Cautiously Optimistic News About Dede Miller (Cancer) by Cindy Sheehan

Since my sister Dede Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer back in late March, I feel like life has been one big turd sandwich with terrible condiments piled on, and piled on, and piled on.

First, Dede was diagnosed with "Stage 3" triple-negative, non-hormonal breast cancer. (Rarest cancer for her age and race). The great advances in curing hormonal breast cancer were not available to her. I began to read about "triple-negative" breast cancer and nothing I read encouraged me. 

Second, when Dede was in the hospital back in June, we discovered that her breast cancer had metastasized to soft tissue next to her lung and that (according to her oncologist) her diagnosis was now "Stage 4 and incurable." Talk about a bummer!

Well, Dede and I and our family decided that we would aggressively attack this cancer using an integrative approach using a traditional angle (chemo, etc) and an alternative angle: Rick Simpson Oil, radical change in diet (whole foods, no junk food or processed food, drastically limit her meat consumption, NO SUGAR, more fruits and veggies, no dairy), supplements (Vitamin D3, turmeric, turkey tail mushroom, pau d'arco, etc), and weekly infusions of massive amounts (50k I.U.'s) of Vitamin C. 

Dede had a 5 inch by 7 inch tumor on her right breast less than three months ago when she came to live with me after the "death panel" at LAC-USC said that they would not treat her cancer because she didn't have the "right health insurance." She went to a wound care clinic and specialist today and we got some great news.

Dede's main cancer: the tumor on her breast had shrunk dramatically and the Doctor there things her tumor can be eliminated and healed and she may not have to undergo a mastectomy--which is devastating and radical surgery.

To use a few words from religion, we feel like the response she is making to our multi-pronged strategy is nothing short of a miracle and that we also feel blessed by all of the love and support we are getting from all over.

Dede is also on a new chemo drug (Taxol) and this one is not nearly as devastating as the A/C course she was on that sent her to the hospital once (her white count was low) and caused her to have four blood transfusions (platelets were low).

The last update I gave was very dark, because I thought my only sister, best-friend, and dear comrade was at death's door: I think this was mostly because of the deadly chemo and her body adjusting to a far healthier lifestyle than she was leading before she moved in with me.

It gives me (and Dede) great joy to report this great news.

Dede also reports that she should be back to rabble-rousing (via internet and study) very soon and is looking forward to being more available via email to our friends and supporters. 

Please don't stop whatever good juju you are sending. We are not out of the woods yet, but some wonderful, healing sunlight is poking through those trees.


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    1. Thanks Doctress Neutopia - it is indeed a wonderful experience to see that this has come full circle.

  2. This is wonderful news. Sending love and hugs from up here in Washington.

  3. Great News! Will continue to send good thoughts.

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  6. GLAD to read such encouraging, uplifting, hopeful news for your sister Dede!

  7. Hooray for Dede! So very glad to hear the good news. Sending much good juju for continued improvement!

  8. Keeping you all in my heart and sending love and hugs. Keep on trucking.


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