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The Next American Revolution and Our Urgent Need for One. (Soapbox Podcast June 1, 2014)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
June 1, 2014

Guest: Grace Lee Boggs
Topic: The Next American Revolution

Cindy and 98 Years Young Grace Lee Boggs
Boggs Center, Detroit, June 2013


Guest: Mara Verheyden-Hilliard
Topic: Fusion Centers and OWS


Cindy chats with these two power-house women.
99 year-old Grace Lee Boggs speaks about her
vision for the Next American Revolution and Mara
gives us plenty of reasons to start one NOW!
Fusion Centers spying on peaceful protesters rather than actual threats.

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5 Days for the Cuban 5 (SOAPBOX PODCAST: MAY 25, 2014)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
May 25, 2014

5 Days for the Cuban 5
WashedUp, DeCeit
June 5th-11th


Alicia is the US Coordinator for the International
Campaign to Free the Cuban 5.

Cindy and Alicia Chat about the case, cause, and the
upcoming mobilization in DC.


Alicia Visits Gerardo Hernanzez in Prison

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Walk to Peace Through Vacaville by Cindy Sheehan

5/20/14 beginning at Pena-Adobe Park

There have been activists from Sacramento, Chico, and the Bay Area, protesting at Beale Air Force Base near Marysville, Ca for a few years, now.

Beale AFB is home to the Global Hawk, a surveillance drone.
Global Hawk Crew at Beale (from Wikipedia)
When Obama was first elected, the antiwar movement gave Obama a very undeserved respite, and although the activist energy against him and his policies is still relatively low, opposition to drone warfare increased probably in 2010 (after Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox held a protest at the CIA in January). Even though I am also adamantly opposed to manned bombing, at least there is concentrated and committed opposition to the escalating use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Some of the activists from the Beale protests began the Walk to Peace on May 17th at the Golden Gate Bridge and will end up at Beale AFB on May 27th after a 130 mile walk.

On May 20th, the Walk to Peace came through Vacaville, CA, my hometown.

Vacaville is situated amid rolling hills on the Interstate 80 corridor about 35 minutes west of Sacramento and about an hour north east of San Francisco. The Patwin tribal land was "given" to the original Spanish land grant families of the Vacas and Penas.  White settlers grew fruit orchards and built Victorian mansion in town on Buck St.

The major industries of Vacaville are: retail, prisons, and a nearby Air Force Base of our own: Travis. After I became well-known for my antiwar activities, people here in town would honk at me to make sure I could see them flipping me off and on two occasions I was verbally assaulted while I was just out shopping. One of the columnists for the newspaper, The Vacaville Reporter, collaborated on a book in 2005 to lie about me, but to also capitalize on my notoriety for her own profit (American Mourning by Catherine Moy and Melanie Morgan). 

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I joined the Walk to Peace for 5 miles through town and we were shown nothing but support from passing motorists and pedestrians when we arrived at the picturesque downtown area.

Perhaps after 10 years of war and other devastation, my views aren't so off the wall anymore?

Walk to Peace in Downtown Vacaville

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Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov 2014 Commercial Spots!



Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov has purchased time in Los Angeles to run these spots, but we need to raise more money to blanket the state with them!

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Where's the Outrage? (Soapbox Podcast May 18, 2014)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
May 18, 2014


Guest: Joe Lombardo

Topic: Mobilization Against Further US Intervention in the Ukraine

Cindy chats with Joe Lombardo of UNAC (United National Antiwar Coalition) about the organization's call
for mobilization against further US intervention in the Ukraine.

Relevant Links from Interview


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A Walk to Peace and Beyond!

May 14, 2010

Dear Friend,

As the gov race (and probably my candidate "career") winds down (unless I come in 2nd here in California on June 3rd), I wanted to give an update on what we are involved in here at Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox and, once again, ask you to donate. 2014 has been a harsh year for fundraising for the Soapbox and we want to see it continue.

Of course, we will continue to provide informative and inspiring shows on a weekly basis with brilliant and inspiring guests. We are in our 6th year of Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, and I am very proud of the work we have done.

Where's the Peace Movement? Even though the country is still mired in economic woes and environmental decline, here at the Soapbox, we believe moving from Empire to Peace would go a long way to solving both of these frightening problems. We will continue to strive for peace on a global scale and hope that we can be part of a larger movement in the near future.

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox has endorsed and will participate in UNAC's call for rallies and other events to oppose further US involvement in the Ukraine.

