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I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier - The first anti-war hit record

Released in 1915, I Didn't Raise My Son to be a Soldier, sung here by the Peerless Quartet, was the first commercially successful anti-war record and featured prominently in the American anti-war movement opposing US entry in the first world war. The warmongering ex-president Theodore Roosevelt objected to the song's message of peace and its early feminism: "Foolish people who applaud a song entitled 'I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier' are just the people who would also in their hearts applaud a song entitled 'I Didn't Raise my Girl To Be A Mother."

Imposing Harsh Austerity on the War Machine

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox October 28, 2012 Guest : Professor Jack Nelson -Pallmeyer Subject : Ending Our Participation in the War Machine Jack is a member of Minnes o ta Arms Spending Alt ernatives Project which was recen tly instrumental in a resolution that  the city of St. Paul , Mn passed denouncing  sending money to Washington DC for the wars while schools, parks and other services are being cut and infra s tructure is c rumbling. To get more infor mation on the project and to find out how something similar can be accomplished in yo ur community,  please click this link .   To listen to this informative show, please CLICK HERE OR LISTEN AT 2PM EASTE RN TIME AT : COMMUNITY PROGRESSIVE RADIO

Stealing Rent Money from a Gold Star Mother by Cindy Sheehan

Stealing Rent Money from a Gold Star Mother Cindy Sheehan For a brief review, I have been a War Tax Resister since my son was killed in Iraq on April 04, 2004. My only regret was that I ever paid my taxes to this murderous, thieving government in the first place. After almost nine years, the IRS has finally decided to use their powers of thuggery to bring the full force of their illegal aggression upon me, a Gold Star Mother. Before my son was killed, my family was living the American Nightmare. There were times when I worked two or three jobs just to keep our family covered with health insurance because my husband was an independent contractor. Even back then, our insurance bill was about a grand/month. Casey joined the military in 2000, in part to help pay for his university education. He had already completed every credit he could at a local community college, but he was feeling the pressure of having a full-time job and going to school and didn’t want to burden

Our Vaginas are not WMDs by Diane Gee

I take the murder, rape or abuse of women seriously.  I do.  But, I really, really tire of our female gender being used to ramp up the wholesale slaughter of humans of any gender for the purposes of the Profiteer Class. Like the missing white girl syndrome, this entire Malala Yousefzai story is wholly disproportionate to the reality of the World at War.  The women raped, boys abducted, orphans and abandoned elderly of the Congo comes to mind.  Or the effects of Depleted Uranium on a whole generation of children born in Fallujah. If the malnutrition and suffering of the Palestinian people as a whole isn't enough to garner outrage, what of the use of White Phosphorus targeting civilians and even a school in Gaza melting people right on the spot? What of Nadia?  <!--more--> Nadia, age ten, whose mother and father were both killed in a US drone strike on their house, why no outrage for Nadia?  What of the other young girls, who are left homeless, have t

Talking Flapping Pie Holes and the Damage They Do by Cindy Sheehan

War Pundits and Platitudes Cindy Sheehan Frequently, I watch the Propaganda Media because I want to know what is the current propaganda of the Empire. For example, if the Propaganda Media is telling me that I should focus on one really (but, really not) juicy trial, or that I should be consumed by the autopsy report of the latest celebrity death, or what was in her refrigerator when she died, then I know those are things that I don’t need to know and I refuse to be distracted by the shiny keys of the Propaganda Masters. Lately, I am particularly struck by a rather difficult “shiny key” distraction named Malala Yousufzai, the young female Pakistani who was allegedly shot by the Taliban for being vocal about her rights to an education. Malala is right and whoever shot her is wrong—period. However, the situation is tricky, because I don’t support ANYONE shooting ANYONE—but especially I abhor the shooting of a young lady who is fighting for her rights. Howeve

From the Captain Obvious Files: Wrong is Wrong!

