Tuesday, December 29, 2009


BREAKING: U.S. Citizens attacked by Egyptian Riot Police in Cairo outside of U.S. Embassy

Cindy Sheehan

One of my friends, Joshua Smith, just texted me from Cairo and said that some U.S. citizens of the Gaza Freedom March went to the U.S. Embassy today there to try and implore the staff there to intercede on behalf of the March to help get them into Gaza--they were not so warmly welcomed.

Recently, almost 1400 people from around the globe met in Cairo to march into Gaza to join Gazans in solidarity and to help expose their plight after years of blockade and exactly a year after the violent attack in what Israel called "Operation Cast Lead" that killed hundreds of innocent Gazan civilians. So far the Marchers have been denied access (Egypt closed the Rafah crossing) and their gatherings have become increasingly and more violently suppressed.

In my understanding of world affairs, embassies are stationed in various countries so citizens who are traveling can seek help in times of trouble, but this doesn’t appear to be so right at this moment in Cairo.

Josh reports, and I also just got off the phone with my good friend and Veterans for Peace board member, Mike Hearington, that about 50 U.S. citizens were very roughly seized and thrown (in at least one case literally) into a detention cell at the U.S. embassy. We are talking about U.S. citizens here being manhandled by Egyptian riot police. According to Josh and Mike (who both just narrowly escaped), it appears that people with cameras are especially being targeted. Another good friend of mine, and good friend of peace, Fr. Louis Vitale is one of those being detained. Fr. Louis is well into his seventies!

Josh posted this on his Facebook wall about his near-detention experience:

We just got away. They were trying to drag me in but we kept moving... And most were dog piling another guy. Then they drug him into the parking lot barricaded riot police zone, lifted him up and threw him over the police and down into the zone. And attacking those taking pictures or attempting to.

When I was talking to Mike he said that an Egyptian told him that all Egyptians are in solidarity with the Marchers and with the people of Gaza/Palestine, of course, but the “Big Boss” (the U.S.) is calling the shots.

Egypt is third in line for U.S. foreign aid (behind Iraq and Israel) and its dictator for life, Hosni Mubarek, is a willing puppet for his masters: the US/Israeli cabal. Israel could not pursue its apartheid policies without the U.S. and it’s equally important for this cabal to have a sold-out ally as its neighbor.

Today also happens to be the anniversary of the 1890 U.S. massacre of Native Americans (Lakota Sioux) at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. It is sad enough that we are also living on stolen land, but also that the Israeli government had good teachers in disposing of its indigenous population!

What are the Israeli settlements on the West Bank, if not stolen land from the indigenous population and what is Gaza if not a mega-reservation? As at Wounded Knee 119 years ago, the Israeli siege and attack on Gaza is nothing more than big bullies shooting fish in a barrel.

Call the U.S. Embassy to demand the release of those detained/that permission is granted for the March to cross into Gaza: Telephone: (20-2) 2797 3300.

Please re-post this alert and spread the word.

Weren’t things supposed to “change” in the Age of Obama?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cindy Sheehan to fight Suisun citation, pursue other charges

Monday, December 28, 2009

Contact: Cindy Sheehan: Cindy@CindySheehansSoapbox.com

Attention: News Editor

Cindy Sheehan to fight citation in Solano
County Court Tuesday, pursue charges for
assault during protest against Afghan war surge

FAIRFIELD – It's not going to be easy money for the Solano County
Traffic Court.

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has decided to fight a citation
she received at a raucous protest at Travis AFB's main gate Nov.28.

Her attorney will request a trial – which forces the officer who
cited her to come to court – when he appears on the anti-war
Mom's behalf TUESDAY, at 8:30 a.m., at Solano County Court (600
Union Ave).

The "impeding traffic" charge is false, and was issued just to
harass her, said Sheehan who points out that while officers
targeted her, they ignored a retired military officer's assault
and battery on her and other activists.

"I intend to fight this citation as bogus, and then pursue
criminal and civil charges," said Sheehan.

The protest at Travis AFB was one of more than a half dozen
Sheehan and other CodePINK activists held on the way to Nevada
where they were protesting President Obama's escalation of the
war against Afghanistan and the administration's increased use of
"drone warfare" that kills civilians at high rates.



