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The People's History of the Black Panther Party: (SOAPBOX PODCAST 6/29/14)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
June 29, 2014

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On this week's Soapbox, Cindy chats with Soapbox BFF, 
Brother Larry Pinkney

Cindy and Brother Larry talk about the people's history of the Black Panther Party.

Pinkney is a political activist and author who has been a member of the BPP since he was 17.

This show is not just about history, but how the Party's relevance lingers today and what lessons can movements learn from the principled struggles of the BPP.



Friday, June 27, 2014

Special Guest Article from the Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA (May-June Newsletter)


Ukraine: Current Focal Point of the U.S.-Led Imperialist War Drive


The picturesque cover of the 4-19 to 4-25-14 edition of the British ruling class newsweekly, The Economist, is a fancifully rendered map of western Russia, Ukraine and the Black Sea. Russia is imaginatively drawn as a big, hungry bear about to devour Ukraine and the word “Insatiable” is presented in large black type so that the cover’s message is unmistakably clear.

However, it would be a real mistake for the working people of the USA and the workers and oppressed masses of the world to believe that this Disney cartoon-like fantasy map contains a real explanation for the events of the past few months involving Ukraine, Crimea and Russia.

The truth is just the opposite. As U.S. imperialist apologist G. John Ikenberry observes in the current issue of the authoritative Foreign Affairs quarterly journal, “As worrisome [for U.S. imperialism] as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s moves in Crimea have been, they reflect Russia’s geopolitical vulnerability, not its strength.” Ikenberry substantiates his argument as follows: “Over the last two decades, the West has crept closer to Russia’s borders. In 1999, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland entered NATO. They were joined in 2004 by seven more former members of the Soviet bloc, and in 2009, by Albania and Croatia. In the meantime, six

 former Soviet republics have headed down the path to membership by joining NATO’s Partnership for Peace program. … even though Putin is winning some small battles, he is losing the war. Russia is not on the rise; to the contrary, it is experiencing one of the greatest geopolitical contractions of any major power in the modern era.” (page 86, “The Illusion of Geopolitics,” Foreign Affairs, May-June 2014)

In this context, it is more accurate to view “the Russian bear,” surrounded by U.S and NATO military bases, and isolated politically and economically as well, like a cornered animal. It is the insatiable appetite of U.S.-led imperialism for maximum private profit that has finally provoked the Russian bear to lash out and fight back.


-The Debate On the U.S.-led Response to Russia’s Annexation of Crimea-

The Economist’s lead article, like its front cover in the 4-19 to 4-25 edition, is also entitled “Insatiable.” It strongly editorializes for the western imperialist powers to “stand up” to Putin’s Russia right now in order to stifle and suppress the momentum caused by Russia’s successful annexation of Crimea.* Among The Economist recommendations: NATO military exercises in central and eastern Europe, “strengthen air and cyber defenses there and immediately send some troops, missiles and aircraft to the Baltics and Poland … [and] NATO members should … increase their military spending.”  The article also recommends increasing economic and financial sanctions against powerful Russians and “cut Russia off from dollars, euros and sterling” which would “deprive Russia of revenues from oil and gas exports, priced in dollars, and force it to draw on reserves to pay for most of its imports.”(page 11)

*NOTE: [Incredibly, the article admits Crimea “should have been Russian all along.”]

Most of the other four or five articles on Ukraine and Russia that appeared in the same issue of The Economist were much more nuanced than the “insatiable” cover and lead article or even contradicted them. The article focusing on financial sanctions (“Turning off the taps”) explained that, “Finance is the obvious place to start because of the pre-eminence of the dollar, America’s central role in the clearing of cross-border bank and credit-card transactions, and the American-led globalization of money-laundering compliance.” Nevertheless, while pointing out that even the limited sanctions already applied had had a “chilling effect on business in Russia,” the article admits that “sanctions will have collateral damage; hit Rosneft and you hurt BP, which owns 20% of it, and ExxonMobil, its partner in various projects around the world.” Furthermore, the article points to the likelihood of “countermeasures” that the Russian government could take against “foreign investors” or against “American banks and exchanges.”

