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What I will be doing this year on August 6th


The Soapbox: Transcript 24 July, 2011 with Eva Golinger

President Chavez is pretty adamant about the fact that Venezuela is no longer a colony of the US. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela CS: Cindy Sheehan EG: Eva Golinger CS : Welcome back to Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox. I am your host Cindy Sheehan and as always you are listening at Cindy  A lot of my friends and contacts and fans of the show have been asking me how President Chavez of Venezuela has been since he had a recent battle with cancer. So we’re going to bring on the expert of all things Venezuelan, our good friend, Eva Golinger.  Eva welcome back to Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox. EG : Thank you so much, Cindy. CS : Well we always want to have you on whenever there is a lot of concern or things happening in Venezuela. I have so many fans of the show, supporters and contacts who have been very concerned about the health of Chavez. Can you give us an update on that? EG : Well President Chavez is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.  He is in Cu

Memo to the Evil Actors in DC from Cindy Sheehan

Even though some people have said: “Cindy Speaks for Me,” I have never claimed that I am a spokesperson for anybody but myself—but I do know a lot of people agree with me. So, this is a memo from us.  You evil actors are all putting on another show over there in DC, and we are supposed to believe that any of you are serious, or seriously care about the people of this nation, or your make-believe "oath of office." You all put your hand on a bible, or other religious tome of your choosing, and swore to protect the rule of law, but you may as well have put your hand on a copy of "Death of a Salesman," or "Romeo and Juliet" for all your "swearing" means to any of you. Barack Obama, was allegedly chosen as lead character in this farce to change the script of Empire and economic exploitation. Then in a very unbelievable plot twist, he was also chosen as Nobel Peace Laureate because there was hope that the script would change. However, Obama has pr

How is Hugo (Chavez)? Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox

The Golinger report .   Click here to listen or download, beginning at 2:00 PM San Francisco time.  This Sunday (July 24th), Cindy brings back Venezuelan / American Attorney and author Eva Golinger (with first name pronounced like ave a in "save a buck"), our soapbox's visiting expert in all things Venezuelan and general good friend.  She starts by discussing the health of & prognosis for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, currently undergoing chemotherapy in Cuba following his recent cancer surgery.  Incredibly hard-working, Chavez finally had a significant health problem to overcome.  But evidently, surgeons got 100% of the tumor, and the chemotherapy is a cautionary procedure to ensure the tumor won't come back.  He's effectively back to work again - from his residence for treatment in Cuba.  Eva discusses his health situation and its consequences.  Cindy and Eva discuss the political implications of the situation, as well as a fascinating

Victory for Protection of Sogorea Te! Day 98 Update

Press Release: A Victory for Protection of Sogorea Te Posted on July 20, 2011 by admin Press Release: After 98 days and nights of a continuous prayer vigil, the Committee to Protect Glen Cove is pleased to announce a victory in the struggle to protect the sacred grounds of Sogorea Te/Glen Cove. Yesterday, the Yocha Dehe and Cortina tribes established a cultural easement and settlement agreement with the City of Vallejo and the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD). The agreement sets a legal precedent for granting Native peoples jurisdiction over their sacred sites and ancestral lands. The cultural easement forever guarantees that the Yocha Dehe and Cortina tribes will have legal oversight in all activities taking place on the sacred burial grounds of Sogorea Te/Glen Cove. It also represents a significant step forward in enacting tribal sovereignty, as the first such easement under CA Senate Bill 18 to be negotiated at the city and recreatio


Day 97 update - Protect Glen Cove To view this update with photos on the Protect Glen Cove website: 2011/day-97-update/ Week 14: Following last week’s large demonstrations at City Hall and GVRD Headquarters, dozens of committed warriors, elders and supporters have remained in prayer on the land at Sogorea Te, tending the sacred fire and upholding their commitments to seeing the struggle through. As day 100 of the 24-hour prayer vigil approaches, everyone eagerly awaits news regarding the cultural easement being negotiated between the City, GVRD, and the Cortina/Yocha Dehe tribes. We pray that it will be an honorable agreement that will protect the ancestors by specifically preventing development and bulldozing on all 15 acres of the sacred grounds. Each day, new visitors arrive at Sogorea Te, bringing prayers, gifts and inspiration, while longer-term participants in the vigil continue to develop relationships with the land, its plant and anima

Plenty of Division, No Class by Cindy Sheehan

Plenty of Division, No Class Cindy Sheehan In 2008, when I was running for Congress against then House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, the class divisions in this country became glaringly obvious to me. At that time, I realized that I had personally never been in the fabled “Middle Class” and for all my life I had moved fluidly in between the working-class and the poor class. I, like most of us, was raised on the idea that the US was a “class-free” society—that we all had the same opportunities for wealth and privilege. When I go to other countries and say that this is still what many USAians believe, I always get hearty laughter as a response. I was never a supporter of Barack Obama before and after his record breaking mass marketing campaign for president; but after he strenuously used his position as Democrat super-star to hound other Democrats into supporting the 850 billion bankster bailout in October of 2008, it was confirmed for me that Barack Obama was a servant of Wall Street and

Victims of War (Photo Essay)

Sanity Jeff Lucey Suicide  Grieving Fathers Social Security The Environment Jobs Our Young People Homeless Vets Students Our Elders 20,000 Children in the world die of starvation every day Our Rights Innocent Bystanders Whistle Blowers THE HOMELESS SELF-EXPLANATORY PEACE Casey Sheehan KIA 04/04/04 Iraqi Father and Child Mother and Child Afghan Baby Refugee The Constitution  Grieving Mothers I got these pics from Google Images and I want to thank the artists/photographers/depicted and hope no one is mad at me for using a picture here.

Your Soapbox! It's Your Turn!

A soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu  speech, often about a political  subject. The term originates from the days when speakers would elevate themselves by standing on a wooden crate  originally used for shipment of soap  or other dry goods from a manufacturer to a retail store. Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox is pleased and excited to announce our newest forum, Your Soapbox , for your articles, blogs, ideas, input and a place to share radical “lefty” ideas without having to wade through the quagmire of reformist support of a diseased system that has been identified as capitalism. I began Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbo x (radio show and blog) in early 2009 after my campaign for Congress against then House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Before I embarked on, and during my campaign, I had hoped that running against an alleged progressive with a far more progressive (leftist) platform which included (among other things) Peace Above All and People Above Profit, that the co

The Sign-On Letter to Barack We'd Like to See

The “Sign-On Letter” We’d Like to See   Dear Barry, We have signed numerous letters to you calling for you to do numerous things that many of us would like to see you do—including, but not limited to: Institution of a National Single-Payer Health Care system Bringing US troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan Quit bombing Pakistan with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) Not bomb Libya Free Bradley Manning Ending of the use of nuclear technology for energy Investigate the Bush crime cabal Investigate and punish those responsible for contaminating the Gulf of Mexico Denouncing US sanctions against Venezuela Not to reauthorize the illegal and immoral USA PATRIOT ACT Not to resume military tribunals in Guantanamo To close Guantanamo Rapidly develop a zero carbon economy End unconditional US support of Israel in its immoral occupation of Palestine (including withholding over 3 billion dollars/year in foreign aid). You’ve made it pretty clear in the last two and a half