Contacts: Cindy Sheehan (cindy@cindysheehanssoapbox.com)
Joshua Smith (joshuagarrettsmith@gmail.com)


"Every one of these dead non-combatants represents an alienated family, a new revenge feud, and more recruits for a militant movement
that has grown exponentially even as drone strikes have increased." - David Kilcullen (Counterinsurgency Expert) Center for New American Security

On January 16th, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm activists will descend upon the home of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia to protest the immoral, illegal and inhumane use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs - also known as "drones".) Speaking at this event will be:

- Cindy Sheehan (world renowned American anti-war/peace activist and nobel peace prize nominee)

- Cynthia McKinney (former six term member of the U.S. House of Representatives and former Green Party candidate for President of the United States)

- Ann Wright (retired United States Army colonel and retired official of the U.S. State Department, known for her outspoken opposition to the Iraq War. She is most noted for having been one of three State Department officials to publicly resign in direct protest of the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.)

- Kathy Kelly (American peace activist, pacifist and author, a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, one of the founding members of Voices in the Wilderness, and currently a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence)

- Debra Sweet (Brooklyn-based director of World Can't Wait)

- Bruce Gagnon (coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space)

-Hadi Jawad: Pakistani-American and Co-Founder of Crawford Peace House

- Joshua Smith (anti-war/peace activist, analyst and coordinator)

- David Rovics (musician)

By some reports the current implementation and planned operational expansion of the strike capable drone programs in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have to date yielded up to 33% civilian (non-combatant) deaths. To any sane and honorable person this statistic alone should prove that the "actionable intelligence" and robotic delivery vehicle do not yield a proper basis and/or method for credible attack. The primary and proven case against drone attacks is that they pose a public danger that can only be deemed as indiscriminate bombing. On the day of the event activists will demand that the United States and it's allies adhere to the protection of civilians (non-combatants) in international armed conflicts in accordance with the multiple existing conventions, protocols and customary international laws. These same activists will, of course, also demand an end to the wars and occupations currently under way and an immediate withdrawal of all troops and contractors.

Drones operate in the theater of war by being fueled and maintained at airbases within their locale but which are remotely piloted via satellite connected ground control stations half-way around the world and from an environment disassociated with any human connection to reality of their actions. The psychological aspect of this endeavor will ultimately create a false sense that war is easier to condone, safer to conduct and more acceptable in public and political opinion to initiate.

As of recent it has been reported in mainstream media that the United States Central Intelligence Agency has been working in cooperation with Private Military Contractors (PMCs - also known as "mercenaries") in waging secret operations in utilizing drone attacks. Under this veil secrecy it can only be assumed that impunity for war crimes is being actively cultivated within the highest level of Department of Defense operations via proxy by the Central Intelligence Agency (of who then sub-contract out the directives.)

The most well known drone is the propeller driven Predator A (MQ-1). This drone began as merely a streaming video reconnaissance tool but was soon armed with Hellfire missiles. The United States Military then upgraded the entire drone arsenal with what has become a an even more ruthless killer - the Predator B "Reaper" (MQ-9.) With millions upon millions of U.S. taxpayer funded dollars the Reaper became higher, faster and stronger: increased size and fuel capacity, quicker engagement via a turbo-prop engine and a larger weapons payload/assortment. The Reaper is seemingly a "steroid raged monster" that sociopathically stalks it's prey. The next evolution is the Predator C "Avenger" which will employ stealth design/materials, jet engine and highly advanced optics systems.

Within the oration of the activists at this event the most frightening aspect of future drone programs will be explained and spelled out to attendees and to the press. The three most notable facts are (1) that drone programs currently under development will soon yield a series of UAV aircraft that will operate in a fully autonomous mode (meaning that no human will be controlling the craft remotely), (2) that the UAV program is destined to become the primary type of air power for the U.S. military which will also be tasked with the ability to carry out nuclear strikes, and (3) the use of drones will morph into rapid and various domestic roles as well (operating in, around and over cities of the United States.)

The exact street address of the action in Langley will be announced soon.

We have expenses for this protest, please click on the link below to donate to help us defray our expenses!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grief: The "GIft" that NEVER stops giving!

