Saturday, August 31, 2013

"No Boots on the Ground" by Cindy Sheehan


"No Boots on the Ground"
Cindy Sheehan

The President of the USA, aka, Able Servant of Empire, claims that his planned assault on Syria will be “limited” and he won’t order any “boots on the ground” as if he is angling for praise from the almost non-existent antiwar movement and/or to prove that he really earned that Noble Peace Prize!

Besides the fact that the US now has troops on the ground in 35 African countries; destroyed Libya for regime change; is bombing “al Qaeda” in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan; AND is already arming and training “al Qaeda” in Syria, the Able Servant of Empire is chomping at the bit of more mass murder to launch a Tomahawk missile attack on Syria.

My friend Ann Wright, who is a retired Colonel, US Army and a former diplomat who resigned when the US invaded Iraq in 2003, wrote in this piece about what could be the possible consequences of Obama’s “limited” assault on Syria:

Syrian anti-aircraft batteries will fire their rockets at incoming U.S. missiles.

Many Syrians on the ground will die and both the U.S. and Syrian governments will say the deaths are the fault of the other.

The U.S. Embassy in Damascus will be attacked and burned, as may other U.S. Embassies and businesses in the Middle East.

Syria might also launch rockets toward the U.S. ally in the region—Israel.

Israel would launch bombing missions on Syria as it has three times in the past two years and perhaps take the opportunity to launch an attack on Syria’s strongest ally in the region Iran.

Iran, a country with a population of 80 million and has the largest military in the region untouched by war in the past 25 years, might retaliate with missiles aimed toward Israel and toward nearby U.S. military bases in Afghanistan, Turkey, Bahrain and Qatar.

Iran could block the Straits of Hormuz and impede the transport of oil out of the Persian Gulf.

These likely outcomes don’t even take into account that the nuclear powers of  Russia and China are also very opposed to further intervention in Syria from the Empire.

Besides the fact that there is no evidence that the Syrian regime gassed its “own people,” what gives The Able Servant of Empire the right to bomb Syrians with Tomahawk missiles? (At 300 million dollars, each: CHA-CHING, War Machine!)

Today (August 31) the Able Servant of Empire gave a speech in the Rose Garden of the White House and among other things, he said something that was at once chilling and revealing at the same time: “We cannot raise our children in a world where we will not follow through on the things we say, the accords we sign, the values that define us.”

What are those “values that define us?” I wonder? I have a strong suspicion that my values and Obama's values (a person can have rotten values) are diametrically opposed. Among the values that "define me" are unconditional peace for all the children in the world. I am afraid the values that define the Empire are the quest for profits over peace and power instead of protecting the lives, homes, and planet where the children live. The Able Servant of Empire has already ordered the murders of thousands of children and if there was a god, Obama would choke on his obvious and repetitive lies taken right out of the Empire's Playbook for World Domination.

How dare the Empire embark on another horrendous war to "save" people by killing them? I always think of my son killed for lies of the previous Able Servant and my surviving children and four grandbabies.

“No boots on the ground” in Syria? I look at the container my daughter has at the front door that holds various sizes and types of shoes for her family and I think of the doomed innocents in Syria.

Maybe there won’t be US boots on the ground there, but there are already sandals, bare feet, sneakers, dress shoes, and most importantly of all, baby shoes. Their lives are so precious and they have not done anything to harm, or even threaten the war criminal Obama or America.

The innocents in Syria do not deserve the fate that some dude in an expensive suit and tie thousands of miles away will deal out to them for the benefit of the war profiteers.

No more US intervention in Syria.
Protest in Sydney, Australia

Peace in Palestine.

US Troops out of everywhere.

For the babies.


  1. Cindy, we're told by some people over here, that the decision the House of Commons made to refuse to support military action against Syria 'diminished our role on the World stage'.

    The sight of young ex-soldiers, walking around with the help of prosthetic limbs, is beginning to be a familiar one in the streets of Portsmouth (UK) these days. If more limbless ex-soldiers and more heartbroken mothers are the price of 'prestige', then as a UK citizen, I'm not paying it

    "Not one more mother's child".

    Peace forever,


  2. Cindy, I support your views but wonder if your statement that there is 'no evidence' that Assad 'gassed' his own people helps your position.
    It is well-documented that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.
    You are a person in a position to make an impact. Don't weaken that position
    by making false claims.


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