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This is the premiere of Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox! Guests, singer/songwriter, Graham Nash . and, economist, Richard Cook . Give this "blast from the past" a listen!

Reflections on FreeDUMB by Cindy Sheehan

Free DUMB Cindy Sheehan “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” Jim Morrison “ We perpetuate war by exalting its sacrifices...the least the rest of us can do is resist honoring the institution ( Warfare State )”  James Garner in the Americanization of Emily Memorial Day is a double-gut wrencher for my family and me. Our son, brother (posthumous Uncle) and friend, Casey (who was killed in the illegal and disastrous war on Iraq), was born 33 years ago about one hour and one minute past Memorial Day on May 29 th . As I have written and said many times before, for most people Memorial weekend is a weekend of parades, cookouts and sleeping in. Our family used to have a big party for Casey’s birthday every year on Memorial weekend—never even suspecting that it would turn out to be such a sad weekend because for those of us who have had loved ones murdered by the Empire, it’s va

The Blue Bloc and Other Oppressors

May 27th on the Soapbox! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN On Sunday, May 27th, Cindy Sheehan will be interviewing long time peace, justice and political activist, Debra Sweet, who is the National Co-ordinator of World Can't Wait AND Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Night Watchman,  Tom Morello. Debra and Tom were in Chicago for the anti-NATO protests and share their experiences. A lot of emphasis has been on the Black Bloc being an instigator of violence (even from the "left") and Cindy coins the phrase "Blue Bloc" to describe the police--the Armed Forces of the 1%, because 99% of the time, the Blue Bloc comes dressed for a riot and are armed and dangerous. Listen to the show at 2pm Pacific Time at Community Progressive Radio or anytime after at the ARCHIVES Tom Debra Tom and Cindy in June 2008 (San Francisco)

Cindy's Ironic Image of the Day

I found this image while perusing google images for  "Viva La Revolution." I find this image ironic, because of course, George Washington was a member of the ruling elite back in his day and he was not the so-called leader of a Peoples' Revolution, but a revolution to retain his power, money and class status. Maybe this will be a regular feature of this blog?

Celebrate Revolution! Book event with Cindy Sheehan

On Thursday, May 24th, Cindy Sheehan will return where "it" all began for her on  4 July 2004  when she first began to speak out against the war and regime that killed her son just three months before. Cindy will celebrate the publication of her 5th book,  Revolution, A Love Story with the congregation of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists and other activists and community members. All are welcome and encouraged to attend to hear Cindy speak about the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and how true, positive change for the people (1%) is possible here in  "The Empire." Cindy will also be selling copies of her book (10.00, cash or check) and taking up a collection to continue her important work and the important work of the BFUU Social Justice Committee. Where :   Historic Fellowship Hall, which is 1924 Cedar St (wheel-chair accessible by the ramp on Bonita Ave side of the building). When :  Thursday, May 24 Potluc

Solidarity Action with anti-NATO Protests in Berkeley May 20

SUPPORT CHICAGO…….DISBAND NATO! Cindy will be there from 9am to 11am Bay Area  CodePink  and Cindy Sheehan invite all activists to join us in a solidarity action tomorrow: Freeway Bannering over University Ave. Footbridge, Berkeley Toby, Cynthia and friends will make 2 large banners tonight. WE NEED YOU ….to volunteer for a 1 or 2 hour shift tomorrow to help with the bannering. WHEN:    Sunday, Any shift between 7am and 7pm….please confirm by phone. WHERE:    Hwy 80 footbridge just south of University Ave. in Berkeley. BRING:    Music, friendship, food/drink to share, extra banners/props, orange jumpsuits, etc.  RSVP:   Please call Toby,  510-215-5974 Banner for peace, for sanity and for a better world!  Other banners welcome! Large Banners to be made:                          DISARM NATO:  STOP MILITARIZING THE EARTH          STOP NATO…….DEFUND WAR $$$ FOR HUMAN NEED NOT PROFIT

Michael Ratner on the Soapbox

Michael Ratner Sunday, May 20th 2PM Pacific Time CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox is proud to present Cindy's interview with Michael Ratner, the President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights.  The subject is the abysmal civil and human rights' record of the Obama regime as it continues the post-911 assault on domestic "freedom and liberty." Obama shreds Constitution  The show can be heard at 2pm Pacific Time at: Community Progressive Radio or at the archives: Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox , forever.

The War Party and the Faux-gressives who adore it

by Anthony Freda ( This is a reprint of an article I wrote on June 19th, 2009.  With the election season grinding into full gear, we here in the Propagandized States of America are being deluged with faux-debates on non-issues. Of course, gay marriage is an important civil right for a minority, and if we don't stand up for minorities, then we are bullies, or worse; but, Obama's pronouncement is nothing to cheer and similarly, nothing to curse. It was nothing---a politically expedient announcement impeccably timed to raise the most (over 15 million dollars) in campaign funds. Along with US troops, profiteers, mercenaries and other imperial functionaries still occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, US Special Forces (and drones) are in Yemen  and  Africa ; and two pregnant women (among others) were just slaughtered by US commandoes in Honduras . I asked the question early on in the Obama regime of "what will it take" for a majority of u

Talk Nation Radio: Cindy Sheehan on the Venezuelan Constitution as a Model for the United States

Image Cindy Sheehan  discusses the new Venezuelan Constitution as a model for reforming the U.S. Constitution in the direction of greater democratic and economic rights, as well as the politics of Hugo Chavez, and her  new book ,  Revolution: A Love Story .  Cindy Sheehan is a leading U.S. peace actvist, a gold star mother, an author,  blogger , and  radio host . Total run time: 29:00 Host: David Swanson. Producer: David Swanson. Engineer: Christiane Brown. Music by Duke Ellington. Download or get embed code from  or  AudioPort  or  LetsTryDemocracy . Syndicated by Pacifica Network. Please encourage your local radio stations to carry this program every week! Since our regimes shred our document, we may as well right a new one!