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox is supporting and is involved in A Walk for Peace which begins at the Golden Gate Bridge on May 17th and ends at Beale Air Force Base on the 27th (walking through Cindy's hometown of Vacaville on May 22nd).

We have had many projects on the back burner due to the gubernatorial race that we will be moving to the front burners soon;

A book about Tour de Peace called: 2013: A Bike Odyssey;

A movie about Camp Casey commemorating the 10th Anniversary of that historic Peace Camp in August 2015, called: Prairie Fire: The Camp Casey Story;

Camp Casey II, Crawford, Tx. August 2005

And another book about insider's experience with the modern peace movement called:  Peace is our Profession! ( in response to the many times we have been screamed at to "get a job.")

I will be continuing my work highlighting the disgrace of political prisoners here in the US as I travel to Washington, DC (WashedUp, DeCeit) in June to participate in the 3rd Annual: Five Days for the Cuban Five. 

Please give whatever you can to continue our important and vital work, or become a sustaining member with your tax deductible contributions:

 Love, peace, and perpetual resistance!

Cindy Sheehan
Team Soapbox

contact Cindy at:


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Open Letter to Marxist Youth in 2014 (Guest Blog by Stephen Wallace)

In the interest of intellectual freedom and open discussion, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox accepts guest blogs. The views expressed here don't necessarily or completely reflect those of Cindy Sheehan or Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox.

I thought it would be useful, perhaps most important, to write this letter to the radical youth today who would categorize themselves as “Marxists.” As to why it is important, it is because the term is subject to ridicule by those in positions of power, and as to why it is important for us to consider today, as anti-capitalists, perhaps it is because it has an attraction, a vanity, a romance to it. I am writing this to address with sincerity those who will insist, as I have insisted in the past, perhaps reflexively, or with a reactionary force, that “Marx was Right.” It would be foolish to deny Marx’s contributions to our understanding of the world. Any commentator denying his importance should be considered a political illiterate. However, if our aim is, as Marx once said, “not only to understand the world, but to change it,” it becomes a part of our task to question the philosophical doctrines that inhibit our way to progress. For the sake of that progress, we should consider whether or not the doctrine of Marxism has become an obstacle in our way forward. With internal contradictions between its advocates, and those contradictions strong enough to be considered opposing forces, the usefulness of the term for us comes into question. With this in mind, I think, the disposal of the doctrine of Marxism is necessary. Today, we need new language.

Important to note that this is coming from someone who would consider himself “anti-capitalist” by principle, and politically radical, in favor, like the Marxists, of a fundamental transformation of our institutions and the way they function. State capitalism has failed us, and we are left, as the youth and anyone in serious contemplation of the politic today, to search for, or create viable alternative systems. The political left and right, here, seemingly diverge on a surface level: radical left considerations on the one hand, and libertarian conservative branches of thought on the other. Those who would subscribe to the American strain of libertarianism have in mind certain economic models that in their view challenge power - that is, an economy in which the government plays no part at all. The American libertarian will insist on a free-market, with no constraints by the State. It is my opinion that the advocates of this line of thinking are mislead.

It has a tempting allure for some, because they insist they are challenging a system of power - that private institutions, having cut themselves loose from government and public regulations are striving toward an ideal in the freedom of choice. Money is the determinant of survival, then, and the survival of the fittest institutions will play a part in moving forward, making progress away from the mediocrity and mundanity that insufficient government spending produces.

As a Marxist, you will accept that this is an immoral outrage, of course. The private institution has an undemocratic character as rigid and perhaps more-so, than that of the state. We play no role in electing CEO’s, managers, and have no role in formation of the policies of those private institutions that make up the conduct of working life - wages, sick leave; overall treatment of employees is deferred to an authority that is pure tyranny.  Here, it is actually the State that plays a role in alleviation of such harsh conditions.  The State’s assistance monetarily, as in food stamp programs, social security and Medicare are a few small examples of the benefit of the State - the increase in life quality provided by those services is not to be taken for granted. And, there’s progress within that domain. We might think of Vermont’s promise here, to bring about Universal Healthcare by the year 2017, or, the promise to raise the minimum wage in Maryland to $10.10 an hour by the year 2018. These are things that expand the freedom and possibilities within American working life considerably, and these incremental changes are indeed something to consider.

Rosa Luxemburg, as a Marxist intellectual, as a revolutionary socialist exercising integrity - would remain true to the need for spiritual and social transformation beyond these reforms. That is, that moderate reforms like this are necessary insofar as they enable the population to further the ultimate goal: Revolution, the end to profit motive, the end to oppressive economic ways of life.

