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Why Does Society Hate Our Children So Much? by Cindy Sheehan

(copy of a Letter to the Editor I sent to my local paper, the Vacaville Reporter--without the links, or picture)         As a concerned grandparent of five Vacaville residents, aged 5 to 12, I feel I must write to express my outrage over the continuing measures that give our young residents very little hope in this world. First of all, I must express that ages 0-25 RARELY get Covid-19 and there have been many credible studies (From the University of Vermont Medical School, Sweden and Germany) that say that even if children do contract it, they do not spread it. The verifiable death rate for that age group is so near zero percent, it may as well be. It seems like the harshest measures are against seniors (who are vulnerable, but are confined with recovering Covid-19 patients in Skilled Nursing facilities, per Newsom's orders) and children, who are the least vulnerable to Covid-19. Why is this?   (See: Kids Rarely Transmit Covid-19, Say UVM Docs in Top Journal

Speaking Truth to Empire with Dan Yaseen (JULY 2020 EDITION)

July 2020 speaking-truth-to-empire/ 200715-speaking-truth-to- empire-shireen-al-adeimi   “Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, Dan Yaseen interviews Shireen Al-Adeimi, she is an assistant professor of education at Michigan State University, my alma mater. She received her PhD from Harvard Graduate School of Education.   Having lived through two civil wars in her country of birth, Yemen, she has played an active role in raising awareness about the U.S.-supported, Saudi-led war on Yemen since 2015. Through her work, she aims to encourage political action among fellow Americans to bring about an end to U.S. intervention in Yemen. The topics of discussion include “War, Militarism and the Police State”. ****


July 20, 2020 GUEST: DARIO HUNTER (Former Candidate for Green Party POTUS, now Independent Candidate for POTUS) TOPIC: INDEPENDENT/3RD PARTY EFFORTS CHECK OUT DARIO4AMERICA  *********************   

State Governors Use Bio-weapons Against our Elders by Cindy Sheehan

"....akin to premeditated murder." Geriatrician Dr. Michael Wasserman on hearing that Governor Gavin Newsom of California ordered Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) to admit Covid positive patients. Also speaking of the policy, Dr. Michael Wasserman: "It's naive and and it's ignorant. If I'm a resident or a family member of a resident, I'd be calling my county and state and government officials and screaming at the top of my lungs, asking them, why they are doing this and whether they want to be elected again." As I  have exposed before, at least seven state governors have ordered SNF to take patients who were diagnosed with Covid 19. Although, I don't feel that the numbers coming from government agencies can ever be trusted and we probably won't know the entire scope of Covid-19 and the fall-out, I consider any death of any Elder resident of an SNF since about the middle of March pre-meditated murder. Besides not being re