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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Independence from Banks Day: Cindy Sheehan's Statement at the End the Fed Rally in SF

Here we are again in front of the Federal Reserve today demanding that the Robber Class change its “evil ways.”

Thanks for coming out today, but chances that the Robber Class will shut down the Fed and coin money that is debt free and more egalitarian are slim to none; or fat to zero!

What we need to do is change our own systems.

Take your money away from the Robber Class as often and whenever possible.

Take your money out of banks and put it into good, democratic credit unions.

I propose that we start a movement today called: Independence from Banks Day on July 3rd, where we all go to banks, withdraw our money to make a statement to the Robber Class that we are going to start siphoning their wealth instead of the opposite way around. I am going to lead this and remove my business accounts from Bank of America that day. It may only be a symbolic gesture since the Robbers own the Federal Reserve, and we won’t bankrupt them, but if we have enough people we will make an impact and a profound statement. Put your money into Credit Unions that are democratic in leadership/policies and community based.

Sorry I can’t make it today, I am here in Arkansas fighting the Robber Class at every stop but I truly hope you join me on July 3rd to become Independent from Banks on July 3rd…if you don’t have any money in a bank, I would suggest you deposit some money just so you can take it out that day!

Together we can beat the Robber Class. Separately, we will fail.

We have that choice of sinking alone or swimming together, as for me, I prefer to swim.

Cindy Sheehan
Eureka Springs, Ar

Read in absentia

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Robber Class Myth 11: You, too, can be a Robber!

If you work hard enough and keep your “nose clean” you, too, can become part of the Robber Class.

I have already done 14 events for Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution and am on an airplane heading for Eureka Springs, Arkansas for my 15th tomorrow night. At each event there has been a very salient observation: One of the most insidious Myths of the Robber Class is the one where anyone can become part of the Robbers, because America is the “land of opportunity” and our streets are “paved with gold.”
It is true, some people have worked their way up from the Robbed Class to become a Robber, but that is rare and oftentimes, they’ve robbed and murdered to claw their way up to the Robber Class.

Of course the Robber Class wants us to worship and envy them so we do not rebel against them and their crimes but there are several things wrong with believing this Myth in the Robbed Class.

First of all, this Myth is simply, not true. Like I said, some people (Carnegie’s, Kennedy’s, etc) elevated themselves to the status of “Robber Class” by exploiting other people and committing outright crimes. However, immigrants who scrimped and saved and worked hard to escape the poverty and oppression of their countries came to America to find the same conditions only oftentimes worse. The American Dream was a nightmare of sweatshops, indentured servitude, child labor, and debt slavery to company stores. After a few generations, conditions may have improved and some moved up to the Robbed Class divides of Working Class or Lower-Middle Class or, even Middle Class, but few attained Robber Class status.

Secondly, the “if you work hard and keep your nose clean” concept says to each person that we do not deserve basic human rights, right now! That only if we attain Robber Class divinity, then we have the rights to good education for us and our children; good health care; healthy food; shelter and other basic human rights. Somehow by the accident of our births, we feel, wrongly, that we are not entitled to these things? Remember, Robbers are most often born to wealth and privilege or groomed from a young age to be used by the Robber Class.

Hello, fellow human being! Wake up! You are entitled to those things now! Why should we have to lose our homes while the Robber Class lives in mansions and is becoming wealthy off of the expansion AND contraction of the housing bubble?

Why should our children have to die in wars or go into lifelong debt to go to college?

Why should a busy working mother have to drive through McDonald’s for “Happy” Meals for her children because she can’t afford healthy, fresh food or the time to cook for her family?

We waste our time going to the Robber Class Politicians to demand such things as: more money for education (health care, housing, social programs, or whatever) and the RCPs tell us: “We don’t have any money.” However, if Goldman-Sachs or AIG goes to members of their own Robber Class and say: “We need money so we don’t have to lose any money paying for our own crimes/mistakes,” the Robber Class says: “How much do you need and will you take a check from the Federal Reserve?”