Since our son-brother, Casey, was killed in Iraq, even precious and happy moments are tinged with grief. Today is such a day—it is Casey’s youngest sibling’s birthday.

As I write this, I vividly remember the day Janey was born back in 1985. I gave birth to my babies at home with the assistance of midwives and surrounded by treasured loved ones. As the youngest of four (Casey the oldest was 6 ½), Janey was especially loved and spoiled by all, but her big brother was her protector and “go to guy” when she felt that her parents were being too harsh, or “unfair,” (popular child-whine).

Fast-forward to Janey’s 18th birthday in 2003—the day Casey came home for a visit for the final time before he was killed in Iraq. I even remember what I prepared that night for Janey’s birthday and Casey’s welcome home party.

Now we are here in 2009. Casey has been dead for 5 ½ years and I have always been dreading this day a little. My youngest child has become as old as her oldest brother was when he was killed. Casey, my oldest will now be the youngest as he was eternally frozen at 24 when he was killed in the Robber Class war for profit in Iraq.

When I set up Camp Casey in Crawford, Tx—our family’s private anguish was laid open for all to see and we have been mourning in a very public way since—which can be harder for us, but I believe it’s necessary for a nation so far removed from the violence of a war that rages on, to have to share a little in the pain. Too few have had to bear the burden of these illegal wars for profit.

Every time that I hear of another troop being killed, I immediately think of the mother and a piece of my broken heart flies to her because she has no idea the depth of the pain that she is being forced into, nor does she know at that time how she will survive it.

I received an email from a military wife yesterday begging me to expose the rise in military-spouse suicide and I have just read a report on the disastrous effects of repeated and longer deployments on the children of our troops. And no matter how horribly a few of us are suffering here in the US—the peoples of the occupied countries suffer 100 times more.

During the Vietnam demented fiasco, there was a saying (maybe a bumper sticker), “MIA NEVER HAVE A NICE DAY” (MIA: Missing in Action). Well, in this nation that pays such lip service to “Family Values,” we must realize that all families are valuable, not just the ones who profit off of the Military Industrial Complex and some of us will never fully have a "nice day" again.

So, today, our family and treasured friends will gather to celebrate Janey's birthday and we will derive much joy from the grand-babies, but our celebration will be tinged with sadness and regret.

Please remember that our troops are still being endangered, and while they are endangered, they are endangering others.

Bring them home!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Festivus and "Year of Resistance" from the Soapbox Team!

Dear Friend,

2009 is coming rapidly to a close and we here at Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox want to wish you a very Happy Holiday Season AND thank you for all of your support this year.

The Soapbox will be turning ONE on the first Sunday in January and we are celebrating the fact that through all of the struggles (money-losing our spot on Green 960-keeping our integrity in the face of an Obama coup), we have produced a damn good show and plan to continue to do so in 2010-the year that Cindy has christened: The Year of Resistance.

In March, Cindy plans to move to Washington, DC to help coordinate the boldest plan for true change ever carried out in DC: Peace of the Action and we invite you all to attend, or contribute to help it happen. The Soapbox broadcasts will continue from DC and, as usual, we will continue our relevant topics and fascinating guests.

Speaking of fascinating guests, today Cindy interviews her long time friend and peace and justice advocate: David Swanson. They chat about Peace of the Action and other effective ways we can not only "be", but "force" the change that we want to see in the world. On today's show, we also have some great Soapbox Listener participation and you will hear the speech Cindy gave in Oslo at the Peace Rally that was protesting the "Peace Prize."

The Soapbox will be taking the rest of the year off and we will be back with an exciting anniversary show on Sunday, January 3rd.

Again, thanks for listening and thanks for contributing to keep us on the air!

Peace to you and yours!

Cindy Sheehan (Peace Mom)

Scott Cutty (engineer)

Rich Bowser (web guru)

Mikey (producer)






Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Dreamed I Saw Casey Sheehan Last Night--to the tune of Joe Hill (author unknown)

I dreamed I saw Casey Sheehan last night
alive as you and me
Says I, "But Casey, you're two years dead,"
"I never died," says he, "I never died," says he.