A second article on business in Russia focuses on the already weakened ruble. But it also points to “a long promised deal for Gazprom to sell gas to China. Rosneft is seeking to treble its exports of oil to China. Sukhoi, a state-owned aircraft-maker, has just struck a deal to sell a fleet of small passenger jets to a Chinese airline … But its plane is chock full of key parts from American and European suppliers and thus its production is vulnerable to any tightening of sanctions.” Both these articles make clear that punitive measures against Russia are an even more complicated undertaking for U.S. and western finance capital than in the past. The increased internationalization of finance capital makes it even more of a priority to precisely “follow the money.”

Even the most alarming-sounding article, “Boys from the blackstuff,” dealing with “Russian-inspired occupations in the industrial east” in the aftermath of the annexation of Crimea, observes that “Mr. Putin … seems unlikely to want to annex any more of the country.” Still more noteworthy is the matter of fact statement in the article’s conclusion that, “Russia wants to turn Ukraine back into a buffer state …”

It is this admission that Russia desires to have Ukraine as “a buffer state” that gives the lie to the whole propaganda campaign of U.S.-led imperialism against the allegedly “aggressive” Putin and Russia.


The May/June 2014 issue of Foreign Affairs contains three articles (including Ikenberry’s) that address the current crisis in Ukraine. Reminiscent of The Economist’s 4-19 to 4-25 “hungry bear” cover, Jeffrey Mankoff’s article is entitled, “Russia’s Latest Land Grab.” Mankoff, Deputy Director and Fellow in the Russian and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, opens with the following dramatic declaration: “Russia’s occupation and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in February and March have plunged Europe into one of its gravest crises since the end of the Cold War.”

But Mankoff then provides some historical perspective, pointing out that, “since the early 1990’s, Russia has either directly supported or contributed to the emergence of four breakaway ethnic regions in Eurasia: … [Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorno-Karabakh] … in which the splinter territories remain beyond the control of the central governments and the local de facto authorities enjoy Russian protection and influence.” Furthermore, he observes that “In each of those cases, Russia intervened when it felt its influence was threatened.”

“…   In Ukraine, once again, Moscow has intervened to stop a former Soviet republic’s possible drift out of Russia’s orbit and has justified its actions as a response to ethnic persecution, the claims of which are exaggerated.”* Mankoff also acknowledges that one reason the Russian government has regarded the Crimean peninsula as being so strategically important is that it already hosted Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

*NOTE: [Notice Mankoff refers to the claims as “exaggerated” not false, an admission that there is indeed “ethnic persecution” going on under the pro-Western government in Kiev that deposed and replaced the elected Yanukovych regime. More on this later.]

Mankoff presents Putin’s plan to push economic and political integration with post-Soviet states. For example, Putin wants to form a Eurasian Union, a new supranational bloc directly modeled on the EU that he wants to launch in 2015. Evidently, Belarus and Kazakhstan have already signed on; and Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have expressed interest. Without Ukraine joining, this Eurasian bloc will not be capable of becoming a cultural and geopolitical alternative to the West. Mankoff explains that the prospect of the Kiev government signing an association agreement with the EU back in November would have meant the permanent exclusion of  Ukraine from the Eurasian Union. It led Putin to offer President Yanukovych Russian loan guarantees so that he would reject the deal with the EU. As Mankoff points out, Yanukovych’s refusal to sign on with EU spawned the protests that toppled him. And the interim Kiev government, loaded with pro Nazi fascists and put in by the Western imperialists, signed the agreement with EU. This in turn has led to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the current turmoil in Ukraine.

Clearly, even according to Mankoff, these recent events in Ukraine were precipitated by the U.S.-led western imperialist encroachments into this key former Soviet state on Russia’s border.