Thirdly, why would you want to be a Robber? You know what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet or to have good relationships and health! If a few are wealthy, then many are poor. I am not against wealth or comfort, but not when it comes at the expense, health or welfare of another Human Being.

You cannot, and should not want to, become a part of the Robber Class. We should all be comfortable and have access to good education, health care and other human rights without exploiting the labor and lives of others.

If we practice the suggestions at the end of my eBooklet that appear in Conclusion: Revolution, we will all become the Robin Hoods of our time: Stealing from the Robber Class to keep our resources and wealth in the Robbed Class---instead of the way it’s always been: stealing from the Robbed to give to the Robbers!

Order Myth America here.

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Cindy Sheehan and Myth America in Kansas City! April 26

Cindy Sheehan

Fundraiser for KKFI and AFSC

April 26th, 2009

Uptown Theater - Valentine Room
3700 Broadway

Meet & Greet - $75 couple, $50 individual - includes main event ticket
Advance only. Not available at the door.

Tables for organizations - $25 (includes one ticket)

Main event:

$10 in advance

$15 at the door

5:00 - Meet & Greet with Cindy

6:00 - Doors open for tabling

6:30 - Music by Seed Love
and The Herrmannators

- Cindy Sheehan

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Hope"less in the "Two" Party System by Cindy Sheehan

Since November of 2006 when the Democrats regained majorities in both Houses of Congress, I began my gradual awakening to the fact that the “Two”-Party Robber Class political system is a fraud.

Nancy Pelosi ran for her Congressional seat in 2006 (which would for certain turn transform her into the House Speakership if the Dems became the majority) promising “No more blank checks for war.” She broke that promise, but kept her treasonous “impeachment is off the table” promise. What Nancy Pelosi really meant was the opposite: “I will give George Bush EVERY blank check for war that he asks of me! Why wouldn’t I? I am protecting him from accountability---billions of dollars for war is nothing!”

You have to understand, that Nancy Pelosi’s district is PRO-Impeachment and ANTI-war. If she refused to fund the wars and impeach George Bush, she would be following the will of her constituency. However, the "Two"-Party Robber Class political system protects and preserves itself no matter what party the criminal belongs to.

Now, after 89 days of an Obama administration that is also protecting the torturing murderers of BushCo and has broken its marginal promise to bring (some) troops home from Iraq by the end of 2011 and is escalating hostilities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, some so-called progressives are finally seeing the error in supporting Obama during the elections.

I left the Democratic Party in May of 2007 because of the continued war funding and the continued lack of accountability and I was roundly, thoroughly and viciously attacked by the same “progressives” who are beginning to doubt the “hope” that they bought into, or allowed themselves to be co-opted by. Some are even calling for an “independent third party” movement here in the US to challenge the corrupt two parties!

Really? Where were these “progressives” when I was running against the Queen of the Robber Class here in SF as an independent? Their heads were buried in the sand, or they were wearing the Rose Colored Glasses of denial and now we are mired in a situation that cannot be remedied: once the Genie is out of the bottle, she can’t be easily put back in. Do you think the Democrats will hold Obama to account, when they failed to hold Bush to account? I doubt it and we will continue to see the Obama-Summers-Geithner-
Bernanke collapse of the economy and the continued war crimes of the Obama-Clinton-Gates occupations for profit.

It’s way past time to stop giving the "Two" Party Robber Class system “a chance.” It’s time to stop the “inside” part of an “inside-outside” strategy. We have virtually nobody on the inside who will speak for us besides a token bone thrown out of those marble cesspools and we have to stand up for our class.

Warren Buffet, a famous Robber Class business man who loves to dabble in the Democratic part of the One-Robber Class party said: “It is a class war, and my class is winning.” They are only winning because we allow them to.

