Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hillary: ISIS Recruiter in Chief by Anthony Freda

Hillary promoted the lies that provided the pretexts to the Iraq War and she made impassioned speeches imploring her fellow Democrats (who controlled the Senate at the time) to vote for the war.

The chaos and mass death of Muslims caused by her war no doubt lead to the destabilization and anti-Americanism required to empower Isis.

Does anyone believe her pathetic excuse to white-wash her war crimes by saying she fell for the cartoonish Neocon propaganda sold to the general public by a corrupt media?

Let's say it's true that she "got it wrong". The fact that she was so easily deceived by the warmongers should disqualify her from high office.

By spearheading the US/Nato lead overthrow of Libya, she oversaw the arming, training and funding of terror groups aligned with Al Qeda and Isis.

By murdering countless innocent Muslims with drone bombings in seven countries, she helped create new generations of terror and the most extreme expressions of Islamic fanaticism.
(According to Peace Prize winner Malala)

There is no one running for president with more innocent Muslim blood on her hands than our loving matriarch.

And Isis knows it.

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