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We Stand With Marzieh Hashemi and the Empowered People of Vz! (SOAPBOX PODCAST 1/27/2019)

January 27, 2019 Guest : Robert Fantina Topic: The Jack-booted treatment of journalist Marzieh Hashemi AND US interventionism in Venezuela  Bob's Books: Empire, Racism and Genocide: A History of U.S. Foreign Policy , Essays on Palestine Bob Fantina Robert Fantina is an activist and journalist, working for peace and social justice. A U.S. citizen, he moved to Canada shortly after the 2004 presidential election, and now holds dual citizenship . He is currently active in supporting the human rights struggles of the Palestinian people.  *******  Cindy Sheehan and Robert Fantina on PressTv:   Written Transcript of 1/27/19  Interview with Robert Fantina We Stand with Marzieh Hashemi and the Empowered People of Venezuela Speaker 1:     Are you tired of the same boring and unhealthy diet of corporate media propaganda and the distraction du jour? Your anecdote is here at Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox. Real, revolution

Cindy Sheehan Denounces US imperialist Interventionism in Venezuela and Supports President Maduro and the People of Venezuela

Cindy Sheehan Speaking at Rally in San Francisco January 25, 2019 Cindy Sheehan Denounces US Interventionism in Vz and Supports President Maduro and the People of Vz   Since Hugo Chávez Frias became president of Venezuela in 1998 and immediately fulfilled his promise to have the people write their own Constitution and its provisions for social improvements were being rapidly instituted, the USA has had the Bolivarian Revolution in its crosshairs. Since then, the income gap in Venezuela has narrowed; people have been educated and their health (including dental and vision) taken care of; housing and food became human rights instead of privileges for the wealthy; and etc. Not only these things, but the people of Venezuela were empowered to have a say in their government. For example, the only way the Bolivarian constitution can be amended, is through public referendum. With the elitist Constitution of the USA, only the elites can realistically amend it. Chávez was a champion of

Speaking Truth to Empire with Dan Yaseen (January 2019 edition)

January 2019 speaking-truth-to-empire/ 190116-speaking-truth-to- empire-regis-tremblay Speaking Truth to Empire on KFCF 88.1 FM independently owned and locally operated in Fresno since 1975 , Dan Yaseen interviews Regis Tremblay, an independent filmmaker and a blogger, interested in activism and the environment. He lives in Woolwich, Maine. Topics of discussion include declining American Empire and changing world order from a unipolar to a multipolar world. His website is: ***** CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX 

Update on Syria with Sarah Abed (SOAPBOX SPECIAL: 1/9/2019)

The Soapbox  January 9, 2019 Guest: Sarah Abed Topic: Update on Syria READ A TRANSCRIPT OF THE INTERVIEW  HERE Since we first chatted with Sarah ( CLICK HERE ), there have been many new developments with the Syria issue. Listen to this new show for the updates. Sarah Abed From Sarah: Since we last spoke there have been some new developments. Last week I had mentioned that as a result of Trump’s announcement to withdraw US troops from Syria that the leaders of the Kurdish militia’s were reconciling with the Syrian government and asking for protection against a Turkish onslaught and were willing to give up some of their teritory west of the Euphrates but there have been some changes since then.  During the past week the SDF (which is just a rebranding of the Kurdish YPG/ at the request of US officials) asked Germany and France for a no-fly zone over northeastern Syria. Quite frankly, these requests are unrealistic because Germany

(W)MOP Community Conference Call: 2019 the Year of CHANGE (Sunday, January 13, 2019)

(W)MOP Monthly Community Conference Call WHEN: Sunday, January 13 (Second Sunday) TIMES: 4pm Pacific 5pm Mountain 6pm Central 7pm Eastern Agenda To be determined Email Cindy Sheehan for an invitation to the monthly call. Note: If you signed up for last month's call, you will be getting an invitation for this call.

Name and Shame the Global Power Elite (SOAPBOX PODCAST JANUARY 6, 2019)

January 6, 2019 GUEST: Peter Phillips* Topic: Confronting the Global Elite PETER This week on the Soapbox, Cindy welcomes back Professor Peter Phillips who recently published the book Giants: The Global Power Elite. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BOOK Peter names the people in the world with the real power and how we the people who have the REAL NUMBERS can change things before it is too late. Transcript of interview: Speaker 1:    Are you tired of the same boring and unhealthy diet of corporate media propaganda and the distraction du jour? Your antidote is here, at Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox! Real, revolutionary, and relevant news and talk, with fascinating and brilliant guests.   Speaker 1:    Prepare to be informed and motivated with your friend and host, Cindy Sheehan.   Cindy Sheehan:    Welcome back to the Soapbox. I'm your host, Cindy Sheehan.   Cindy Sheehan:    Today, we chat with Peter Phillips, who