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"Your Government Wants to Murder You" (Planned Eldercide) w/Strategy Planning Meeting Info for Accountability


"Your Government Wants to Murder You"

"I agree with Vernon Coleman that this policy was deliberate "saving billions in healthcare costs and pensions." Remember when we were told that schools have to be shut down and that we had to isolate because we needed to protect the "elderly and ill" a lot of people in care homes are both elderly and ill. 

So, the patients put in care homes with corona was what Vernon Coleman calls an "essential part of the covid crime, murdering as many elderly as possible."

Even if you believe all the hype and fearporn about Covid-19, this is eldercide and these governors and others MUST be held accountable."


Youtube removed the above video, but you can watch it here:
Your Government Wants you Dead


And then there was this in The Mercury News today about deaths in skilled nursing facilities (SKF).

Cindy Note: there's not one mention in this article about Governor Newsom's "pay" for murder in this article. On, or about May 6th, Newsom offered SKF up to $1k per person, per day to admit ill people into the facilities. Even though most hospitals are nearly empty and many HIGHLY skilled and trained medical professionals are being furloughed repeatedly during this crisis. It seems clear to me, that this is massive, pre-meditated murder by the state.

The order I mention above has been scrubbed from the State Health Department's website, but it was referenced here in The Mercury News on May 6, 2020. 

CONCORD — At least 14 people are dead after COVID-19 infected 75 people at an East Bay skilled nursing facility, according to data published by the state.

The state Department of Public Health’s latest report shows that 14 patients at San Miguel Villa, a post-acute nursing facility in Concord, have died after contracting the virus, which infected 62 residents and 13 workers at the facility.

A call to the facility was not immediately returned, so it’s unclear when the deaths occurred. Data reported to the state by the nursing home within the past 24 hours reveal that there are still 45 patients there infected with COVID-19.

The state list on Tuesday showed that at least one healthcare worker at the facility had also died of COVID-19, but a spokesman for the facility, Dan Kramer, said Wednesday that it had been incorrectly reported, and that no workers had died.
The latest outbreak is yet another example of how the disease has ravaged the Bay Area’s most vulnerable population of elders living in congregate settings such as skilled nursing facilities or assisted living centers.

Of the 94% of the state’s 1,223 skilled nursing facilities that reported COVID-19 cases this week, there are currently 2,300 patients and 49 health care workers with confirmed COVID-19 infections, according to the state data. Cumulatively, there have been at least 12,282 confirmed cases across California and 7,655 cases among workers at skilled nursing facilities. And 2,299 patients and 89 health care workers have died from causes related to the deadly virus.

In non-medical residential care facilities — known commonly as assisted living facilities — there have been at least 2,969 confirmed COVID-19 cases among patients and staff, who often provide assistance in feeding, bathing, taking medication and other activities. At least 398 people in those facilities have died from COVID-19.

In Contra Costa County, health services director Anna Roth told the Board of Supervisors during its Tuesday meeting that of the 18 COVID-19 deaths that occurred the past week, 16 were from long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes. She did not identify the facilities.

Dr. Sara Levin, a deputy health officer for the county, told the supervisors a county task force had been set up to visit care facilities and help them proactively beef up infection control protocols and provide support in acquiring masks, gloves and other protective equipment, as well as ensuring they had enough staff if workers had fallen ill. The county at the end of May issued a health order to conduct mass testing as a baseline for all long-term care facilities, and then to continue testing staff monthly.

“Where we’ve seen a lot of the spread is when staff in these low-wage jobs are having to work in multiple facilities to ensure their financial stability, without benefits that don’t necessarily allow them to have sick leave,” Levin said. When federal, state and county mandates prevented most visitors, she said, “many residents were staying in facilities, so it was staff members going out to the community … and bringing it in.”
Concord’s San Miguel Villa is a 190-bed nursing facility on San Miguel Road owned and operated by Mark Callaway, Gary Jarvis and Velda Pierce. Pierce and Callaway also own other Contra Costa nursing facilities: Alhambra Convalescent Hospital, Lone Tree Convalescent and Antioch Convalescent Hospital, according to state records.

