Friday, May 25, 2018

Just Say "NO" to Forced Military Conscription (WOMEN'S MARCH ON THE PENTAGON)

Just Say “NO” to Forced Military Conscription

The US Congress has commissioned a “bi-partisan” panel of 11 people to study the future of a military draft in the United States.

Since the beginning of forced conscription in the US (Civil War), a military draft for that war and subsequent wars has been highly unfair and class biased. For example, in the Civil War, conscripts could actually purchase the way for someone else to take his place.

For every war during the 20th century, draft avoidance, resistance, or “dodging” has been practiced. During the US war crime in Vietnam, 2.15 million US troops were deployed there and at least three-quarter of them were from working-class or poor families. However, we all know the stories of former “deferred” war hawks like Dick (Five-Deferment) Cheney, Bill Clinton, Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Trump, and Mitt Romney and sub-par humans like George W. Bush being allowed to join an elite (safe) unit to avoid the carnage. Every time an elitist avoided the military draft, a poor child took his place.

For over a century and a half, it’s been the poor who pay the ultimate price when the children of the wealthy and powerful ultimately reap the benefits.

Since forced conscription is inherently unfair, The Women’s March on the Pentagon opposes it as a tool to be used to lead our children to slaughter, or to become murderers of others. We also oppose the misguided idea that a draft will radicalize people to oppose the US Empire: Although we understand such opposition, we feel it is at best shallow and temporary and based on self-interest, not international solidarity. For example, the radicalization during the Vietnam war was definitely short-lived and not very successful as we find ourselves buried even more deeply into the mire of the Military Industrial Complex.

The Women’s March on the Pentagon also opposes forced registration for the draft by men AND women. True equality is complete freedom from war and other oppression, not the right to die for profit, or be sexually abused by your fellow troops, or superiors.

Registering for the draft is also an attack on the working-class and poor as it is required to apply for federal student loans or grants and in some cases required to receive a driver’s license or state i.d.

The Women’s March on the Pentagon believes that war is the highest expression of toxic masculinity and we should do everything to confront the politicians and institutions that foster false patriotism and contribute to endless war for bottomless profit—we organize in part to protect our young people from these predators.

There are opportunities for us all to register our opposition to draft registration and the frightening potential of forced conscription.

You can share your thoughts online with the commission here.

Public hearings are currently scheduled for the following cities. We encourage folks to attend these hearings by checking the commission's website for the actual dates and locations of these hearings (usually announced only days before).

  • June 26/27, 2018: Iowa City, IA
  • June 28/29, 2018: Chicago, IL
  • July 19/20, 2018: Waco, TX
  • August 16/17, 2018: Memphis, TN
  • September 19/21, 2018: Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Thanks Cindy for highlighting this. I provided comments. Any idea how hawkish the commission is?


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