"The oil bosses killed you my boy,
for greed and power they sent you to die"
"Takes more then greed to kill a man,"
Says Casey, "I didn't die," says Casey, "I didn't die."

And standing there as big as life
And smiling with his eyes
Casey, "What they forgot to kill
My mom went on to organize, she went on to organize."

"Casey Sheehan ain't dead," he said to me,
Casey Sheehan is now alive in all the people that I see..

From San Diego up to Maine
In every part of this land
Where people work for peace and our troops
It is there where I make my stand .......

Where people work for peace and our troops
It is there where I make my stand.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Afghan Democracy Movement by Cindy Sheehan

In my opinion, two things make the continuity of policy from Bush-Obama so very heinous—besides the tripling of troop strength in Afghanistan and no reduction of troops from Iraq—are the escalation of drone bombings and the escalation of the use of military contractors (read mercenary killers) in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. These two policies were profoundly wicked when George was at the helm and just because there’s a new imperial skipper the policies don’t become any less evil.

But what is the major reason that the murderous policies of Bush flourish under the “Change” regime? It’s because the Robber Class has built-in a “fail-“safe for its Military Industrial Complex. Every four to eight years, a good segment of the US population becomes re-enamored of the political system. These are mostly good people who would never dream of supporting Bush and his policies, will defend the same policies under Obama tooth-and-nail!

For example, I recently received an email from a “liberal” mother whose son was “tricked” into joining the military by a lying recruiter. Her son is now stationed in Afghanistan, but she wrote to “vehemently” disagree with my plan to hold “theatrics” in Washington, DC next year because Obama “knows more” than I do and I will be “playing into the hands” of the likes of “Sarah Palin.”

First of all, Sarah Palin is just another convenient idiot to scare “liberals” like the Army Mom into a paralysis of action and unreasoned support of disastrous Democratic policies.

Secondly, what we are planning for Peace of the Action next year is not “theatrics” but an increase in anti-war activity and the intensity of that activity with the intention of ending the wars. We really could not care less who the president is right now--what we care about is human life being saved.

Thirdly, if Obama knows more than me, then I guess Bush did, too, and I reject that thinking! If Obama "knows more" than I do, why didn't he lay out a more compelling case for his escalation that did not lay 911 as its foundation again?

Finally, I told this mother that I spent last week with Afghan refugees in Oslo that do “vehemently” disagree with her position of supporting Obama’s policies.

I am working with Afghan peace and democracy advocates in Oslo to spread this movement all over the world to help Afghans work for democracy and peace in their own country and everyone of them agrees that the major impediment to Afghan peace and democracy is the US military occupation and the puppet Karzai government.

Do these Afghans support the Taliban? Hell no, but they realize that the deadly US military presence in their country is literally shoving the people of Afghanistan into the arms of the Taliban, because: A) They have a mutual enemy—us; B) for jobs (the Taliban pays its army to fight ours); and C) for a tenuous amount of security.

If we care about the people of Afghanistan, then we must also vigorously oppose the US military occupation AND help them work for a positive solution that will not leave too much of a power vacuum when Karzai and the Americans are finally expelled from the country—as they historically and inevitably will be.

I am very excited about helping this movement for the autonomy for Afghan people and I will be writing an article with an Afghan refugee soon to outline the specific details of the movement.

The organization—Peace and Democracy for Afghanistan needs someone to help build their website (on a volunteer basis). Please let me know if you can help.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am a Charity!

Dear Mr. Obama,

I hear that you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize recently in Oslo, Norway and that, in addition to that spiffy medal, it comes with 1.4 million tax-free dollars that you are going to "donate to charity."

I just want to let you know that there are still some of us in the US who oppose the wars, even though you are president, and its nothing personal, but I vehemently oppose your wars and especially oppose the escalation of troops to Afghanistan and the fact that there has been no de-escalation from Iraq.

It has been super-tough being a peace activist since you took office, because a lot of my colleagues supported your candidacy and gave you a "wait and see"and "give him a chance," while I have been working against these policies since Bush was president and have never stopped.