Since 2017, the facility has had a total of 106 complaints or reported incidents, and state inspectors found a total of 36 “deficiencies.” Some of those deficiencies included problems with infection control.
In an inspection in April 2019, for instance, state inspectors found multiple licensed vocational nurse staff members had not followed proper handwashing protocols.
Last year, the family of an elderly man who died at San Miguel Villa sued the facility, saying its lack of staffing and training led to the man’s suffering. The facility used drugs to sedate him, the lawsuit alleged.
Staffing shortages and lack of adherence to infection control practices have contributed to the outbreaks in nursing homes, experts have said.
“We are really concerned about the lack of oversight in skilled nursing facilities like San Miguel Villa,” said Nicole Howell, executive director of Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda counties. “This underscores the need to improve regulation and oversight — particularly one that specializes in dementia and memory loss.”
The outbreak and death toll at San Miguel Villa is among the largest in East Bay skilled nursing facilities.
East Bay Post-Acute in Castro Valley has had a total of 16 COVID-19-related patient deaths, and 18 patients at Gateway Care and Rehabilitation Center in Hayward have died of the virus. In San Mateo County, Millbrae Skilled Care has had 14 COVID-related deaths, and more than 100 cumulative infections among patients and 31 cases among health care workers there. But the state data shows there are no infections reported in the last 24 hours at that facility.
In Santa Clara County, 12 patients of Canyon Springs Post-Acute nursing facility in San Jose have died of COVID-19, and at one point 106 patients and staff were infected with the virus. There were no current cases within the last 24 hours, according to the state data.
Update: An earlier version of this story reported at least 15 people had died of COVID-19 at San Miguel Villa. A spokesperson confirmed the state data incorrectly reported that a healthcare worker had died. 

An email I recently received with some HORRENDOUS information about Eldercide and Elder Abuse:

Hi Cindy:

First, thank you so much for your beautiful article on eldercide.

A couple I’ve known my whole life, who were my parents good friends. In April, the 95 year old man, from my understanding from my friend my age, his daughter, died, in & out of hospital, & I believe alone Through much of it due to this insanity lockdown.

He’s 91 year old widow, who I love dearly, has been extremely traumatized through the insane experience. And now she is suffering because she and her family have been taught that them being close to her and hugging could be threatening her life.

I wish they could see the truth, that there is no way a caregiver would be safe for them or hospital staff would be safe for them, but loving family is somehow threatening.

In addition, the funeral was immediate family only. They would have had hundreds of people that would’ve been there after to comfort this beautiful 91-year-old widow, but everyone suffered being separated because of the believe in this false virus.

This is the worst hoax in American history.

A very good friend of mine In Arizona now, brought her mom to a nursing home Near her just so that she could visit. She has now not seen her for three months and her mom has lost the desire to live due to loneliness, and God knows what she has to deal with in a nursing care facility.

Bill gates, and the rest of the billionaire global elite are killing millions of people, and their plan is to continue unless we all stand up and say no you won’t get away with this.

If we do not stop these Nazis now, while we still have the strength, and a speck of our rights, they will have succeeded in taking over and none of us will have a chance.

Thank you so much for your beautiful article.



Justice for Covid-19 Eldercide Strategy Meeting to plan ways to hold governors and others accountable!

We at Justice for Covid-19 Eldercide are thinking of organizing rallies at all the state capitols (and other government offices, if you are not in the US) where people who were diagnosed with Covid-19 were put in Skilled Care Facilities, killing tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of elders and disabled people around the world.

If you would like to join us in the planning/organizing of these actions, please join us for a conference call on Friday July 3, at 4pm pacific; 6pm central, 7pm eastern.
Also, we need people to volunteer to take the lead in your state/province/country.

You can message Cindy Sheehan at:
for more information.

(Also, please share)

Dial-in number
(425) 436-6345

Access Code


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June 28, 2020

TOPIC: Politics and US Imperialism and More

GUEST: Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate in Oregon
Ibrahim Taher

June: A Month Full of Sanctions

(From Ibrahim's Campaign)


In the spirit of making a principled stand against U.S. Imperialism and its servants in the Democrat and Republican parties and standing with those that challenge those twin parties of War and Wall Street, I enthusiastically endorse Green Party candidate Ibrahim Taher is his attempt to unseat incumbent Democrat Senator, Jeff Merkeley.

Cindy Sheehan
(Personal Endorsement)

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The Scandal of Eldercide by Cindy Sheehan

 The Scandal of Eldercide
Cindy Sheehan

No matter what one thinks of Covid-19, or the governmental response to it, there is one aspect that should be horrifying to everyone: The practice/policy of intentionally placing Covid-19  patients in Skilled Care Facilities (SKF). The establishment paper The Wall Street Journal recently published the fact that 50k nursing home residents have died with or of Covid-19, which comprises 43% of stated deaths.

On its face value, this figure is gruesome enough, but when one takes into account that with at least five Democrat governors, this was/is policy is outrageous and in some cases reeks of pre-meditated murder.

As activists and compassionate humans, we must ask the question: do Grey Lives Matter? Not only to the establishment, but to anyone? While this practice was commencing, SKF were also forced to lockdown and no one was allowed to visit their loved ones or check up on their care, or lack thereof. Many SKF have long histories of elder-abuse and sketchy practices, but in collaboration with the state, the new Covid policies have not "protected" our elders, but, in fact made them even more vulnerable.