We have been beaten down for so long by the Robber Class we actually believe that we should send our sons and daughters to the Robber Class wars to die and kill other sons and daughters to make the Robber Class wealthier!

We actually believe that we are not entitled to the same health care that the Robbers in Congress receive (110%).

We actually believe that we should work our asses off and go into insurmountable debt to be able to send our children to college.

We actually believe that we are not entitled to our shacks while the Robbers have many mansions (so many, John McCain doesn’t even know how many he owns) that sit empty, except for servants most of the time. Some people don’t even have a roof over their heads and many tent cities are popping up over the country and the obscenity of a horrible homeless problem makes it difficult for me to sleep at night, knowing so many have no homes!

Now are you ready for an independent third party that is pro-worker; pro-peace; pro-the rule of law for everybody, especially the Robber Class; pro-environment; pro-prosperity for all; and above all Pro-Us?

Please order a copy of my new eBooklet: Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution today and let’s begin the Revolution today!

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox today with Dr. Justin Frank

Today's special edition of the Soapbox features psychoanalyst, Dr. Justin Frank, who wrote a book called Bush on the Couch.

Justy and I will be chatting about the need to not only "reflect" (quote from Obama) on what happened and went horribly wrong during the Bush years, but on the need for justice before any healing or "moving forward" can occur.

The show will be available to download beginning at 2pm (Pacific) today; and then any time thereafter.

All of our old shows are archived there, too.

(From New Mexico)

"Where's the Change?"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bid on a piece of American-Peace History from Cindy Sheehan

Help Cindy retire her campaign debt!

Bid on this awesome piece of history!

Click on the image on the right to see a description of the item and place a bid.

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Good" Friday? by Cindy Sheehan

“Good” Friday?
Cindy Sheehan

Five years ago on Good Friday, my family traveled to the loading dock of United Airlines in San Francisco to pick up our dear Casey at the airport for the final time.

Since Casey joined the Army in May of 2000, all of his trips home were greatly anticipated and the trips to the airport were always joy-filled. Every time I fly into Sacramento airport and go down the escalator near baggage claim I am reminded of the last time he came home as an upright, living being and I spotted him on that same escalator and the huge hug we gave each other. I can still feel his arms around me, squeezing me tightly. I hope I never forget that.

But five years ago, on “Good” Friday, the trip was not joyous. Our diminished family of five rode in the back of the mortuary’s limo with Casey’s maternal grandma, my mom, his auntie, my sister, and some close family friends. There was a car following us with more close family friends. Tears are running down my face just thinking about it.

When we arrived at the United Airlines loading dock, there was no honor guard, no respect for the soldier who was already being lauded as a “hero.” There were not even any chairs for our family to sit and wait. We literally had to sit on a curb to wait for Casey’s remains, which took at least 45 minutes. We had to wait for the one soldier that the Army sent who rode in the passenger compartment (of course) while Casey rode in the baggage area in his coffin covered by a cardboard box like he was a case of pineapples, or something.

Good Friday in the Christian tradition is when Jesus of Nazareth was executed by the evil empire of the time with the encouragement of the religious extremist government that ruled that part of the empire. The Jesus of the Christian scriptures was perceived as a threat to that power structure.

I was already a lapsing Catholic by the time Casey was killed on Palm Sunday in Iraq. But, in Catholic tradition, Good Friday is a very solemn occasion with meaningful symbolism: the tearing of the cloth in the temple, the closing of the tomb, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” While the congregation dutifully, and with mostly monotone boredom, intones: “Crucify him.” The implication there being that we are constantly crucifying Jesus with the sins and our sinful nature.

However, after Good Friday, we just have to wait one more day for Jesus to rise from the dead. It is like a movie that we watch once a year (Wizard of Oz comes to mind): we are scared when we see the flying monkeys, but we have the secret, tingling anticipation, because we know Dorothy will kill the Wicked Witch and she and her friends will have their fondest desires fulfilled.