Well, I don´t know if you have heard, but I am planning on setting up a Camp right across the street from you house on the lawn of the Washington Monument called--Camp OUT NOW--and, not only will it be an anti-war Camp, but it will also be a community for people who have lost their jobs and homes during the past years of the Goldman Sachs depression. Also, while the need is rising, the city of Washington, DC is cutting back on services for the poor.

Mr. Obama, Camp OUT NOW will provide services to these people AND be the launching pad for what we hope will end the mad wars for profit and imperial power in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan.
You proposed a "Just War" theory during your Nobel acceptance speech and I just want to also let you know that we don´t think, and never have thought, these wars are "Just," but we think what we are doing, beginning March 13th is extremely, "Just." I think if you thought about it really hard, you would agree. We are saving the lives of Americans and our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

Well, Mr. Obama, the reason that I am writing to you is to apply for part of that money that you will be donating to charity. We don´t need all of it, but my coalition--Peace of the Action--could use a couple of hundred thousand of it!

Please go to www.PeaceoftheAction.org for more info about our efforts, which we are hoping will, "Make you do it."

You can go to www.Paypal.com and put in my email address: Cindy@CindySheehansSoapbox.com to make a donation online, or mail a check to:

PO BOX 6264
Vacaville, Ca 95696

You did say, time and again, during your campaign that we the people had to "make you," and Peace of the Action will do just that! We just want to be of service to show you the way to Peace.

Thanks for your consideration,

Cindy Sheehan
Director of the Peace of the Action Coalition

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Dare They!

SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

I have been in Oslo, Norway the past few days working with the Oslo peace community in their opposition to Barack Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I have been doing a lot of media in preparation for the rally that we had this evening that culminated in a march to the Grand Hotel, where the Laureate was to wave at us from a bulletproof glass encased balcony.

My hosts here in Oslo are Afghan refugees who are working on an exciting movement to replace the US puppet leaders and the Taliban in Afghanistan and I am honored to be asked to be a part of it, and will have more details as the plan unfolds, but the organization is called: Peace and Democracy in Afghanistan. My hosts are understandably upset with Obama and upset with the Peace prize committee for this outlandish betrayal of peace!

I sat with my hosts and watched the speeches given by the Chairman of the Nobel committee (who seemed like he was going to bounce off the platform and float over to Obama and begin french kiss him in ecstasy), and the Laureate and we were shocked and appalled at the way the speeches gave legitimacy and Robber Class honor to the "necessity" of war.

The protests today were large, energetic, youthful, and angry! It is nice to see some international rejection of the "hope-nosis" that has been infecting our world with rosey-colored violence and gold-plated oppression.

Below is the text of the speech that I gave at the "true peace" event this evening in the very cold, evening air of Oslo, Norway.

"Hello friends! I have three words for the Nobel committee and for my president: ´how dare you!´

How dare the committee give the Peace Prize (which will be known from here forward as the ´Peace Prize´) to Obama and how dare he accept it?

How dare the committee legitimize the war crimes and other crimes of the Bush regime by rewarding Obama for continuing them?

The committee said that Obama ordered the closure of Guantanamo prison, while it remains open and the torture policies have been broadened and expanded to Bagram in Afghanistan!

How dare they award the ´Peace Prize´to a man who they say wants to reduce nuclear arms, but is waging a terrifying nuclear war in the Middle East by using weapons coated with depleted uranium that is causing a sharp rise in cancers and birth defects there?

How dare they award the prize to a man who they claim exemplifies American Values when those values are war, torture, environmental degradation, and drone bombing abroad and environmental and economic ruin at home?

This `Peace Prize`to Obama was nothing but a slap in the face to people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, North Korea, Colombia, Honduras, Venezuela and anywhere that Obama´s boot of Empire is crushing or threatening to crush.

This ´Peace Prize´ is a slap in the fact to parents like myself whose child has been killed in the Bush/Obama wars, now approved of by ´Peace committees.´

This award was a slap in the face to us--we who have been sacrificing and struggling for true peace for years.

If you listened really carefully to the speeches today--with ears not clogged by the hope-nosis of Empire--you heard Obama say ´War is Peace´and you heard the clarion call of the international Robber Class, that the only way to peace is through war, war, and more war! The Robber Class has told us, once again, that there is no other way! War is the only way!

