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No Ebola Here! (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/26)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox October 26, 2014 GUEST: Jeff 4 Justice CLICK FOR JEFF'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL  TOPIC: TOP TWO PRIMARY SHAM AND (TWO GUEST FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!) GUEST: MIMI GERMAN TOPIC: ACTIVISM AND NO NUKES NORTHWEST Mimi and Helen Caldicott (one of our previous guests)   No Nukes Northwest Facebook Page

Sibel Edmonds and the Deep State (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/19/14)

CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX OCTOBER 19, 2014 (AUDIO AVAILABLE 10/19) GUEST: SIBEL EDMONDS TOPIC: THE LONE GLADIO The Lone Gladio   Assassinations. Drug running. False flag ops. A shadow paramilitary global network. Synthetic wars. CIA-NATO: A darker truth. Operation Gladio Plan B: Murder. OG 68—a k a Greg McPhearson—no longer works for the company. The hunter has now become prey. He knows this beast: what created him and shattered his soul. Until Mai. When he opened the door to her three years ago, he opened what soul he had left. Yet no amount of pride or power, he discovers—too late—can ever replace one precious breath … When a sting is called off at the last minute by his FBI bosses per order of the CIA, Special Agent Ryan Marcello decides to do some digging. He calls in senior analyst Elsie Simon, expert in the Turkey-Central Asian-Caucasus nexus, to help track down the high-level target with ties to ruthless power players in

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the US (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/12/14)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox October 12, 2014 GUEST: Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz TOPIC: An Indigenous Peoples' History of the US Cindy and Roxanne chat about the treacherous history of European colonialism in North America and the way forward to healing. The history of the US Empire cannot be separated from the history of the Indigenous Peoples: to do so is denying that the "American Way" has always been genocidal at its roots and the idea that we can somehow "take our country back" is crazy-talk. It was never "our" country in the first place and just to what epoch in our short history do we want to return?  Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz has written a history of US Empire from the perspective of the Original People. The book is packed with damning facts, but written with the heart soul of a person who has been involved in Indigenous resistance and civil rights' movement for decades. CLICK IMAGE FOR ORDERING INFO   SIGN PE

Chinese Teargas v. US Freedom Spray (Soapbox Podcast 10/05/14)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox October 5, 2014 Chinese Teargas v. US Freedom Spray GUEST : MICKEY Z.   TOPIC: THE UMBRELLA™ "REVOLUTION" IN HONG KONG Cindy Sheehan chats with longtime activist/author Mickey Z. (Mickey is the newest featured author on The Soapbox People's Network HIS PAGE ) The topic is the NED/NDI/CIA sponsored "uprising" in Hong Kong and how the Obama regime publicly approves of it while violently suppressing protests here in the US, but we shouldn't really worry, because the US doesn't use teargas, it uses Freedom Spray™ CLICK IMAGE FOR ORDERING INFO