Easter: The day of prettily decorated eggs, yummy candy, new clothes and accessories, mandatory church and Easter dinner. Being in the pretty church festooned with lillies and the priests wearing their finest albs with all of your friends wearing their Easter finest makes up for the monotony of Lent. Jesus’s disciples didn’t know he was going to rise from the dead, but we do and we are ready to party and begin to partake of what we "gave up" for Lent in an orgy of gorging.

Today five US soldiers were killed in Iraq and we won’t ever know for sure how many Iraqis were killed. The families of the US soldiers will never have a “normal” Easter again. All of their days will be filled with pain and longing, but holidays, birthdays and other anniversaries will be especially hard. My heart is breaking for the awful and pointless spiral of grief that these families are just embarking upon. Some may not yet know that it was their son, father, brother, uncle, or friend that was murdered today. I saw the report of Casey’s death on the news at least five hours before the Army notified us.

There is no joy-filled day to anticipate that will make up for the horror of the needless and senseless deaths of the people who still die with Obama’s continuation and escalation of BushCo’s illegal and immoral occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I stupidly contributed to this Empire for my entire adult life and did not protest the wars before Casey was killed. I, like Pontius Pilate, have been trying to scrub the symbolic blood off of my hands since that day. Obama and the entire administration and Congress are continually adding to their blood drenched hands everyday that these occupations continue.

Easter is also a season of renewal.

Let’s renew our commitment to peace, no matter what Imperial Figurehead is occupying the Evil Office.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seat of our Pants Tour by Cindy Sheehan

Between the time that I co-founded Gold Star Families for Peace (GSFP) in January 2005 and camped out in Crawford, Texas in August of that same year, I traveled extensively with my anti-war message.

I would go from town to town wherever I was invited and speak to small or medium crowds…rarely large.

My accommodations for those days ranged from sleeping on couches to having my own suite in a Rhode Island mansion.

I floated in the waters of Cape Cod with one of my on-the-road “moms” and swam in a pond with another in Mass; literally froze in Maine in January, then went back in July for much nicer weather. In Florida I had to sleep on a couch because the absent owner’s scary cat wouldn’t let me in the bedroom. Later on in that same Florida trip I got elbowed in the stomach by a St. Petersburg cop because I was getting to close to where George’s motorcade was going by on his way to a fund raiser with his base, the “haves and have mores.”

Everywhere I went I made friends but also heard the frustration of the people I spoke to. “What can we do to end the wars…yesterday if not sooner?” We would brainstorm and try to figure out something that would “spark” a movement for change.

I plugged away and rode on buses, trains, cars and airplanes, never staying in one place for more than two days. Every place I visited would take up a collection for me so I could move on to the next town.

After Camp Casey in Crawford, I lost most of the control over my travels and the activists scheduling me and the activists that I was being scheduled to visit started to guard me and my time because, truthfully, the international travel and meeting thousands of people was exhausting, but I missed so much of the personal relationships that I forged before camping out in Crawford. Many of those people joined me in the ditch next to Prairie Chapel Road.

In Crawford, we sparked the movement. No one can argue that we didn’t bring the lies and criminality of BushCo to the forefront and tens of thousands of people became anti-war activists after our Peace Camp, Bring Them Home Now Tour and our activities for peace that continued up until the Democrats regained control of both Houses of Congress.

Sadly, that was the goal of many of the groups that I worked with: Electing Democrats. That was NEVER my goal. My goal has not been accomplished. My immediate goal is still troops out of Iraq AND Afghanistan and my long-term goal is to peacefully throw off the chains of the Robber Class and to have a country/world that is peaceful AND secure; environmentally healthy WITH renewable, clean energy; prosperous AND with a fairer distribution of resources and wealth. As we have seen over the years, the politicians, no matter what party, do not want these things for We the People, so that’s what my new Internet Booklet and my new tour will address.

