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Speaking Truth to Empire w/Dan Yaseen (Feb 2019 Edition)

February 2019 speaking-truth-to-empire/ 190220-speaking-truth-to- empire-stephen-lendman On Speaking Truth to Empire , on KFCF 88.1 FM independently owned and locally operated in Fresno since 1975 , Dan Yaseen interviews Steve Lendman, an author, a progressive blogger and an internet radio host. They discuss US initiated coup against democratically elected Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. He writes on vital international and national topics, including war and peace, American imperialism, corporate dominance, political persecutions, and a range of other social, economic and political issues. His website is: Stephen Lendman

Dastardly Dems and Repugnant Republicans w/Bro. Larry Pinkney (SOAPBOX PODCAST 2/23/19)

February 24, 2019 Brother Larry GUEST: LARRY PINKNEY TOPIC: THE DASTARDLY DEMS AND REPUGNANT REPS This week, Cindy welcomes back Brother Larry Pinkney who has been "Keeping it Real" with the Soapbox since 2009! Every year Brother Larry comes on with astute analysis of the deadly US Empire---unfortunately, the names change, but the crimes remain the same! A lot of our guests went over to the dark side with the dastardly Dems when Obama was chosen by the Powers that Be in 2012, and more did the same and became infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome in 2016. Brother Larry has never wavered from his anti-imperialist principles for all these years! BROTHER LARRY'S OTHER APPEARANCES to show we have been in PRINCIPLED STRUGGLE with him for years: 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018  Black Activist Writers Guild *********** CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX 


   STATEMENT BY THE REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT. IT IS IMPERATIVE TO HALT THE IMPERIALIST MILITARY ADVENTURE AGAINST VENEZUELA The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba condemns the escalation of pressures and actions of the US government in preparation for a military adventure under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention” in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and calls on the international community to mobilize in order to prevent its consummation. Between February 6 and 10 of 2019, several military transport aircraft have been flying to the Rafael Miranda Airport in Puerto Rico; the San Isidro Air Base in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Islands that have a strategic location, most certainly without the knowledge of the governments of those nations. These flights took off from US military facilities from where Special Operation Troops and US Marine Corps units operate. These units have been used for covert operations, even against le


TRANSCRIPT OF  JANUARY 9, 2019 INTERVIEW WITH SARAH ABED CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW  WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT Cindy Sheehan:     Sarah Abed. Welcome back to Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox.   Sarah Abed:     Thank you so much for having me again, Cindy.   Cindy Sheehan :    Well, the show that you were on was December 30th, there was quite a bit to talk about in 30 minutes for sure, but I just wanted to have you back on. It was a really well received and listened to show. There's a dearth of true information about what's happening in Syria and that region. There's been a lot happening, just happening in like a week. I wanted to have you back on to give us an update about what's going on. So, please, the floor is yours now.   Sarah Abed:     Absolutely. Okay. Now, last week, I had mentioned that, as a result of Trump's announcement to withdraw the US troops from Syria, that the leaders of the Kurdish militias were reconciling with the Syrian governmen

There is no Humanitarian Crisis in Vz (fact sheet from Vz Government with links)

note: It is important to take on this "humanitarian crisis" disinformation head on and urgently. Many soft-headed, I mean, soft-hearted people are taken in by this argument that Maduro is blocking humanitarian aid. Please distribute widely and encourage your bases to write letters to the editor and otherwise confront this false narrative. The most immediate humanitarian aid that could be provided by the United States and Canada would be to drop the sanctions! Chuck Kaufman from Alliance for Global Justice A humanitarian crisis? One of the talking points repeated ad nauseum about the situation in Venezuela is about President Maduro’s alleged blocking of humanitarian aid. To understand what’s actually going on, however, some context is needed first. The U.S. government, corporate media and NGOs interested in regime change repeatedly claim there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. This is not new; this narrative has been pushed since at least 2016. However, the