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Socialism or Bust (SOAPBOX PODCAST 5/29/16)

May 29, 2016 GUEST: John Parker Candidate for US Senate in California TOPIC: True socialism  Today, Cindy welcomes John Parker to the Soapbox. Even though John is running for Senate here in California, the issues are indeed national and global.  JOHN PARKER   (PEACE AND FREEDOM PARTY) Campaign office:  323.306.6240  

The Cancer Industrial Complex (UPDATE on Dede Miller) by Cindy Sheehan

It's been a little over a year since my sister and peace-colleague Dede Miller was diagnosed with "triple-negative" stage 4 breast cancer. It's been almost a year since she left her small home in Los Angeles County to come for a "visit" with me up in Vacaville CA and has been here since. At a time in her life when she was most scared an vulnerable, she was jerked around by LAC-USC (LA County-USC Medical Center) and denied treatment because of a "coverage" SNAFU. So, I brought her up to northern California to see if we could get her care up here. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the tumor in her breast ruptured outward and I had to rush her to the emergency room and she became covered under my county's Medi-cal program. It has been a blessing and a curse. Some in the medical establishment are "hammers" and every problem they see is a "nail" that has to be beaten to be solved. After a solid year of one different chemo

Who are THEY? by Anthony Freda

THEY are the people who fabricated the pretexts to the Vietnam War and the Iraq War.  THEY are the people who spy on us illegally and call the whistleblowers who expose their crimes traitors. THEY denied they were spying on us for years despite evidence to the contrary and at the same time they were building a vast, illegal technological prison around us. THEY are the ones who commit war crimes with impunity and jail those who reveal their murders. THEY are the ones who torture and imprison people outside of any legal or moral framework. THEY are criminal bankers who are rewarded with bailouts instead of indictments for their crimes.  THEY make billions destroying the economic future of millions with Ponzi schemes and then blame their victims. THEY are the complicit media who protect the people who are committing crimes against humanity instead of investigating and revealing them.  THEY are the ones who write talking points like the question &quo

I’m still me. Who are you? | Mickey Z.

“Withdrawing in disgust is not the same thing as apathy.”  In case it’s somehow not painfully obvious to my dedicated detractors*: I couldn’t “just keep doing” what I was doing.  Yeah, I could’ve kept flashing my dimples as I struggled to push down my ever-increasing doubts and concerns about what we agree to call “activism.” I could’ve kept writing the articles so many of you loved to share and I could’ve kept getting myself invited (and sometimes paid!) to stand at the microphone and articulately reaffirm your beliefs. I could’ve dragged myself and my camera to every single “action” and thus made it that much easier for you to believe we’re “making a difference.” Damn, I could’ve eventually attained Zen Master status in the highest realm of confirmation bias. I could’ve apologized for this one’s comments and shrugged off that one’s behavior and then watched my likes and shares and followers rise, rise, RISE. I could’ve turned my Facebook page into my

“A Smoking Gun”: The Obama-Clinton War on Libya and Africa by RAY LIGHT

The 2016 Presidential Primary Campaigns leading up to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this summer have set a political-cultural tone among the people of the USA that is an especially misleading one. It is true that among the candidates, there are some big programmatic differences on domestic policy. The predominantly white Christian Republican voters are increasingly angry about their deteriorating economic conditions. Till now, however, the Wall Street ruling class has been able to divert their frustration and outrage into fruitless channels, i.e., safely away from making demands on the finance capitalists of  Wall Street. Mainly by pushing the “All-American” buttons of  White Supremacy and Christian religious bigotry, the Republican Primary candidates have largely focused their voters’ bitterness on chauvinist hatred for the first African American U.S. president and on the Arab and Muslim peoples of the Middle East and the USA, as well as on the