Cindy Sheehan' s Soapbox Sunday, October 21 , 20 12 I had a busy week this past week--trial in Santa Bar bara for the Vandenber g 15 (of which I am a pro ud member), which got dismissed by requ est o f the US attorney ! (Read an account of the dismiss al of charges, here) Then, I flew to Philly w here I had a w onderful book event for Revolution, A Love Story sponsored by many peac e groups here in Philly and dear friends of mine. (Watch the vide o of my book talk here ) UPCOMING EVENTS: I am on my way to Cleveland for two book events there and then to NYC for two book events AND a con ference. (I need housing--contact me: For the schedule of my Cleveland/NYC events, please CLICK HERE  ***************************************** WRONG IS WRONG: OBAMA AND THE NDAA Because of my crazy sche dule this past week, I was not able to record a new show, so guest host, Diane Gee ( of Wild, Wild Left Radio and Soapbox blogger) ,

A Wonderful Colleague needs help!

 Anita Anita Stewart has been my friend for several years , now. Anita has been working in 3rd party po litics as a member of the Green Party for years now and she is dedicated to peace and, as a member of C ODEPINK i n her home in Florida, she is a ti reless worker against the military indus trial complex. Regretfully, she beca me involved in the primary campaign for the nomination of president for the Green Party for Roseanne Barr as press secretary and social media coordinator. She w as promised a certain amount of money and , for whatever reason, Ms. Barr is not only refusing to pay her, but is now also t h reat ening to sue her for "defam ation of character ," becaus e, due to circumstances, Anita had to go public ( read story here ) with the information that Barr is not ful filling her end of the agreement . Anita is a CNA who has be en working in home health care, but the worsening situation in our country regarding health care has severel y affected her

Cindy Sheehan On "15 Minutes Of Fact" - 10/16/2012

Source: Today’s guest turns that premise upside down. Her name is Cindy Sheehan. She is not voiceless, and she is her own soapbox – literally. He Internet radio show is called Cindy Sheehans’s Soap Box and can be found at

Comments From The "Statement For 9/11 Justice" Part II

The following are some of the comments left by people that signed the " Statement For 9/11 Justice ." Here is Part I . If you haven't signed it, why not? "I wholeheartedly support any action that will help to get the truth out there for Americans - they deserve to know the truth." "All of us must support this petition, now!!" "I just want to know the TRUTH...that's all, simply the TRUTH of 9/11!" "For the last 30 years, going back to the Iran/Contra Israel/Lebanon days, things have been steadily going to hell in this country and throughout the world in general.. America has become a shadow of her former self and her reflection is SHAMEFUL! Her Shame has become infamous! "We" Americans demand the truth of 9/11. We demand that our leaders no longer take the rest of US, some 80%, for suckers anymore.. ENOUGH!" "Where's the transparency about 9/11? Tell us the truth." "It's time for the truth.&

A Briefing On Iran's Nuclear Program

Image A briefing on Iran's Nuclear Program. From the discovery of atom power, the utilization of this new science for the bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki and the resulting "nuclear dilemma." Covering the institutions created in answer to the nuclear dilemma: the United Nations (UN), the "Atoms for Peace" initiative, the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). After this a look at the history of Iran's nuclear program and the current standoff: the West's demands that Iran cease enriching, and Iran's refusal citing its inalienable right to a peaceful nuclear program under the NPT. And finally a look at the intelligence about Iran's nuclear program, and a little rhetorical jab at the end.

Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Duh, My Response to the VP Debate

--> By Cindy Sheehan CLASS-LESS CLOWNS Last week, I commented on what I called, “The Greatest American Scoundrel Show," otherwise known as the “Presidential Debates” and I gave the Socialist response to each of the questions that Scoundrel A or Scoundrel B answered—now I would like to present the same for the recent Vice-Scoundrel Debate. To me, it’s amazing that few people seem to really listen to what the Scoundrels say, but how what is said, is said. Even though I think the consensus from the presidential debate was that Romney slaughtered Obama, the “winner” of the Vice Scoundrel debate seems to divide along partisan lines, but I know I saw less eye-rolling and heard less sniggering when I coordinated an afterschool program for at-risk middle school students. Biden and Ryan fought over who was the biggest friend of the War Machine and Wall Street and I believe we need a change--that’s why I agreed to run for Vice President. Here are the questio