjoy the fruits of peace in our country one day, in our world. I pray for that, but doubt we will experience it as there is too much hate and bitterness in the hearts of human beings, too much greed, and way too many power-hungry leaders who do not care about the people they are supposed to lead....they are so blinded by power. (both sides of the aisle) I don't know where the world is heading but I do believe in the power of prayer and that is all I can do.

    God bless you, Cindy

    1. Oh, so it's okay for you to come here and attack me for things that I already addressed in the piece that you are commenting on, but I cannot call you out on it?

      Okay, I see how it is and how it always has been. I am "insulting" but you refuse to see things in black and white that I put out there. I am confused by the silence of the left, too--but that hasn't been from me.

    2. How easy it is to accuse and attack anonymously. If you can't put your real name behind your beliefs and debate as an adult, why should you be taken seriously?

      Cindy, I'm sorry that you are taking the brunt of the irrational hate of those who can't or refuse to see the lies of war. How DARE you rage against the machine! I have experienced a small fraction of this as my eldest son is in boot camp right now.

      There are support groups for families of Marine recruits on Facebook and when I joined, I realized that the cognitive dissonance the mothers of these recruits are experiencing is not the exception, it's the rule. There are tears, worry, dismay, anguish and depression but no one dares to vocalize a critical thought in the group because "only supportive conversation is allowed". Mothers hate war. Not all, to be fair, but most. In these "support groups" speaking out against the military is the same as not supporting our troops, and how dare I not support our troops when their are fighting for our freedom.

      On the other hand, I am criticized by some in the anti-war group for having raised a son who joined the military. Now I'm "part of the problem".

      I have four other sons and the Marine Corp recruiter is chomping at the bit to get their contact information! No, no, NO! I did not raise children for the government. I hate my son's decision with every atom in my body. Our politicians are untrustworthy and seem to love repeating history rather than challenge themselves to find a new way of conflict resolution.

      I am not a patriot. I'm not a liberal or conservative. I'm a mother who is terrified to lose her children. I can't play the game of "let's just all pretend like everything is okay" while our kids are being used as pawns in a rich people game.

      Thank you, Cindy, for your courage to stand for your convictions. I'm so sorry your son was stolen from you. Your suffering matters to me and I really want to help speak out. Why should we have to hide our anguish so that others don't feel uncomfortable, including anonymous cowards on the internet?

      A mutual friend, David, forwarded you an email from me, I believe. Please contact me, Cindy? I really need your help.


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