I am now very excited to hit the road again by myself, by the seat of my pants doing what I can to Rally the Robbed Class to become the Independent Class. To build upon existing friendships and organization and build new relationships and structures where needed.

I am calling it the Seat of OUR Pants, because like my Congressional Run and my Online Show, these movements must spring up organically from the literal grassroots to be effective and I need your help!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April "Seat of our Pants Tour"

April 17-22: New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos

confirmed events and venues:

April 18th: Albuquerque (TBA)

April 19th: Santa Fe (TBA)

April 20th: Taos
Bareiss Gallery
Contact in Taos: Catherine Hart,

April 21: Albuquerque
Smith Brasher Hall (CNM Campus, corner of University and Coal)
7-9 pm and then book signing.

April 23: Eureka Springs Arkansas
Sweet Spring Antiques Mart
2 Pine Street (across from P.O.)
7-9 pm
Eureka Springs Contact: Gerry Fonseca,

April 26: Kansas City, Mo
(Sponsored by KKFI and joint fundraiser with Cindy)
3:30 - Anti-War vigil on the Plaza with Cindy Sheehan
5:00 - Meet & Greet with Cindy
6:30 - Music by Seed Love
7:00 - Music by The Herrmannators
7:30 - Cindy Sheehan speaks
Uptown Theater - Valentine Room
3700 Broadway
Contact for KCMO: Anne Pritchett,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Myth America and the Soapbox are hitting the road!

Listen Online!

Cindy will be touring the country for the next several months holding book discussions on Myth America: The 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution.

We have emailed out hundreds of books, and here are some of the comments:

"The myths are right on!" (Travis from Ft. Collins, Co);

"Your book reinforced my sanity, I am sharing it with others!" (Ken D.V.); "Cindy gets straight to the heart of a question faster than anyone else I know." David Swanson (

"I loved your book, but my favorite chapter was the one on elections." (Jon Gold, 9-11 Truth Movement).

Myth America is taking it on the road because we believe that we need to Rally the Robbed Class Revolution and build, or build on, relationships to peacefully throw off the oppressions of the Robber Class and learn how to demand Peace, Justice and Economic Equality and actually get them! We are energized to elevate ourselves from the Robbed Class to the Independent person, one family, one community at a time!

We are working on the schedule right now and this is a list of towns Myth America and Cindy are coming to:

New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos (April 18-22; confirmed);

Eureka Springs, Ar (April 23 confirmed);

Chicago (May 3 confirmed);

Ft. Collins, Co (May 5, tentative):

California tour: San Francisco, May 7th in Cindy for Congress Campaign office from 7-9 (Confirmed); San Diego, Santa Barbara and Monterey (May 9-13, tentative);

Texas: Dallas and Austin (June 7-13, tentative);

East Coast: (June 15-?) NYC (TBD); Washington, DC (TBD); Philly (TBD); Boston, (TBD); Tampa, (TBD).

Northwest: Seattle and Portland (TBD).

Hopefully, we can squeeze Minneapolis and Cleveland (we've been invited) in there somewhere. Any other suggestions are welcomed! Video or phone conferencing with Cindy are also possible for these discussion groups. Cindy is also very willing to speak at high schools or colleges on alternatives to joining the Military Industrial Complex or do panels on any Myth America subject with other activists.

Cindy will just be asking for donations to cover airfare (which is super- cheap right now) and is hoping to stay in the homes of fellow Revolutionaries along the way.

Most of the time, we will be taping our weekly editions of the Soapbox when we are on the road so we can increase the variety of voices from around the nation on our show.

If you would like to help Cindy organize any part of this tour, please email her at:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"You're in the Army now, so shut the f&*k up!"

The Soapbox is downloadable beginning every Sunday 2 pacific

This week, we have another amazing edition of Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox!

