JFK: SInner or Sacrificial Lamb? (SOAPBOX PODCAST 12/29/13)

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December 29, 2013
Final Show for 2013!
Happy New Year!
JFK: Sinner or Sacrificial Lamb

I have no "dog" in this "fight" that is still a controversy after 50 years.

The only thing I do know is that USA didn't become a bad place on November 22, 1963. 

I think JFK lost a power struggle between two opposing cabals of the "ruling" class, but much of the speculation about what would have happened if he weren't assassinated is just that: speculation. 

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  1. This is the first time I have disagreed with anything you have said or written, that I have heard or read.
    This was far, far more than just a power play between 'Ruling Elites'. For all hiis faults, and he had plenty, especially serial infidelity, he was really determined to clean up the American system. Here are a list of the things he intended to do, after his inevitable re-election:
    1. Disband the CIA, and replace it with an accountable intelligence agency;
    2. Retire J. Edgar Hoover as head of the FBI;
    3. Stop the Vietnam War, and bring the troops home;
    4. He already had back-channel contacts with Castro; there was actually a high-level message waiting for him in Washington on the day he was assassinated;
    5. He was intent on stopping Israel getting nuclear weapons;
    6. He had already started printing Government dollars; he would have put the scam Federal Reserve out of business (this was one of the first things LBJ reversed, signing the papers to stop this Government, no-interest money initiative on the plane back to Washington;
    7. He was going to get the Oil Industry to pay proper taxes (they were getting away with scam peppercorn taxes);
    8. His brother was going to bring charges against LBJ (for serious crimes, I forget exactly what) which would at the very least finished his political career;
    9. He had spoken out forcibly against Secret Societies (think 'Skull & Bones', Freemasons etc.).
    On top of the former, the Mafia hated him because they believed he had double-crossed them; the Miami Cubans hated him for not supporting the Bay of Pigs with US air power; LBJ hated him (the feeling was mutual from the outset; JFK had heavy pressure put on him to accept LBJ as his running-mate) and wanted his job; and he had upset the Joint Chiefs, by refusing to renew Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer as Chief of the General Staff, after Lemnitzer and the rest of the Joint Chiefs had signed the 'Operation Northwoods' plans, which had been knocked back by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, undoubtedly acting under JFK's orders (McNamara went on to be complicit with LBJ on the USS Liberty atrocity (see 'Operation Cyanide' by Peter Heigham).
    So it should be obvious, had JFK lived and fulfilled his plans, the US would be a vastly different, and Constitutional, country than it has turned out without him.
    Cynthia McKinney agrees that the US was taken over by the 'Shadow Government' when JFK was assassinated, and I know you respect her, as she does you.
    Best wishes with your campaigns: you don't need me to remind you what an uphill struggle you will have.
    At least up till 2001 there was one fairly incorrupt (at the top) US Agency, the Customs; but even that has now been taken over by the 'Homeland Security' branch of the Shadow Government.
    Can you imagine JFK letting Israel get away with the murderous attack on the USS Liberty (never mind being complicit!), or staging the 'Gulf of Tonkin' lie, or 9/11?

  2. GREAT SHOW!!! Thought Nathaniel's perspective on government "institutions " was fascinating regardless of the JFK "good guy/bad guy" debate and would love to see you have Nathaniel on again. I thought he had a lot more he wanted to convey and I would definitely be interested in hearing it.

    1. Thanks for your comment John.
      I did agree with Nathaniel about that--as I always have.

      He did have a lot to convey, but unfortunately, I told him he had 15 minutes. We are trying to get the show on more radio stations, so we are trying to be stricter to our format.

      Thanks for listening!


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