The second article was written by Walter Russell Mead, a Bard College professor and the Editor-at-Large of The American Interest; he also provides the Foreign Affairs book reviews on The United States. Of the three articles by these U.S. imperialist apologists, Mead’s argument contains the strongest rose-colored glasses by far. His article has the surprising title, “The Return of Geopolitics.” For Mead argues that U.S. imperialism and its western European imperialist allies, far from having a geopolitical agenda, have been selflessly attempting to “construct a post-historical, win-win world.” (!)  According to Mead, Russia, especially in seizing Crimea, has (along with China and Iran) undermined the USA and EU both of whom “would rather move past geopolitical questions of territory and military power and focus instead on ones of world order and global governance.” “Indeed,” continues Mead, “since the end of the Cold War, the most important objective of U.S. and EU foreign policy has been to shift international relations away from zero-sum issues toward win-win ones.” (Is he writing these things with a straight face?! What world has Mead been living in since 9-11-01, during the unending Bush-Obama war of terror on the peoples of the world, including in the USA?!)

The third article is G. John Ikenberry’s “The Illusion of Geopolitics,” cited earlier in this document. Its subtitle is “The Enduring Power of the Liberal Order.” As the Foreign Affairs Book Reviewer for Political and Legal books, it seems likely that Ikenberry was asked by Pete Peterson, the billionaire publisher of Foreign Affairs, to write an article to provide a reassuring counterbalance to what Ikenberry refers to as “Mead’s alarmism” in response to Russia’s successful annexation of Crimea. Ikenberry delivers.

He ridicules Mead’s thesis that since the end of the Cold War, “the United States has ignored geopolitical issues involving territory and spheres of influence and instead adopted a Pollyannaish emphasis on building the global order.” Exposing the “false dichotomy” that Mead makes between issues of global order and geopolitical conflict, Ikenberry reveals the fact that, “the construction of a U.S.-led global order did not begin with the end of the Cold War; it won the Cold War.” (page 81)

Like Mankoff and Mead (as well as The Economist writers), Ikenberry is an imperialist apologist. He claims that, in the post WWII period, geopolitics and order building converged and that, “with some important exceptions, such as Vietnam, the United States has embraced postimperial principles.”(!) (My emphasis) He finds no contradiction between his assertion, on the one hand, that U.S. “power is still unrivalled” based on its far reaching military presence and, on the other, the U.S. Empire’s allegedly “postimperial principles.” To this end, he cites the fact that “Washington and its allies account for more than 75 percent of global military spending”(page 87) and that “the United States boasts military partnerships with more than 60 countries, whereas Russia counts eight formal allies and China has just one (North Korea).”(page 82)

But Ikenberry’s biggest reason for continued confidence in U.S.-led imperialism, even in the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, is the fact that “China and Russia have become deeply integrated into the existing international order. They are both permanent members of the UN Security Council, with veto rights, and they both participate actively in the World Trade Organization, The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the G-20. They are geopolitical insiders, sitting at all the high tables of global governance.” (page 88)

Ikenberry concludes that China and Russia “wish to enhance their positions within the system, but they are not trying to replace it.” (page 89)


- Russia’s Putin as a Stooge for U.S. Imperialism-

Less than nine months ago, Vladimir Putin politically rescued U.S. imperialist chieftain Obama from the corner into which he had painted himself in a build-up to a major U.S. imperialist war against the Syrian Regime! As I pointed out at the time, “Had Congress voted on a bill to authorize an attack on Syria in the days immediately following the President’s September 10th speech, there is no doubt that the bill would have been defeated in the U.S. House and in all likelihood in the Senate as well. Reflecting the current anti-war mood and will of the people, Congress would have represented a formidable, democratic opposition to an unjust imperialist war.” (“Obama: Drum Major for Imperialist War,” Ray O’Light  Newsletter #80, September-October 2013)

There seemed to be no way out for Obama until he and Putin met secretly in Moscow during the G-20 Summit just ahead of the scheduled speech.* Putin and Obama met and “agreed to cooperate with each other on an effort to take from the Syrian government and ‘secure’ the Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles. Putin’s cooperation with Obama immediately allowed U.S. imperialism to break out of its international isolation on Syria.” (ibid., emphasis in original)

*NOTE: [Obama had declared to the world that he would not meet with Putin during the Moscow Summit to protest Russia’s harboring of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.]

