Irene and Matt's Soapbox with guest Paul Ortiz (SOAPBOX PODCAST MAY 28, 2018)

 May 28, 2018

Paul Ortiz

 Dr. Paul Ortíz is the director of the award-winning Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and associate professor of history at the University of Florida.

He is president of the Oral History Association for the 2014-2015 term. He has previously served as vice-president as well as chair of the nominating committee for the OHA. His publications include the Emancipation Betrayed (University of California Press) a history of the Black Freedom struggle in Florida, and Remembering Jim Crow: African Americans Tell About Life in the Jim Crow South (New Press) which went into its 4th printing in 2014.
He is the recipient of several book awards including the Lillian Smith Book Prize conferred by the Southern Regional Council & the Harry T. and Harriett V. Moore Book Prize bestowed by the Florida Historical Society and the Florida Institute of Technology

 Matt Sedillo and Irene Monica Sanchez

Matt Sedillo is an L.A. based poet

Irene Sanchez is a Xicana, Mama, Educator and Writer. Born in Southeast Los Angeles and raised mostly in the Inland Empire (IE), she has been committed to social justice for many years living/organzing/working up and down the west coast including in Watsonville, CA and Seattle, WA. She has worked as an ethnic studies educator for over 8 years and returned to Southern CA after completion of her Ph.D. in Education. She now teaches high school Latinx Studies in Los Angeles County, enjoys spending time with her kindergartener son, attending cultural/education/political events, and writing. 


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