Cindy chats with former Colonel Ann Wright, who served her country honorably for 29 years in the Army Reserve and has been serving her country even more honorably as an anti-war, pro-justice activist since she resigned her post in the Foreign Service after George Bush illegally and immorally invaded Iraq. Ann is one of the hardest workers in the Peace Activist and works with female vets and works for families whose daughters have been harmed by fellow soldiers and the US Military.

Sara Rich also joins us for this fascinating conversation. Sara is another super-mom who fought for her daughter Suzanne Swift after Suzanne, a soldier, had not only been sexually harassed, but raped by a superior while Suzanne was stationed in Iraq. Incredibly, after Suzanne complained, she somehow ended up court-martialed and in military jail, but her attackers have not served a minute.
Fully 1/3 of our female soldiers are raped/killed or physically abused in the military and 9 out of 10 report being sexually harassed. What a great reason NOT to join the military if you are a female...but also, do you want to be turned into a rapist or sexual predator if you are a male?

Cindy has found a new mission and passion in her anti-war work. Cindy realizes that we have very little affect on stopping the Robber Class wars, so what we have to do is stop our children from being killed, maimed, raped or kill innocent people in the Robber Class wars.

There will also be a speech on the show by Major General Smedley Butler on "War is a Racket" and other counter-military recruitment features.
Casey Austin Sheehan
May 29, 1979 to April 04, 2004
Loving and loved son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew and friend.
We miss you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Help Casey Sheehan Prevent others from joining the Military!

Dear Friend,

This Saturday, April 04, 2004, is not only the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr, but also the 5th year since my son Casey was killed in Iraq. Please read an article that I wrote called 5 Years, here.

I have come to the conclusion, with the deaths in Afghanistan increasing and still continuing in Iraq (not just for our soldiers), and with protests at a bare minimum, the only way we can stop these Robber Class wars for profit is to put a complete halt to military recruitment. As Peace-Activist, Analyst, Ray McGovern said in my recent Soapbox interview of him, Afghanistan will become a "bloodbath."

Usually, I write to you to ask you to contribute to the Soapbox to keep it broadcasting, but today, I am asking you to contribute to other worthy causes in Casey's name.

The World Can't Wait is organizing for the last two months of school in high schools to send its We Are Not Your Soldiers tour into campuses to combat lies of recruiters and the Robber Class Military Industrial Complex. They need about $12,000.00 to do so. A small price to pay for peace. Please donate what you can to this very Noble Cause.

My friends, Peter Dudar and Sally Marr have taken their amazing and effective film, Arlington West into hundreds of schools and have literally convinced thousands of students not to join the military.

Courage to Resist helps soldiers who are already in the military to get out or resist deployment as conscientious objectors.

American Friends Service Committee has a lot of useful downloadable info on its website so you can talk to your children, young friends, or even strangers about the dangers of military life and the US Empire.

My new internet booklet, Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution has a compelling anti-military enlistment/recruitment chapter called: It is Noble to Die in Robber Class Wars. Read a review of the booklet by David Swanson here. You can still order your copy by making a minimum 10.00 donation to Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, or by sending a check/money order to: Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, 55 Chumasero STE 5D, San Francisco, Ca 94132.

I will miss and mourn my son forever, but I can't think of anything nobler that his sacrifice by the Robber Class can stand for, than using his death and our story to prevent others from being so misused. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, about one year before his assassination, began to speak out against militarism and wars and he made the connection between state violence and violence in the inner-cities so profoundly, yet 41 years later we still are battling all over the world and our planet's children pay the highest price.

If you do donate to one of the Noble Causes, please send me an email so I will know: And don't forget that you can send me your Soapbox Rants and Ask Cindy? questions.

Our next show in the Soapbox will have former Colonel Ann Wright and Sara Rich talking about the abuses of females in the military and what we can do to stop them. Statistics say that fully 1/3 of the females in the Armed Forces will be sexually abused, harassed or raped by their fellow male soldiers.

Love always and peace soon,