Here, I am hopeful we will not be dogmatic in abandoning our efforts for reforms: education, health care, shelter, food, clothing - things of necessity are able to be provided by a functioning state, based on the principles in the human rights dialogue, and the careful construction of social and public institutions. It would only be harmful to our efforts to say that an action performed by the State is inherently malicious, especially if the demand comes directly from the population. Advocates of moderate reforms should be considered allies to our cause, and alienating them would be unwise. It is about helping people, it is about something that makes a better quality of life for people we know and do not know. It addresses suffering, then.

The importance of reform and necessity of social revolution opens up to a bigger question about the ways to proceed in terms of dialogue. The use of the term Marxist, and our allegiance to that term comes into question. The debate of the last century seems to have been over - the programs of Lenin and Stalin - were they faithful to Marx, or sick perversions? We might think of Trotsky, or, others who will cite the Russian Revolution as a faithful realization of Marx, that the socialist revolution was carried out in good faith, that Karl Marx was vindicated. Or, perhaps those who are honest about the disaster of yester-year - the killings and genocide in the name of Marx, (like a crusade in the name of God) were horrible enough to hold him responsible for that - Maoist doctrine, Pol Pot, and others.

We could look at the system of American media as well, and the functions of anti-communism and anti-marxism, the distortions of history, the covering of our own atrocities and demonization of the term, the ideas of Marx - his life and work left in shambles. One could think back to the media’s labelling of candidate Obama’s mislabelling as a socialist. In turn, his policies, which have actually perpetuated the problems of State-Capitalism, have been labelled as socialist programs, and thus, their failures are attributed to a socialist agenda. The insistence, then, is that Marx is dead, again and again and again.

And it is worthy of consideration, that he is most certainly not: The accumulation of wealth leading to an horrendously impoverished conditions, the concentration of capital leading to a tragically corrupt state that serves the private interest, the profit-motive as a destructive mode of thought, as a mismeasurement of the value of someone’s time, their labor, their body and soul.

There is so much he was correct about, and it is tempting to wrap ourselves in the red and black flags. To scream that Marx was right, and that an impulsivity, an urgency for the social upheaval will need to take place. It is true, it is true, he was right, we swear by His name!

But I am asking for a moment, here. Marx’s concern about the alienation of labor and the isolation of ourselves from our work will here inform us. It is worthy to note, that he did not call himself a Marxist, for the conflict of reform and revolution did not exist - his lifelong colleague Fredrick Engels quoted Marx in a letter to Eduard Bernstein, dated August 5th, 1890:

The materialist conception of history has a lot of them nowadays, to whom it serves as an excuse for not studying history. Just as Marx used to say, commenting on the French "Marxists" of the late [18]70s: "All I know is that I am not a Marxist."

And with this in mind, it is worthy of consideration that the term, the doctrine of Marxism may be inhibiting our way to progress, and certainly, pushing social revolution into a realm of impossibility, away from serious discussion in the domain of the general public. The doctrine of Marxism has imprisoned the hope for the upheaval it longs for.

Marx is alive, and with us. But Marxism, as a semi-philosophical doctrine, as a political entity, should die if we are ever to see any hope of a serious revolution.

As you will hopefully learn, my friend, in engaging political activity, the revolution is a process, not an event - it requires specific knowledge in some cases - policy, law, a relationship between the disowned of the society, and the captains of the society, a patience beyond all measure, a surrender, reluctantly, of our utopian dreams, for this life. A knowledge that those dreams belong to our children, but that the responsibility for building it belongs to us, because we love them.

It requires work, in the domains of the intellectual and direct alike, to know what will help people. The irony is considerable, those who are driven to identify as Marxists alienate themselves from the work that needs to be done. There is a dying planet, and many real issues to work on: environmental, health care, poverty, the dying intellectual culture, the debt machines in education.

The critics of Marxism will often use the term “dogmatic.” And, I think that is correct. We are wrong to engage in circular arguments about whether or not Marx was right, about whether or not the societies which existed were true to his doctrine. This is academic and pedantic. It is something that will continue to isolate us, and that is certainly not revolutionary.

More important than justifying Marx is justifying the dreams for a better life, which we all share.

He is not a savior, he is not a leader, though his ghost marches beside us, as an equal, in our struggle. Work is to be done, specific knowledge will be required to carry the revolutionary process forward.

