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Meltdown USA ( LOCKDOWN, DAY 72) by Cindy Sheehan

 Meltdown USA Day 72 As most of you reading this, I had never been in a general quarantine before; so, in this blog on March 19th, I started what I had planned to be a quarantine series called "A Sheltered Life." I quickly learned after a few entries, that above all, sheltering in place (SIP) was super-boring, and I ran out of ways to say nothing. However, looking back to Day One, I wrote this: 1) The US government and its servants are never going to allow a "good crisis" to "go to waste." Rahm Emanuel---democratic politician 2) The USG and its servants will never tell you the truth and is, in fact, relishing in all of these police state measures they are forcing on us. I don't think we've seen the worst of the measures, unfortunately. 3) STRESS is the number one factor that will lead to chronic or serious illness. For me, to reduce this stress, I am curtailing social media for now and NOT social

Don't Forget Palestine (SOAPBOX PODCAST 5/28/2020)

May 28, 2020 TOPIC : ISRAEL/PALESTINE GLOBAL FASCISM  GUEST: Bob Fantina For the 2nd time this week, Cindy welcomes back author/activist Bob Fantina. Cindy and Bob talk about Israel's continued illegal annexation of the West Bank and the deeper issues of the collaboration between the twin evils of the USA and Israel. It's important to not allow the fascists and oligarchs to completely distract us from other important topics: like the racist-illegal-colonialist take over of Palestine by the Israelis.  Bob's Latest Published Book     CLICK FOR MORE INFO  *** Congress is poised to pass far-reaching Israeli wish list Congress is set to pass its most far-reaching bill related to Israel at the height of a national public health emergency. BY   JOSH RUEBNER     MAY 27, 2020 **************************  

Propaganda, Lies, and False Flags (Soapbox Podcast 5/25/2020)

May 25, 2020 GUEST: BOB FANTINA TOPIC: HOW THE U.S. JUSTIFIES IT'S WARS The United States has been at war for 227 years of it’s 244- year history. It is currently at war in seven countries and its special forces operate in 149 countries. This century-spanning success of warfare has been condensed into a single volume. It details all the major wars of U.S. history, plus many of the minor and mostly forgotten ones. From the wars against the Native Americans and the War of 1812, through the period when the U.S. became a super power, to the global killing fields of the past 70 years, this book demonstrates how little the playbook has changed over the generations. Propaganda, lies and false flags: these have been the means to bring the country to war, and they will remain so until we wake up to the deception.  click to order book Intro by Cindy Sheehan! ********************************************  

United We Stand Sessions with Cindy Sheehan

Free & Equal founder Christina Tobin interviews passionate anti-war and environmental activist Cindy Sheehan. Cindy strives to spread messages of peace, justice, environmental sustainability and economic equality. She will be joining F&E to speak during the United We Stand Tour: An annual nationwide tour uniting the younger generations with musicians, artists, and thought leaders to encourage local civics participation and inspire people to run for office. To follow her journey:… ******************************************************************************* CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW

Contract Killers for Empire: The Worsening Situation in Venezuela (SOAPBOX PODCAST 5/15/2020)

May 15, 2020 TOPIC : CONTRACT KILLERS FOR EMPIRE GUEST : DAKOTAH LILLY  Dakotah Lilly For this virus episode of The Soapbox, Cindy and Dakotah talk about the signed contract between the agents of U.S. Empire and contract killers who tried to go to Vz to assassinate the democratically elected president and leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Nicolas Maduro. Please listen! The U.S. is taking the opportunity with the corona issue to continue its underhanded dealing around the world! ‘I’ve never seen a contract for toppling a govt’: Venezuelan VP decries Guaido’s hiring of US mercenaries to Rafael Correa CLICK HERE TO READ *****    

Bio-terror, bio-error, or? The of Grave Danger of Bio-warfare (SOAPBOX PODCAST 5/2/2020)

Happy Belated May Day! ****************** May 2, 2020     TOPIC: Averting Our Gaze From Biowarfare: Pandemics and Self-fulfilling Prophecies Guest: Independent journalist, Sam Husseini   Averting Our Gaze From Biowarfare: Pandemics and Self-fulfilling Prophecies by  Sam Husseini Those bastards in their white lab coats Who experiment with mountain goats Should leave the universe alone It’s not their business, not their home ~ John Prine, “ Lonesome Friends of Science “ People who are  dismissing the possibility that the pandemic  might have come from a lab – either accidentally from a Wuhan lab or them being  effectively framed, as we saw with the 2001 anthrax attacks  – are basically risking the future of humanity because they don’t want to have an uncomfortable discussion. On Feb. 11, I asked Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s Principal Deputy Director, at the National Press Club if it were a “ complete coincidence ” that the outbreak of the novel