In the days that followed, Putin was crucial to the successful efforts to get the Assad Regime in Syria to agree to get rid of its chemical weapons stockpiles and even extended this major deal with Obama and U.S. imperialism to include cooperation from the Iranian regime.*

*NOTE: [Additonally, Ikenberry refers to the fact that U.S. imperialism had been successful in making Iran “the target of the strongest international sanctions regime ever assembled, with help from China and Russia.” (opus cit., page 87, my emphasis)]

Putin must have been stunned when he realized, so soon thereafter, that Obama and the U.S.-led major imperialist powers of Western Europe had convinced the corrupt Yanukovych Regime in Ukraine to move decisively into the European Union orbit. This is the provocation that led Putin to provide loan guarantees for Ukraine that led Yanukovych to opt to move closer to Russia. This in turn led to the western-inspired “street demonstrations” that led to the ouster of Yanukovych by Ukrainian fascist elements around the Svoboda party and the Right Sector. Among the first actions of the rump Rada or parliament were to terminate the official status of Russian and Greek as minority languages, rescinding the Crimea’s autonomy and outlawing the Ukrainian Communist Party. The new unelected pro-western and chauvinistic government in Kiev thus scared the Russian-speaking enclaves throughout eastern Ukraine and especially the people on the Crimean Peninsula who rushed into the embrace of Putin’s Russia.*
*NOTE: [The one humorous aspect to this serious situation was the spectacle of Barack Obama, still wrapped in his wretched and tattered costume of “U.S. Democracy,” trying to explain to the peoples of the world why the vote by the overwhelming majority of the Crimean people to become part of Russia should be considered “illegitimate.”]

It is no wonder, too, that imperialist apologists like Walter Russell Mead and The Economist writers are extremely worried about how quickly and decisively the Putin government ceased functioning as a stooge for U.S. imperialism (at least for the moment) and made the bold move of annexing Crimea. And this has led to a general uprising of Russian speakers throughout Ukraine that Putin is trying to help the U.S.-led imperialists to contain!

-The Contradiction Among the Imperialist Countries and Groupings-

Comrade Lenin taught that, along with the contradiction between labor and capital and the contradiction between the hundreds of millions (now billions) of colonial and dependent peoples of the world and the handful of “civilized” (i.e. bestial) oppressor nations or “great powers,” the other fundamental contradiction plaguing imperialism as the last, dying stage of capitalism is the contradiction between and among the imperialist powers and groupings themselves.

The brief period of time between Putin’s rescue of Obama on Syria and Obama’s and western imperialism’s attempt to further isolate Russia economically and militarily by removing Ukraine from its orbit underscores the fact that this fundamental contradiction is an objective phenomenon. Russian and U.S. imperialism are partner-rivals. U.S.-led western imperialism, just like Russian imperialism is motivated by the constant need for maximum private profit. It is a fundamental weakness of the political-economic system of imperialism that cannot be wished away or signed away by treaties and other paper promises. Regarding Ukraine, we can hear Obama saying to Putin: “Nothing personal; it’s just business.” And, regarding Crimea, we now hear Putin saying to Obama: “Nothing personal; it’s just business.”

The Russian oligarchs have their own interests that have conflicted and will, in the future, conflict even more sharply with the interests of Wall Street finance capital. When Putin or other political representatives of the Russian monopoly capitalist class feel sufficiently threatened or find the opportunity/need to struggle against U.S. imperialism they will do so by whatever means are at hand. Economic, political and military blocs have been formed and will continue to be formed until such a time when a major war will break out so as to settle on a new redivision of the world or until the international working class leads humanity in putting an end to imperialist war and plunder and human exploitation entirely.


CONCLUSION: For now, the U.S.-led imperialist bloc is still the most belligerent and violent bloc. It remains the main danger of new wars of all kinds. The working class and oppressed peoples in the USA as well as the tiny U.S. revolutionary vanguard have a special responsibility to oppose “our own” imperialists in Crimea and Ukraine and in so many other countries around the world.        

Down with U.S.-led Imperialism  Main Source of War and Terror!