Abandon dogmatism for the sake of the revolution. There, we will find all colors; not just red, but a dazzling array of all colors and philosophies. Real work is being done, everywhere. It would be a nightmare for Karl, if we continued to bicker while the suffering of real people continued. It would make him happy - if the goal is indeed to understand the world honestly, and to change it, and liberate it from oppressive elements - to know that even if his name was not in our lives, the work of bettering the world, in authentic concern and sincerity were to continue, with or without his name attached.

"Stephen Wallace is a musician and autodidact from Calvert County, Maryland. He is currently an organizer and freelance writer. He writes on radical politics, human rights, and the history of ideas." 

For questions,  or comments, Stephen can be reached at:


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Resistance is Fertile: A New Kind of Green (Soapbox Poscast 5/11/14)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
May 11, 2014


Guest: Mike Whitney
Topic: Bust the Lies about the Ukraine
Mike's writings can be found at:
Guests: Gregory Vickrey
Cory Morningstar
Topic: The Wrong Kind of Green
Gregory Vickrey is a consultant in the nonprofit and political arenas, and a collaborator with Wrong Kind of Green. He may be reached at
Cory Morningstar: is an independent investigative journalist, writer and environmental activist, focusing on global ecological collapse and political analysis of the non-profit industrial complex. She resides in Canada. Her recent writings can be found on Wrong Kind of Green, The Art of Annihilation, Political Context, Counterpunch,Canadians for Action on Climate Change and Countercurrents. Her writing has also been published by Bolivia Rising and Cambio, the official newspaper of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.
 Happy Mother's Day for Peace

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WWJVF? Who Would Jesus Vote For? by Cindy Sheehan

Are you a Marxist? Or Jesusist?

Cindy Sheehan 

I was recently in a Gubernatorial debate with, among others, three mega-conservative candidates who each were convinced that they were God’s chosen candidate and if any one of them were elected, Jesus Christ would really be the governor of California. I am not kidding.

But, what brings about this essay: WWJVF? (Who Would Jesus Vote For?), is a dream I had last night. I dreamed that I was addressing a crowded restaurant about my campaign. Most people were pounding on their tables and cheering in agreement at my statements, but one table was booing and glaring at me and for some reason, I knew that it was a family of very conservative Christians, so I started to lead a chant: “Who would Jesus vote for!”

Of course, most conservative “values” are quite far away from what the Jesus of Nazareth of the Christian Testament taught and stood for and I believe if there were a Jesus and he cared about who was governor of California, that actually, I would be his choice.

Consider this, Jesus said (in what the Catholic Church labels as “Corporal Works of Mercy):  “Then the King will say to those at his right hand, `Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.' Then the righteous will answer him, `Lord, when did we see thee hungry and feed thee, or thirsty and give thee drink? And when did we see thee a stranger and welcome thee, or naked and clothe thee? And when did we see thee sick or in prison and visit thee?' And the King will answer them, `Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”(Mt 25: )

In a socialist (root word: “social” we care about and work for human needs {the least of these} and happiness) planned society and economy we (like the Christian’s Jesus of Nazareth) believe that healthy food, clean and accessible water, collectives, adequate clothing, access to good and comprehensive healthcare and prisoner rights are human rights; not like in capitalism (root word, “capital” it cares about profit), where all of the above things are privileges that must be begged for from the Capitalists.(Usually we get slapped down, or are thrown scraps from master's table).

My platform calls for a synergy between the state and communities to work together to provide or strengthen access to these human needs, which are paramount over human/corporate greed. Capitalism and empire are avaricious philosophies that abuse the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth to claim that if an individual is hungry, naked, sick, or in prison, then he/she must have “sinned” somehow, or does not otherwise deserve the “grace” of god.

Unconscionably, California has the absolute highest poverty and homeless rate in the nation and one of the highest unemployment rates. My platform calls for many things that would “house the homeless,” one of MY Corporal Works of Mercy, and alleviate poverty. Foreclosures and evictions would be halted and homeless people would be housed in one of the millions of empty housing units in this state. Believe it or not, but believe it because it's true: the wealth of this state belongs to 100% of the people 100% equally, not to be concentrated in the hands of the few.

The Peace and Freedom Party, of which I am a member, calls for full employment through “40 hour wages for 30 hours of work.” Among other things, we also advocate for a Basic Guaranteed Income that would allow mothers to stay home with their children, if they like; artists to do art; writers to write; intellectuals to think; people to eat. Allowing ¼ of our state to wallow in poverty or one million people to sleep outdoors every night are not real Christian values.

