Architect of Change: Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov, 2014

Minerva the Roman Goddess of Wisdom (and War--since there is absolutely NO wisdom in war, I don't know how that works) is featured on the California State Seal. She was put on the seal, because California's entry to the union was fast-tracked because of the discovery of gold and "sprung from the head" of empire, as Minerva sprung, fully-formed, from the head of her father Jupiter. As a history major in college, I heavily concentrated on California history: the good, bad and sometimes VERY ugly.

While waiting for a flight one early morning at the airport in Sacramento, I wandered through an exhibit from the California History Museum and came upon the above pictured piece and found her interesting. I have never seen Minerva represented at the "Architect of Change," but the idea intrigued me.

California is allegedly progressive, but we have long been under the domination of the white-male Demo-Publican paradigm. Why have we never had a female governor, nor a person of color since Californio Romualdo Pacheco in 1875? To me, California is sinking in the mire of the status quo and the only thing that can save the state for the 99.9% of us is a true Architect of Change.

Positive change does not come about by supporting the same policies and people who have led us into the swamp. California needs new blood, new ideas, new energy and someone who is dedicated to the people and not the once-mighty buck.

Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov, 2014, is that campaign. We are running on an EPIC (End Poverty In California) platform and invite you to check out the website for the campaign and the platform of the Peace and Freedom Party.


  1. If one assumes a non humano centric universe, the Wisdom of War becomes quite obvious. If the only enemy we have is a fatal blow by an asteroid or comet, the tools arrived at in making war, a good game at best; are going to come in handy. So in fact, war presents us with our own redemption, and we are already using the tools to scour the heavens and prevent the destruction of all life on Earth. And this is a good thing. Give the whole concept another whirl before you reject it out of hand. We may not be Angels; but we're going to make a Hell of a great traffic control force. All the lovely lowly creatures are counting on us.

  2. War has its Wisdom; but since my earlier comment wasn't posted, I can only assume you don't agree.

    1. Dear Molly Cruz,

      Thank you for your comments. FYI, I post every comment, even if it's a death threat, or a post calling me a "communist cunt-dyke." Sometimes it takes awhile for me to approve, though, since I do have to go offline to eat, sleep, and play with my grandbabies sometimes. I don't consider bombing asteroids or comets as "war," and (no offense intended, at all), it's a pretty far-fetched justification for mass murder.

      Cindy Sheehan

  3. Architect of change eh. . . . Love it. . . . I'm in!

  4. It is great and a very welcome change to find someone as a candidate who values unity and wants to put the stigma of on-going war behind to eventually be squelched. Now is the time to stop the emerging police state the nation has become, and pursue a pragmatic approach to fixing problems and restoring a peaceful path to the restructuring of the world. John Lennon, Dr. Martin Luther King and others have endorsed the "Give Peace a Chance" platform as the only solution for the human race. Stand with Cindy to finally get going in the right direction!

  5. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and warfare. For the Greeks it was Athena, the patron goddess of Athens. The Athenians enjoyed the greatest civilization of the ancient world. The Romans borrowed shamelessly from the Greeks--their gods and goddeses, their laws, and their philosophy.

    As a philosopher who taught ancient philosophy for many years, here is my take on why and how Athena could be both the goddess of wisdom and also of war. The Athenians were plagued by hostile neighbors--the Persians first, and then,finally, the Spartans. Although they held the high ground where the Parthenon stands, they had to be watchful that their civilization was not crushed by Barbarians (the term invented for those middle-easterners whose language sounded to the Athenians as if they were saying "bar-bar-bar-bar").

    So Athena was the symbol of a city that had to be wise enough to know when to fight and when to compromise. When compromise became impossible (as with Obama's futile attempts to compromise with a Republican Party sworn to undo all his initiatives) the Athenians chose to fight. This means to me that when someone threatens your very existence you can either "bow the head" as the Bulgarians have done to survive in the presence of stronger neighbors, or you can choose to fight. The Athenians chose to fight when their civilization was threatened, just as our Revolutionary forefathers chose to fight against the oppressive taxes imposed on them by King George III.

    I consider myself to be in league with Athena. Try to show wisdom in choosing which battles to fight and which not to fight. But when it's a matter of self defense, then put on the helmet of war and fight to the death--just as the Vietnamese did against the French and then the United States. The Vietnamese were a colonized and terrorized people--by China, by Japan, by the French, and by us. They chose to throw off the yoke of occupation, and today Vietnam is a thriving nation--communist in name only. Vietnam, for me, is the Athens of Southeast Asia. Long may it show wisdom and strength. Long may its people continue to show compassion to those whom they have bested in war--but to be ever watchful for those who would rob them of their freedoms.

  6. for christ's sake, stop voting democrat or republican; if you do you are only participating in the destruction of your country and the world. it is you, the democrat or repub voter, who has enabled the afghanistan and iraq wars and other wars that he master puppeteers of these puppet parties of the new world order have waged. if you vote for cindy, you are guaranteed a stoppage of these wars that nobody but the psychopaths want. if you vote for either of the the corrupt and utterly discredited and evil two parties, then you are complicit in the murders of those innocents your zionist-controlled gov't will do and you will be considered mass murderers as well.

  7. Poverty in (insert location here) will not end until the Federal Reserve ends.

    The cheat is in the money itself, not its application (although usury hath many forms.) The US "dollar" is just an expensive casino chip controlled by foreign bankers. We need sovereign coin created without interest.

    Cindy, you should investigate Mathematically Perfected Economy. That is the answer to ending poverty. A fair and free economic system without cheating.

    Upton Sinclair had the same idea in 1934. He lost, too. Don't fool yourself. Governors just follow orders (issued by the 0.01%.)

    1. And you have succeeded in ending the Federal Reserve? Seems like you have lost, too. Are you going to stop trying? Me, neither.

  8. Minerva sits atop Grand Central Terminal along with mercury (god of speed) and Hercules (god of strength)
    I will think of you as the "goddess of wisdom and most definitely an architect for change.

  9. Great! Now she thinks she's a Greek god. It!


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