For A Soviet Socialist World!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Keep Calm and Trust Iraqis With Iraq (Soapbox Podcast June 22, 2014)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
June 22, 2014

GUEST: Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
TOPIC: US out of Iraq!

Iraqi-American, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

Cindy Sheehan chats with peace-activist Dr. Dahlia Wasfi
about the TRUTH of the current situation in Iraq.

by Dahlia Wasfi


Friday, June 20, 2014

Say "Yes" to Hillary: Two-Thousand and NEVER by Cindy Sheehan

Say Yes to Hillary: Two-Thousand and Never
Cindy Sheehan

Hellory by Anthony Freda

Right after Camp Casey the huge media circus/protest in front of George Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas in August of 2005, I was invited to the home of Producer/Director/Actor Rob Reiner to meet and have a chat.  Also at that meeting was a major philanthropist (although I didn’t know it at the time) to all causes Clinton, wealthy Stephen Bing.
I naïvely believed that I was there because Rob Reiner and Steve Bing were against war. HAH! I was there because Rob and Steve were above all things (even peace and justice) pro-Democrat.
At this meeting, the suggestion was made to me that I should support the potential candidacy of then NY Senator Hillary Clinton for president in 2008. Bing looked me right in the eyes and said, “Senator Clinton is our only hope.”
“Our only hope for what? Perpetual war?,” I asked. I also reminded Steve and Rob that she not only voted for the war my son and hundreds of thousands of others were needlessly and tragically murdered in, but she proudly did grunt work for the Bush administration in being a chief-Democratic Cheerleader for it. After which, Bing looked me right in the eyes again and said, “Mrs. Clinton is against the war, and she will come out against it when it is politically advantageous to do so.”
Well, even though I am not a multi-multi-millionaire with fancy homes and a private jet, I would not sell my soul to the Reiners or Bing to support a person who was/is so thoroughly opposed to everything I believed in.
My suspicions about Hillary Clinton were confirmed in a meeting I had with her on Capitol Hill about a month later where she said that the US had to remain in Iraq to “honor” the sacrifices of those that had died after I told her that I didn’t want my son’s death honored with more murder and mayhem.
I suppose since Hillary is potentially running for POTUS in 2016, it has become “politically advantageous” for her to come out with “regret” for her vote, saying in her new book about her pro-war vote: “I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But I got it wrong. Plain and simple.”
Well, also "plain and simple," millions of people are dead, wounded, displaced, lives ruined. That she can be so glib about being a dumb shit while my son, and too many others, are dead forever really pisses me off. 
With the Empire beating the drums for more war against Iraq, don’t believe a word this shill for Wall Street and the War Machine says about her Iraq vote or anything else—ALL WAR IS WRONG and anyone who votes for it is a murderer, period!
As Secretary of State, Hillary cackled hysterically when after a US bombardment of Libya, killing tens of thousands, Moammar Qadafi was slaughtered in the streets: “We came; we saw; he died.” (She's as psychopathic as the male warmongers).
I not only don’t believe her “politically advantageous” admission, I don’t believe she was fooled into voting the way she did. A lot of us never bought what the Bush administration was selling (SEE, White House Iraq Group) and we weren’t in the Cat Bird’s Seat in DC like was she. All of these people (Hillary included) should be in prison for life, not out raking in the big dough and running for public office.
Please do not mistake that this exposé of Hillary Clinton, Two-Thousand and NEVER is an endorsement of whatever shill will be nominated by the Republicans that year, it’s not.
I am desperately disappointed that out of the ashes of Obama’s havoc wreaking on the world, a new and principled antiwar movement has not arisen and that people like Bing and Reiner did not one day say, “Hey, I do care about the world more than I care about Democrats.”
Sadly, what the hell will it take?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Intended Consequences: The Imperial Meat Wagon Rolls On by Cindy Sheehan

Intended Consequences
The Imperial Meat Wagon Rolls On
Cindy Sheehan

 Girl in Futhal, Baghdad, February 2012. (AP Photo/Kamaran Najm/Metrography/Corbis)

I recently saw an article in the UK Guardian about how the global anti-Iraq War movement was correct about predicting that the US led invasion and bloody occupation would lead to “chaos and instability.”
Well, “duh.” And, I hate to say this, but, of course, in the place wherever these invasions and bloody occupations are planned, whichever war criminal was in attendance, knew it good and damn well, too. How can a nation’s natural resources be stolen and empire be spread if the population of a resource rich nation is not divided? Ever heard the phrase, “divide and conquer?”
After many years and multiple exposés disproving the “reasons” and “justifications” for going into Iraq, we know it wasn’t because of WMD or 9/11 or anything about defending Americans or spreading freedom, right?
Now, as members of the anti-Iraq War movement “predicted” and the Empire intended, the violence in Iraq is continuing and by all accounts, unfortunately escalating.
My son and thousands of other US troops were killed in the bloodiest part of the invasion and occupation starting in 2003, but millions of Iraqi have been slaughtered, injured, displaced, and made desperately ill by depleted uranium and other toxins and poisons delivered by the “freedom bringers” of the US military. I just want the US to get out of the war business so there can be peace abroad and peace and economic justice here at home.
No one should have to live under oppressive occupational forces, then to be “ruled” by a so-called elected government that is just a tool of US Imperialism.
No one should have to live in constant fear of being blown-up while doing things we here in the heart of the Empire take for granted, (or used to): going to school, shopping, walking down the street.
The USA’s allegiance to Empire and absolute devotion to war is hurting everyone, even the jingoists who proclaim, “support the troops,” loudly while vets are dying waiting to get health services from the V.A.
Bottom-line, we should stop stoking the flames of Empire with the fuel of our own flesh and blood.
Recently, I was traveling by air and my next layover was in Las Vegas. A couple of dozen youngsters, really, were dressed in desert camouflage waiting to get on my plane with me to head to Las Vegas. They could have been your average American young person, except they were sporting the uniform of carnage. There was probably one reason per soldier for enlisting, but I am sure many of them were economic of nature: our young people have little or no opportunity in the Land of Constant War for the Gross Profit of a Few.
After landing in Las Vegas while we were taxiing to the gate, it was announced that these “heroes” were coming to the Las Vegas area to train and then “go off to war.” The other passengers were asked to show our “appreciation” and the plane went wild with applause and cheers.
Was I the only one who wept?
No MORE WAR in Iraq!
US troops home from everywhere.
PS: In 2003, in a speech protesting the imminent US invasion of Iraq, then Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama called Iraq a “dumb war,” a “rash war.” My question is when will his Obama-trons finally admit that ALL WARS ARE DUMB, and Obama has been a complete success for the war machine and an able servant of Empire?



Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
June 15, 2014
In Seattle, a campaign to raise the minimum wage (for some) to 
15/hr (in 2017) was successful and Cindy chats with 
Alan Maki about how this really wasn't a victory for workers 
and what a good plan for a living wage and full job's 
program could be.
by Alan Maki
Alan's blog is at:
Alan Maki's bio (from his blog):
I live in northern Minnesota with my dog Fred, a Chocolate Lab. I have been involved in the peace, labor, civil rights, and environmental movements for over 30 years, and I am a socialist. I would encourage everyone to get involved in promoting the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which came into existence on December 10, 1948; we should strive to use the yearly anniversary of this document to popularize it. We need to struggle to create a more progressive, socially just society where all working people receive real living wages and have a voice at work, and in their communities. I am working with casino workers across Minnesota who are trying to organize a union. I am also working with people in northern Minnesota struggling to save the Big Bog, our primary freshwater aquifer--- this bog is being mined for peat. In my spare time during the spring and fall you can find me fly fishing on the Dark River, a pristine designated trout stream;in the winter ice fishing on Lake-of-the-Woods. I look forward to hearing from you. Nothing human is alien to me. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"West and Wewaxation at Wast!" by Cindy Sheehan

Dear Friends,

Please excuse the lack of posts lately! After my campaign for goober-nor of California, I have been getting some badly needed R&R, or as Elmer Fudd would say, "W&W."

Stay tuned! Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox will be back with a new show this Sunday, June 15!

That's all (for now) folks!

Love & Peace

Friday, June 6, 2014

Top Two and Democracy Destroyed by Cindy Sheehan

The primaries are over in California and there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that, as of this writing, almost 90k Californians voted for left-wing candidates (Luis Rodriguez, GP: 48,000; Me: 39, 000), but the VERY BAD news is that California had less than 20% voter turnout and the Top Two vote getters are both corporatist members of the establishment in every way.

The tragic news is that MANY Californians, who voted in the Top Two law in 2010 do not understand it. Top Two is what's called an "Open Primary" where party affiliation doesn't matter and each voter can cast a vote for any candidate, but only the Top Two vote getters in the primary move on to the general election in November. Already, voters are contacting me to tell me that they will be voting for me in November, even though I came in 7th and my campaign is over.

In 2010, Top Two was originally sold to the voters here in California as a way to weed out people who are at the extreme right or extreme left and we know what that means: it means anyone who has a vision for something different from the Corporate establishment and its theft of wealth and resources.

So, again in November EVERY office has either a Democrat or Republican to choose from and not one 3rd party or independent candidate will be on anyone's ballot and this is contributing to the descent into a one-party state where even though the "centrists" are in charge, social services and education have been decimated while Brown's friends in Big Oil, Banks, and Private Prisons are being rewarded. 

Neel Kashkari, the Republican who will be facing Brown in November, is an ex-Goldman Sachs executive who managed Obama's TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) program and is just another member of the parasitic 1% class.

Of course, Democracy USA style is a only a myth but at the beginning of the last century, California led the nation in progressive reforms. The Top Two scam is the nail in the coffin unless we stand up to overturn it and support bills in the state legislature that will at least ameliorate the horrible effects. However, how can we change something that few really understand?

I am excited that I finished 7th in a slate of 15 candidates and the votes are still coming in. So far, I know that 39,085 Californians voted for an unashamed, unapologetic, radical Socialist, peacenik, and, to me, that's a good base to build upon to organize for the future.

Also, with the co-operation between my campaign and the campaigns of other Peace and Freedom and Green Candidates, I believe an infrastructure has been put into place for a relevant Red-Green Alliance of disaffected people to wrest this state and world from the hands of the Corporate Oligarchy. 

We the people must demand it because of the urgency of now.

Cindy Sheehan for Cal Gov, 2014 is deeply grateful to everyone who donated to the campaign,  voted for me, or volunteered. 

Venceremos! Hasta la victoria, siempre! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's almost over, except for the vote counting! GOTV!

The Cindy for California Governor 2014 Campaign recommends the following votes:
Reminder: the California Primary is tomorrow, June 3rd

check-box-image.jpegCindy Sheehan for Governor
            End Poverty in California
            Restore and expand all services
            Protect the Environment-No Fracking
            Stop Police brutality
check-box-image.jpegAmos Johnson for Lieutenant Governor
            Free Education at all levels
            Cancellation of all student dept
            Productive jobs at union wages

check-box-image.jpegNathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner
Guaranteed free quality health care for everyone
           Abolish the insurance companies
           Vote Socialist

check-box-image.jpegLaura Wells for Controller

check-box-image.jpegEllen Brown for Treasurer  

check-box-image.jpegYes on Prop 42
Proposition 42 is a state constitutional amendment to require local government to provide open meetings and public records access. These basic democratic practices are currently state government mandates, which require reimbursement. In the last budget crisis these mandates were suspended, allegedly to allow the state to save the money otherwise spent on reimbursing local governments' costs of following the mandates.

We support Proposition 42. Openness in local governments shouldn't be conditional on state budget deals.

Peace and Freedom Party Candidates in Your Area
Frank Lara- 12th C.D. San Francisco
Howard Johnson- 34th C.D. Los Angeles
Eugene Ruhl-15th A.D. Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland
Mary Lou Finley-79th A.D. San Diego (write in)
Alonzo Warren- 59th A.D. Los Angeles (write in)
Adam Shbeita- 44th C.D. district South LA County

Our sincerest thanks to all of Cindy's volunteers and supporters,
Team Cindy