Also, most Republican neocons are totally in love with war and the increasing violence and oppression of the police state. When Jesus of Nazareth was reported as saying in the Sermon on the Mount, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Mt, 5:9)," I don’t think he was talking about the Inter Continental Ballistic Missile of the New Rome (Pax Romana? Pax Americana?), but people that actually and actively work for solutions to problems (large and small) without resorting to violence. The claims are that he also told us that the “greatest commandment” was “love thy neighbor as thyself,” and like the bumper sticker said, “When Jesus Said: ‘Love thy enemies, (Mt, 5:43)” I think he probably meant, ‘don’t bomb them.”

Naturally, my platform calls for a complete end to all current wars and the closure of all of the military bases around the world with the cleanup and healing of the communities where the US Legions occupied being funded by the Empire as a means of reparations and healthy jobs for those communities.

Also, as Governor of California, there will truly be “No Child Left Behind.” Instead of being at the bottom of education standards for this nation, California will again blossom with free education from Pre-University that is fully funded and encourages freedom of artistic expression and gives an excellent education in the basics like we did before. The Empire will not be allowed to send its predators into our schools to prey upon our young children to entice them to enlist in its killing machine. Our young people will feel like they have “Golden” opportunities in our Golden State and being sucked into the flesh-grinder of war and Empire will not be one of them.

It’s my impression when Christians think of being “stewards” of the Earth, that they have been given free license by "godduh" (can I get an "amen") to destroy the earth and kill all of the species (including the human ones) in the effort to drain this world dry of resources. I believe, and I think the Jesus of Nazareth of the Christian scriptures would agree with me, that it means that we leave this planet better than we found it. That we stop the encroaching and rapidly approaching catastrophic climate change by working with a compassionate government to get to zero emissions and a heroic effort for locally grown organic farming as much as possible. Jesus said “Let the little children come to me,” (Mt, 19:4) and how can we continue to destroy the very Earth that gives our children and us life? I shudder to think that there really is a God and how I don’t really think that it would appreciate the destruction of its creation.

The Jesus of Nazareth that I learned about when I was a practicing Christian ate with tax collectors (at that time, the epitome of sinner) and prostitutes. He did not shun lepers, but healed them and he overturned the tables of the moneychangers in a fit of righteous anger. My platform demands that student debt and all consumer debt, which is based on criminal practices and immoral interest be forgiven.

The early Hebrews (Old Testament, Leviticus) had the right idea of “Jubilee:” a clean slate every 50 years: Debts are forgiven, slaves and prisoners are freed. Well, the fat cats have grown fatter under the recent Brown regime and we on the other end are being starved.

It’s way past time for our Jubilee Year of Healing and time to vote for a New Way and New Day in California.


This piece is written by someone who comes out of the Christian tradition (I now call myself a “Recovering Catholic) that is in strict dichotomy with the Religion of State here in the USA: A bastardization of what Jesus purportedly taught and what Imperial Capitalism actually does. I think religion is something that Jesus of Nazareth would oppose, but what the establishment uses to get mostly good people to buy into (literally, with tax money and silent acquiescence) its profound crimes against humanity. I.e., the only good Christian is a war-loving, Wal-Mart shopping, McDonald’s eating, SUV driving Christian, can I get an “amen and hallelujah,” brotha? 

Well, I believe that if Jesus (formerly of Nazareth, but probably Jesus of Berkeley or Humboldt County, today) were a registered voter in the great state of California, I can with the utmost faith and certainty make the claim that he would vote for me.

PS: Jesus of Humboldt County says, “Legalize hemp and cannabis for recreational use, and let gay people marry and love each other in peace, for my sake!"

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Black and Blue: Citizen Oversight on Out-of-Control Police State (Soapbox Podcast 5/4/14)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
May 4, 2014

Robin Andersen, sister of jail-inmate, 
Brad Bennetto, and her struggle to keep him alive in Santa Rita jail and to get him out!


Dylan Avery, filmmaker who is currently making a documentary called 
Black and Blue

A California Jail Is Torturing My Brother to Death

by Robin Andersen


Cartoon from:


Info about Brad in jail:

Jail name: Lawrence Bennetto

Jail Number:  BKB172

Santa Rita Jail phone number: 925 551 6500 


Keep calling the jail to let the officers know that we know

Brad is in there and there are people on the outside who care!

 Facebook Page for Brad (Lawrence)


Dylan Avery (photo from


Facebook Page for Black and Blue


Nubia Bowes

Another tragic case from Santa Rita gulag:

Nubia Bowe is the 19 yr. old African-American woman, student, and Oakland resident who was brutalized by BART police and Santa Rita Jail guards this past February, and is currently facing charges.Here's some background information: