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Revolutionary Organization of Labor Newsletter #98 September-October 2016

RAY O’ LIGHT  NEWSLETTER                                September-October  2016    Number 98   Publication of the Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA ___________________________________________________________________________________ The 2016 U.S. Election: the Last Two Months of the Presidential Campaign and Beyond by RAY LIGHT   Coming out of the Republican and Democratic Party National Conventions in July, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton officially became the “Republicrat” candidates. Clinton and Trump, however, had been treated very differently by their respective political parties. This was due to the fact that, given the mass anger against them, the Wall Street ruling class had only succeeded in getting one of its puppets, Hillary Clinton, “picked” during the presidential primary season. The Republican Convention was characterized by two virtually unprecedented facts: 1.  The open attempt, led by Mitt Romney, the previous Republican presidential candidate, to bloc