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When I snap my fingers, you will awaken fully refreshed and ready to rumble!

Cindy's Soapbox Don't forget to listen tomorrow, ONLINE after 2pm (Pacific Time) and/or on 1360am Rational Radio Dallas Texas at 3pm (Central time) Also, don't forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight. Cindy's Special Guest on tomorrow's Soapbox is fellow radio talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones Cindy and Alex discuss his new film: The Fall of the Republic and the urgency for this country to WAKE UP from the false "left-right paradigm" or even falser "Hope-nosis" of the Democrat/Republican games. ############################## ############################ CLICK ON THE PUMPKINS TO MAKE A DONATION TO THE SOAPBOX WE ARE COMPLETELY LISTENER SUPPORTED Don't forget to send your questions, comments, or listener rants to: Cindy at: IF YOU WISH TO UNSUBSCRI

Where Have all the Flowers Gone? by Cindy Sheehan

Watching Obama salute a coffin at Dover Air Force Base with all the pomp and circumstance of US Military worship filled me with disgust and sorrow. Disgust because the White House PR apparatus went into full swing to find a family that would allow their loved ones’ coffin to be photographed in a scene that reminded me of George Bush’s landing on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier on May 2, 2003 wearing a pilot’s suit and a codpiece. Why did Obama do this? To soften the blow, of sending more troops, for a gullible public that wants to believe someone like Obama could give a crap about the cannon fodder he condemns to pointless death? Being the Commander in Chief of the United States Military has only meant one thing for the past sixty years or so: being the tool of the War Machine. And even though a tool has no say in whether it is used to build or destroy, did Obama have no shame when he went to salute the coffin of a young person that


PRE-ORDER: MYTH AMERICA II After touring for four months in about 40 cities with Myth America ONE, through my interactions with thousands of people, I realized that I had barely skimmed the surface of the Class War topic. Now with job loss at record rates and USAians being evicted from their homes, or having their homes foreclosed on at a rate of one every 7 1/2 seconds; with the wars raging hotter and hotter, and with the establishment giving itself prizes for carnage, after a whole lot of work, Myth II is just about ready to be sent to your email box. MYTH AMERICA I exposed and dispelled 10 MYTHS. MYTH II exposes and dispels 10 more to round out the subject. MYTH II is broken up into two parts: FOUNDATIONAL MYTHS and OPERATIONAL MYTHS and gives more solutions to the grassroots revolution of values that MYTH I proposed. MYTH AMERICA II is priced at 17.00; 2.00 of which will go towards OMEID International that operates an orphanage in Afghanistan. If you purchased,

Books for Soldiers and Stuff Happens on the Soapbox!

Soapbox News Stuff Happens! I am very, very sorry that when we tried to make contact with Professor Noam Chomsky, we had technical issues! I received tons of questions from you listeners and was ready to go. The good news is, we are rescheduling for some time in November. Today, please listen to one of our archived shows at: Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Next Week (Nov. 1) I will be interviewing Alex Jones...probably some of you will be pleased and some of you will be perplexed and some of you will be pissed, but tune in to listen to this always compelli ng and never boring host of his own radio talk show. Alex also has a new movie coming out which he will talk about! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ The Soapbox is on dire financial straits and needs your help. The Show is your Show and completely supported by our listeners. Please click on the heart to help:

Audience Participation on this Sunday's Show with Noam Chomsky!

This upcoming Sunday (October 25, 2PM Pacific on the website or 3PM Central at 1360am Rational Radio, Dallas, Tx), Professor Noam Chomsky will be on the Soapbox. This is your chance to ask the author of Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez' favorite book, Hegemony or Survival (I like it too!) the question you've always wanted to ask the good Professor. Please submit your questions (with your name and city) to: I will do my best to ask Professor Chomsky as many of your questions as I can! The Bills for the Soapbox are coming due soon! (Studio, engineer, asst. producer) Please make a donation to support this fantastic progressive radio show that is totally listener supported! click on above image to donate

Symbolic Actions don't Solve Real Problems

My Speech at anti-war Rally in San Francisco It’s nice to see everybody here today as we are about to embark on another symbolic march to nowhere. How many self-congratulatory miles do you think we’ve marched for peace in the last 45 years? Millions? How many petitions do you think we’ve signed and delivered? Millions? How many phone calls have we made to our elected representative? Billions? How many War Party Politicians like Nancy Pelosi do we continually elect to office? Thousands? Why do we consistently and constantly perform these symbolic actions, when millions of people are not symbolically dying? When millions of people are not symbolically losing their homes, their jobs and being poisoned by the War Machine, why are only symbolic actions undertaken? Trust me, our symbolic actions have absolutely zero affect on real problems. Have our actions over the years diminished the War Machine by one iota? Hell no, as a matter of fact, The Empire counts


Friday, Oct. 23 ASHEVILLE 7:00pm Program at First Congregational Church 20 Oak St. Asheville, sponsored by WNC Veterans for Peace 9:00pm Reception for guests Saturday, Oct. 24 STATESVILLE 5:00pm program at the Statesville Civic Center, 300 S. Center St. Statesville, sponsored by We Are Change NC 7:00pm Reception for guests Sunday, Oct. 25 CHARLOTTE 7:00pm program at Piedmont Unitarian- Universalist Church, 9704 Mallard Creek Rd. Sponsors: PUUC Peace Alliance, Charlotte Code Pink, VFP 9:00pm Reception for guests Monday, Oct. 26 BOLIVIA 7:00pm program at the Odell Williamson Auditorium on the Brunswick Co. Comm. College campus Sponsor: Brunswick Co. NAACP 9:00pm Reception for guests Tuesday, Oct. 27 RALEIGH 7:00pm program at the Unitarian Universalist Fel