Well, I join with you in solidarity today to tell the Robber Class: Bullshit, we reject such stinking thinking and we reject the ´honors´of the establishment as we say to them: `We refuse to play your violent games!´

If they want awards, they can give them to each other. If they think that killing children is
´Peace,´then they can send their own and leave ours the hell alone! If they want their wars then they can fight them their selves!

The violent extremists of the world just rewarded themselves for their crimes in an orgy of self-congratulatory pageantry, but I want to say that I have not one enemy here or in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

My only enemy is yours too, the violent extremists of the world´s Robber Class and we must join together to fight them, not fight in their wars, to bring true and lasting peace.

Thank you for inviting me here and giving me the honor of addressing true peace warriors!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Say What? Peace Prize for a War President?

I was in Stockholm, Sweden when it was announced that President Barack Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and, even though the people of Sweden were still enamored of him, when they heard that, they (and I) were shocked.

We got over our shock a little while later when we snapped to our senses and realized what the NPP is all about—it’s an establishment prize (usually) that rewards the status quo and Obama won’t be the first warmonger to ever win it. Awarding the prize to Obama, who has not done one concrete thing for peace, just confirmed that inconvenient truth.

A little know fact is that all of the other Nobels are awarded from Stockholm, but Alfred Nobel wanted the peace prize to be awarded from Oslo, because he didn’t trust his own country-fellows to make such an important decision, but since it has been awarded to people like Woodrow Wilson, Menachem Begin, Yassir Arafat, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter, I wonder if Alfred could really trust Oslo, either!

Anyhoo, a few weeks after I returned from Stockholm, I was invited to Oslo to be with that peace community when Obama receives his medal and money in a ceremony there on December 10th. The invitation was simple: “He’s fighting three wars. This is an abomination. Please come!”

The undeserved nature of this “Peace Prize” was just brought into sharper clarity this past week when Obama announced that he would be sending tens of thousands of more troops to Afghanistan. There is no reason to send these troops and there is no reasonable expectation for “success,” which is as ill-defined under this administration as it was during the last administration.

Nobel Laureate, my big toe!

One of the aspects of the US Military Empire that needs to be exposed and stopped is the profoundly immoral drone bombings.

Drones, or UAVs, (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), are robotic death machines that are controlled from thousands of miles away to rain violence down on people who have not been tried or convicted in any court of law. This program has been expanding at a horrific rate under an Obama regime and we have to registers our disgust as loudly as possible!

I was watching a propaganda piece on CNN about the drones and a general came on and said that drones: “Maximized power while minimizing vulnerability,” and soon, the drones won’t even need any remote pilots—they will be autonomous actors after programming. Am I the only one that these things scare the shit out of?



It was just announced that the CIA is expanding its illegal, immoral and intensely awful drone program. When did the CIA become the 6th branch of the US military, anyway?

We are putting together a protest/rally in front of CIA HQ in Langley, VA, for Saturday, January 16th—from 1pm to 4pm—so far, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Debra Sweet (National Coordinator of World Can’t Wait (are scheduled to speak).

Stay tuned for more info!


NOW HEAR THIS: Cindy's Internet broadcasts continue!

This Sunday (December 6th) is a very peaceful one, especially in this already too war-weary week. Cindy welcomes Kevin Zeese, who represents both Voters for Peace AND Peace of the Action. They talk mostly about Peace of the Action. In addition, Cindy also welcomes Ralph Lopez, who brings forward a realistic, real world approach to creating peace and stability for the Afghan people. Of course, because his idea is creative, workable, and equitable - it has the profound disadvantage of not feeding the American War Industry with an endless supply of bodies and loot. (Beware of this sinister plot: it MUST be un-American!) So it will only interest wimps and wussies who hate killing and want a safe future for our children in this world! (What losers!) So OK, boys and girls - this will be a very good Soapbox!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

30,000 Wrongs Won't Make it Right

I have had to reluctantly watch many presidential speeches since my son was killed in Iraq in 2004. I was even dragged out of a Bush State of the Union speech in 2006, that I didn’t want to go to anyway, for just wearing a shirt with an anti-war message.