The further irony of this is that from the beginning, we were hammered with the propaganda (to me, it seemed a lot like the WMD lie before the invasion and U.S. destruction of Iraq) that if we don't shelter in place (SIP), social distance, or wear our face coverings if we do go out, then we will "murder Meemaw" when the official response regarding elders has been shockingly deadly. 

Let's take the county that I live in, here in my home state of California: Solano. As of June 18th, 2020, the morbid death count was at 23 out of an estimated (Census 2020) population of 450,000 people. Sixteen of those 23 deaths disturbingly came from one SKF in Vallejo called: The Windsor House. This is one of the facilities that has a pretty bad history of patient "care." In one of the deaths, a 31-year-old man who was there after a stroke was roomed with an ill person, eventually killing the trapped man. This was reported by his sister who was not able to enter the facility or visit her brother. 

Two-thirds of the deaths in Solano County come from SKF, but in California, over a month ago (I cannot find current stats), The San Jose Mercury News reported that at least 40 percent of all fatalities in California were nursing home residents. This after a May 6th order from Gavin Newsom to open up SKF to accepting Covid-positive patients and offering up to "$1k per day" for doing so.

I am sure that there are some honest and well-run SKF out there, but the ones that Medicare patients go in to are well-known for their avarice and lack of care. Newsom's policy didn't even make sense on the face of it, when many of our hospitals were empty and staff were being furloughed. What was the rush to house patients in SKF? When we add the other states who did this with California, it seems like a plan to murder the most vulnerable population of all! (In doing research, the order from the California Department of Health has been "scrubbed" but we have found mention of it in many other places, footnoted here)

Probably the most notorious case of planned Eldercide is in New York with its governor Andrew Cuomo. Like California, Cuomo's original order has been scrubbed from the official records, but when, after much opposition, and after over 5,000 murders, he rescinded the order, it was pretty clear that he had given it. It's a good thing some quick people saved the order before it was sent down the memory hole. These complicit SKF were given immunity by Cuomo for anything that may occur by this order, but come to find out, he gets a lot of money from the sketchy individuals who run them.

Not only is this despicable practice being done in California, and New York, there is evidence that it happening in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan. We may never know the true numbers of this illness, or the numbers of those killed by their governors in SKF, or just by poor practices, but we know that thousands are from orders by these eldercidal governors.

The above facts are scandalous and heart-breaking. Someone needs to be held accountable for these needless deaths occurring under the cover of darkness with zero transparency. So, not being one to sit idly by (even though we can't really go anywhere), we have begun this movement for accountability, which is nascent, but already spreading to Canada where 87% of their C-19 deaths were in SKF.

We are working on an initiative to hold governors and others accountable for the deaths of so many in nursing homes. At least five state governors (and probably many more) gave the okay to house Covid-19 infected patients in eldercare facilities, reportedly killing tens of thousands of previously uninfected elders. Not only were these acts perpetrated, but as stated above, the facilities were given immunity from the governments for this practice.

These forgotten ones are our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and in some cases, children. They are our friends and neighbors and one of these days, it could be US if we allow this Eldercide to go unnoticed and unpunished.

We have also heard anecdotal evidence of other urgently needed medical procedures being refused to these trapped elders due to all resources going to the Covid-19 patients. If you have stories of this, or any other elder abuse due to Covid-19 (such as forced isolation and denied medical treatment), we’d love to hear them and perhaps record them to expose this issue of the forgotten ones who have been put, by their governors, at the at the forefront of suffering since general lockdown began.

To repeat, this seems like premeditated murder. If any of the above (or other) has happened to someone you love, or is happening,  please contact me at:

Or, you can also submit directly to our website here:

Our website will be updated as new information comes in.



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“Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, Dan Yaseen interviews Miko Peled an Israeli-American peace activist and author. He grew up in a Zionist family, his grandfather was a signer on the Israeli Declaration of Independence and his father was a general in the Israeli Army. He blogs at: 
The topics of discussion include the global protests after the murder of George Floyd by 4 police officers in Minneapolis and the militarization of police in the United States.  


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June 2, 2020


Palestinian-American journalist Mnar Muhawesh is the founder of MintPressNews which is based in the Twin Cities---she has been on the ground covering the Justice for George Floyd protests from since almost the beginning and she chats with Cindy about not only the centuries of entrenched racism, but the social conditions of the past three-months.

Mnar speaking at the Pentagon in 2018


MintPress News is an independent watchdog journalism organization that provides issue-based original reporting, in-depth investigations, and thoughtful analysis of the most pressing topics facing our nation.

We focus our coverage on issues relating to the effects of special interest groups, big business and lobbying efforts and how they shape policies at home and abroad, including American foreign policy.  Through the lens of social justice and human rights, we report on how these dynamics drive our foreign affairs and impact the world, and examine the effects they have on our democracy and freedoms as defined by the constitution.