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Women's March on the Pentagon Open Community Conference Call (Weds, June 27, 2018)

Women's March on the Pentagon Open Community Conference Call (Weds, June 27, 2018) COMMUNITY CONFERENCE CALL We're getting closer!!!! WHEN: WEDS June 27 TIMES:  4PM PACIFIC 6PM CENTRAL 7PM EASTERN RSVP TO BONNIE FOR CONFERENCE CALL NUMBER AND CODE: ******  We will be discussing proposed plans for the weekend of  October 20-21 and  Volunteer Opportunities. Hopefully we will have a special guest!


June 17, 2018 GUEST: RICK STERLING TOPIC: FOREIGN AFFAIRS AROUND THE GLOBE CIA HANKY-PANKY AND HIGH CRIMES  Rick Rick Sterling is an investigative journalist and member of the Syria Solidarity Movement. He can be contacted at Palestinian Courage Should Spur International Action by Rick Sterling *** Why the Honduras Crisis Matters to Me by Rick Sterling  *** The US & Nicaragua: a Case Study in Historical Amnesia & Blindness by Dan Kovalik *** CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX 

Yemen Starves: Silence Reigns---Cindy Sheehan on Loud and Clear

Yemen Starves: Silence Reigns  Cindy Sheehan CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW Saudi and Emirati military forces continued to attack the Yemeni port city of Hudaidah today, pushing the country closer to a humanitarian crisis. The port of Hudaidah is the only way that millions of Yemenis can get food and medicine.  The United Nations estimates that eight million people are at risk of starvation. Brian and John speak with Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist and journalist whose son Casey was killed during the Iraq War.   ******** CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX 

Women's March on the Pentagon Puts the "Pro" Back in "Protest" by Cindy Sheehan

After eight years of the Obama regime expanding the Bush regime’s wars from around two to around seven (with very little opposition from the so-called antiwar movement ), the Women’s March on the Pentagon is rebuilding a movement from practically scratch. We are struggling to not get trapped in the antiwar old ways which never have been truly successful. If the anti-Vietnam war movement, its tactics and energy were so awesome, then why is the US currently mired so deeply in at least seven wars for Empire with 1000 bases in over 130 countries around the world and continued support for the apartheid, colonial, illegal state of Israel?   We are planning to march on the Pentagon. The Pentagon is not a typical target because many activists are afraid of offending the military despite recognizing that the US military is the largest terrorist organization in the world. We are also having a rally on the  21st of October and are committed to “Occupying" the Pentagon 

Schedule for Women's March on the Pentagon: October 20-21

Women's March on the Pentagon  Schedule October 20-21 ****** We are pleased that our team in DC, core team, and steering committee are getting a tentative schedule looking more concrete for the WMOP weekend in Washington DC. Saturday October 20 (TIMES AND PLACES TBA) (Children’s Festival Tabled for Lack of Interest) WORKSHOP I: CIVIL RESISTANCE 101 This workshop will focus on the time-honored strategy of civil resistance. After we chat about the history and significance, we will talk about non-violent actions and what to expect from a police state response. WORKSHOP II: VICTIMS NO MORE Basics of self-defense for women.   WORKSHOP III: How to be our own media in the capitol of propaganda. _______________________________________________ Sunday, October 21st 11:00am to Noon Gather at Pentagon City Metro Station Noon to 1pm MARCH ON THE PENTAGON   We are asking that people respect the environment and try to use only renewable/recyclable/re-purposed materials for your

Hurricane USA (Independence for Puerto Rico) (Soapbox Podcast June 3, 2018)

June 3, 2018 GUEST: José A. Soler del Valle TOPIC: Independence for Puerto Rico Jose   J osé A. Soler del Valle  retired as Director of the Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He has co-founded, led, and participated in a multitude of struggles, but Puerto Rican independence has always been at the center of his activism. He served as national (US) president of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP), the national organizing director of Clergy and Laity Concerned, and the United Nations representative for the International Organization of Journalists (IOJ). He was a founding member of the National Alliance of Third World Journalists and helped organize a US chapter of the IOJ. He was also involved in the Chicano struggle in New Mexico and was a co-chair of the US Peace Council. His vision of Puerto Rican independence has always been tied to global decolonization, socialism, and Soler was deeply involved

Colonialismo, saqueo y reforma educativa (GUEST POST)

Colonialismo, saqueo y reforma educativa Yarimar Bonilla, Rima Brusi y Natasha Bannan Publicado: 3 de abril de 2018 El huracán María arrasó con Puerto Rico hace ya más de seis meses, y la frustración de los puertorriqueños con sus funcionarios públicos es palpable. Motivos y personajes para indignarse sobran: ahí estaba, por ejemplo, hasta hace unos pocos días, el director de PREPA, Ricardo Ramos, quien presidió la comedia de errores y horrores de los apagones que aún no terminan y que, para muchos, limitan y definen la vida cotidiana; ahí está Héctor Pesquera, ignorando, insistentemente, miles de muertes provocadas por el huracán y la negligencia de las autoridades; ahí está el gobernador Rosselló, quien repartió millones de nuestro quebrado erario entre contratistas de dudosa reputación y escasos resultados. Pero la funcionaria más controversial es probablemente la secretaria de educación, una consultora de Filadelfia llamada Julia Keleher, quien se ha convertido en el blanco de un