Now, I knew that Obama was going to announce that he would be condemning 30-35,000 more troops to Afghanistan(Pakistan): that wasn’t exactly a state secret. I also knew that his speech would be filled with jingoistic propaganda—that’s a given with presidential speeches--and the Pope of Hope is no different. However, I was not prepared for the physical sickness that overcame me while he was speaking. His delivery was wooden and not convincing, but the words tore my heart apart like I was a newby to presidential calumny.

I did not support Obama when he ran for president because he said he was going to send more troops to Afghanistan. He is a rare bird: a president that fulfills a campaign promise. I am not surprised, or disappointed, but I am filled with anger.

I am angry that thousands of more mothers will, without reason or rhyme, be served the unending pain of burying a child.

I was watching O’Bomber’s speech tonight at a bar in Las Vegas after our protest at the Federal Building there and I was punched in the gut with Obama telling the Cadets at West Point that he has:

As President, I have signed a letter of condolence to the family of each American who gives their life in these wars. I have read the letters from the parents and spouses of those who deployed. I have visited our courageous wounded warriors at Walter Reed. I have travelled to Dover to meet the flag-draped caskets of 18 Americans returning home to their final resting place. I see firsthand the terrible wages of war.”

Just like goddamned George Bush and his evil vice-president, Obama has no freaking idea what the “terrible wages of war,” are. Signing letters, or saluting caskets, or meeting with the wounded are NOT the same thing as receiving one of those letters, lying in one of those caskets or being maimed for the rest of your life. He has only “witnessed” the “terrible wages of war,” from a remote viewing location that is filtered through the gauze of a deep disconnect from the violent pain that he is imposing.

Another thing—no one in our armed forces are “giving” their lives. No one has “given” his or her life for decades now, if ever, in our history. The people who have been killed in the Racket of War have had their lives STOLEN from them and their futures denied by chicken hawks who sign condolence letters in comfortable offices surrounded by millions of dollars of protection and by Congress members who also have no idea of the never-ending ache that is not dulled by time. Don’t even start with the bullshit that our troops are “volunteers.” If they are “volunteers” then I would suggest every one of them, or any one of them try to “volunteer” not to be deployed to Afghanistan.

December 7, 1941 was a day that has lived in “infamy” but it was not use to justify the waging of unending wars, even though our permanent bases still remain in Germany and Japan after 65 years. However, Obama again uses the attacks on 9-11 to justify this absolutely bat-shit crazy occupation of Afghanistan—no matter what he says, it IS an occupation. Tonight, in the speech he gave in front of his Cadet “props,” Obama said that the attack on 9-11 was “vicious.”

I agree that 9-11 was awful and it’s a day that we surely will never forget, but if that was “vicious” then what does Obama call what America has been doing in Iraq-Af-Pak now for twice as many years as WWII lasted? What’s worse than “vicious?” Genocide, that’s what.

Genocide is the systematic killing of a racial or cultural group and please don’t waste your time telling me that Obama has a “good heart” or “great intellect” because if he had either one of those things, the troops would be coming home by now.

Obama is just another coward that has risen to the highest office in the world and I am tired of having to be shoved by crazy people, chased and shot at by police, tear-gassed, arrested, called names that make even me blush, scrimping for every penny to stay afloat in this peace business, traveling and protesting to the point of exhaustion, etc. Not only did Obama condemn 30,000 troops to horror, with just one speech, he also condemned the real anti-war movement that was opposed to his policies from the beginning, to many more years of our sacrifices.

Well, I am not going to stop protesting and doing all of the above things, but I am not doing them for the rest of my life. If you believe in the mythical “drawdown” that Obama has just lied through his teeth about, then I ask you where did the “one combat battalion per month” out of Iraq go? Remember that promise? There has been no significant “drawdown” of troops from Iraq at all.

No matter what Obama says, these wars aren’t “just” and we aren’t “right” and we only have the “might” of the War Machine to open those “new markets” he talked about in his speech.

No matter what Obama says, these ARE open-ended wars, but I am NOT an open-ended anti-war activist.

We have to end them as soon as possible. We have to escalate our peace as the War Machine escalates its violence.

Want to go all the way for peace?

Join us this spring in D.C. for Peace of the Action!


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