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Rage Against the War Machine Planning Meeting August 22.

Rage Against the War Machine Planning Meeting Thursday, August 22 TIME: 3PM PACIFIC 4PM MOUNTAIN 5PM CENTRAL 6PM EASTERN Our sub-committees will be coming together to give reports to the larger committee. It's preferable to login by computer so we can share documents. It's very easy,  just click the link below. If you must call by phone, the number is also below: You have created a conference call! RAWM PLANNING MEETING August 22, 2019 at 3:00PM (PDT - US/Pacific) Ways to Join Go to:   or just call 707-605-0735 . No PIN needed. ******* DONATE TO RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE  

Gun Control Begins at the Pentagon (MoP Community Conference Call: 8/18/19)

Gun Control Begins at the Pentagon You are invited to join March on the Pentagon and our special guest activist extraordinaire and Advisory Board member Ann Wright* for our montly Community Conference Call Our topic will be the phenomenon of gun violence  in the USA domestically tied in with the overwhelming violence displayed by the U.S. war machine around the world on a daily basis. Ways to Join   Go to: https://www.uberconference. com/marchonpentagon  (preferred)   or just call 707-605-0735 . No PIN needed. *Ann Wright is a Colonel (Ret) in the Army Reserves and a retired diplomat from the U.S. Department of State. Ann travels the world connecting with other activists to try to end this military madness.  From her Wiki page: "She received the State Department Award for Heroism in 1997, after helping to evacuate several thousand people during the civil war in Sierra L

The USA is Over-due for a Do-Over by Cindy Sheehan

The USA is Over-Due for a Do-Over By Cindy Sheehan Since its inception over 243 years ago in a hot meeting room in Philadelphia, dripping with testosterone, the idea of any kind of democracy or equality in the USA  has steadily eroded  to where, today, those promises are all but non-existent. First of all, the Founders were a pack of human-owning, indigenous-slaughtering elites that forged a new society that would, of course, benefit themselves: where the top would stay firmly at the top and the bottom would be conditioned to believe in the American dream of easily attainable wealth and power. Secondly, there would really be no middle in this corporation called the United States of America—-there would be “lesser-elites” and “greater-poor" to keep everyone fighting with each other over the crumbs that fell from the marble tables of the oligarchy. When another member of this diseased and demented oligarchy was selected to be the new “leader” of this country following

P.R. Not Another Fake C.I.A. Color Revolution (SOAPBOX PODCAST 8/11/19)

August 11, 2019 Guest: José Soler Topic: People's Rebellion in Puerto Rico This week, Cindy chats with Puerto Rican sovereignty and loabor activist José Soler. José enlightens us on the U.S. domination over its colony Puerto Rico and how the people there are joining together across political and social lines to demand accountability in Puerto Rico and to separate from U.S. colonialism. Jose A. Soler   ARTICLES: Puerto Rico governor resigns as promised; successor sworn in *** Women & Femmes Leading The Puerto Rico Protests On Their "Permanent Revolution" By Raquel Reichard 6 days ago  *** Compañeros fundadores de COSODIBO (Coordinadora de Solidaridad Diaspora Boricua) Jose Soler, Papo Castillo, Jesus Mangual (Actividad en Springfield, MA. 2 de agosto de 2019 - Foto de la compañera Angela Estrada) Fellow Founders of cosodibo (Coordinator of solidarity Diaspora Boricua) Jose Soler, Papo Castillo, Jesus flail (a