Update on Peace of the Action We are building a strong coalition of peace people and groups to help us clog up business in Washington, DC, so much so, that our demands of: Troops Home Now, no Drone Bombings; Close Permanent Bases and Torture Facilities; and No Mercenaries; reparations for the people of these war torn countries and to rebuild infrastructure, are met. We are hoping we will have 5000 people sign up and ready to start Peace of the Action by the 7 th awful anniversary of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq on March 19 th , 2010. A report on NPR today said that the Obama Military Regime is getting ready to send a substantial troop surge to Afghanistan and will announce it next week at or before the NATO meeting in Bratislava. Gordon Brown, PM of Great Britain said that his country will send 500 more to a force of 9000…hasn’t Great Britain had its full of Afghanistan yet? Recently, the puppet government of Iraq published a statistic, which said 8


International People’s Declaration of Peace (IPDoP) On October 5 th , Cindy read the International Declaration of Peace in front of the White House during the protest against the continuing war in Afghanistan. Soon after, Cindy chained herself to the White House fence and was arrested along with 61 other people. Soon after that (a few days), Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in direct contravention to "true peace." The Declaration is needed so badly! The IPDoP has been translated into 15 other languages besides English and we are waiting for more. Here are the languages we have: Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The languages we need are: Bengali, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese and any other language besides these major ones. Our website is still “Under Construction,” but you can read the full Declaration here. We are working on an online petition. An archival qualit

Capitalism: An Apathy Story by Cindy Sheehan

Capitalism: An Apathy Story Cindy Sheehan This Thursday, in a move that would make Baron von Louis Rothschild blush with shame (or burst with pride), Goldman Sachs will announce that it is more than doubling its bonus pool: from 11 billion in 2007 to 23 billion in 2008. I always thought the concept of the “Welfare Queen” was eliminated during the Clinton Regime (where his SecTreas was a former chair of G S) however, Goldman Sachs has received billions of dollars in taxpayer welfare and supposedly paid that back, except for the 13 billion that was funneled through AIG to Goldman through loan guarantees. Well, wouldn’t it be hunky dory if every loan we consumers took out from these banksters came with a guarantee that if we failed, our government would pay our loans off? To diffuse any citizenry guillotine brigades, the Chairman of G S says that one billion dollars of that money will be given to charity, without specifying which charity it will be going to, pr

Travels of a Dedicated Peace Monger by Cindy Sheehan

(No new Soapbox show this week...go to to listen to an archived show) Travels of a Dedicated Peace Monger October 10, 2009 I am up late in Sweden after spending 5 days here speaking at seminars and doing interviews. I am heading back to the U.S. tomorrow and after a stop in Albuquerque, I will head back to my home in California on Monday. I have been gone from the beautiful, yet broke, state of my birth for over 3 weeks now. This trip hasn't been the longest one, or even most grueling one, but it has been eventful! I left Sacramento Airport on Friday, September 18th early in the morning to fly to Dallas. There I once again, for the umpteenth time, protested George Bush at his Dallas home, with dozens of others, spoke at my radio station's (Rational Radio) progressive forum (with Thom Hartmann and David Swanson), and snuck into an event at Texas Stadium where George Bush was speaking to y

"Visions" by Cindy Sheehan

“Visions” Cindy Sheehan Today, a President of the largest violently military empire in the world, won the Nobel Peace Prize while his nation is mired in wars in three countries where his actions have oftentimes made things worse. Let’s also make this clear that the Nobel prizes are supposed to be awarded for work done the previous year (2008), so that means Obama was awarded the prize for campaigning for the presidency of the USA, where his “vision” (platform) was consistently pro-more war. The nominations are also due by February 1st. Ten days after the inauguration and about a week after a drone in Pakistan killed over 3 dozen innocent people. He was awarded the prize for his “vision” for a “nuclear free world.” Let’s examine this. Probably at least a few billion people on this planet have that same “vision” and I know thousands have been working on this “vision” for decades, beginning right around the time, the USA dropped two of the WMD on Japan. I also

Peace of the Action by Cindy Sheehan

Peace of the Action Cindy Sheehan “You gotta make me do it.” Barack Obama I had just walked back into my hotel room yesterday after chaining myself to the White House fence and being arrested, when I saw White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, say that removing troops from Afghanistan was “not an option.” Hundreds of us were out in front of the White House as this nation is heading into the 9th year of what is the longest overt military misadventure, next to Vietnam. Sixty-one other people were arrested with me. Organizations calling for the end to torture and for single-payer Medicare for all were in attendance, along with Vet groups and other pro-peace organizations and leaders. When I saw such a quick response to our protest, I was angry, of course, but I was also excited. First of all, when Obama said that we had to “make him do it,” I knew Obama was just blowing smoke out of his hind end, like he blows cigarette smoke out of his mouth. Secondly, I know we are being heard and I