You Are Somebody

You're Somebody Cindy Sheehan I have known about Erma Steppe’s book, I’m Nobody: My Mother Said it; I no Longer Believe it, for a couple of years now, through her sister-in-law, and my dear friend, Missy Beattie. I was recently at Missy’s house in Baltimore visiting, and I was finally able to get my hands on a copy. I am given many books, some I read, some I leave in cabs, some I throw on the pile for later—but few that have been as riveting as Erma’s little (100 page) autobiography. If I had to describe the book using one word, I would say, “honest,” but since I am not limited to one word, I can say “brutal,” “touching,” “sad,” “funny” but, above all, “honest. “ Missy has been filling me in on the book’s progress for a while now. There has been interest in movie rights and talk of having it used as a teaching aid in college classrooms. After I received the book, I made a vow to start reading it on my flight home and to review it if I found it worthwhile, b

Afghanistan, like Vietnam, except nobody gives a shit

Dear Friend, This weekend as we celebrate mothers, it's important to remember that there are mothers all over the world who are in pain because of war and economic oppression. It's also important to remember that Julia Ward suggested this holiday way back in 1870 for peace through her  Mother's Day Proclamation.  For me, it's distressing that "liberals" are gleeful over the fact that the president is personally in favor of same-sex marriage (although it doesn't actually change a thing, except he received one million campaign dollars within an hour) while not protesting either in word or deed Obama's drone program and war in Afghanistan. I am hoping that the NATO protests (remember NATO is just an euphemism for US Imperialism) in Democrat Rahm Emanuels' Chicago next week (I will be there) are large and non-partisan; but, in fact, the largest coalition to protest at the DNC has changed its name so as not to appear its protesting the Democrats s

¡Viva, Chávez! by Cindy Sheehan

¡Viva, Chávez! Cindy Sheehan Chávez and Sheehan in Montevideo, Uruguay It breaks my heart and pisses me off when I hear horrible and untrue things about President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, and I admire his courage to stand up the The Empire in the north and try to make things better for the 99% of Venezuela. President Chávez is battling a foe even more powerful than The Empire: cancer. When the news first came out last June, many media pundits had already killed the leftist leader and one terrible Fox News scum Tweeted that everyone should “pray for the death of Hugo Chåvez.” I can’t recall the lowlife’s name right now, but it really doesn’t matter. Rightwing Christian, Pat Robertson, openly called for the assassination of Chávez, and the irony is, if one looks at the New Testament works and words of Jesus, Chávez more closely models what the Catholic Church calls the “Corporal Works of Mercy” than any leader or any Christo-Fascist in the USA. I have been

Conscience and the Constitution: They Fought on their own Battlefield

Conscience and the Constitution: They Fought on their own Battlefield (Report on my meeting with the feds May 9, 2012) Cindy Sheehan "A wo(man) is rich in proportion to the number of things s(he) can afford to let alone." Henry David Thoreau I had Round X (X representing an unknown quantity) with the IRS/US Attorney today at the US Attorney's office in Sacramento. The meeting was to try and discover my alleged assets so the IRS could collect approximately 105 grand in taxes that it says I owe for 2005 and 2006. I am not so naive to think that the IRS, using a number of resources or any of the secretive alphabet agencies, doesn't know every single thing about me. However, I refuse to participate in my persecution and furthermore, I should be constitutionally protected from such a thing.  The US Attorney in charge of the case is based in DC and she was on a conference line along with another US Attorney based out of DC who "just happene

Oh I get it!

Plan and participate in War Crimes--you'll be protected by the Obama regime! Refuse to participate in them, like me, you get persecuted by the regime! (I have another "date" with the Feds/IRS tomorrow). Bush's "torture lawyer," John Yoo given immunity

The New Oil War in Africa (SOAPBOX)

Dear Soapbox Friend, Today, I have many items of interest to send out to you--as well as posting the information for our new Soapbox show this afternoon. In case you all think that my life is filled with intense and draining activism, I would like to share with you that I treated myself to an all grandkid day yesterday. We went to the Farmer's Market and donut shop in the morning--later, Mexican food and then the park for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. It was such a joy for me to walk beside the creek with all four of my grandbabies as we watched the sunset and the Super Moon arise. To top this wonderful day off, we pretended like my daughter's car was a rocket ship and we drove out into the country in search of the Super Moon. The babies fell asleep in the "rocket ship," and Gigi (what my grandchildren call me) wasn't too far behind after we got home. As activists, advocates, and searchers, we rightly focus on the big picture, but it's also so im