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This Blog Will Become Inactive Soon (Message from Cindy)

    Still Truth-seeking After All These Years!     6 August 2022   Dear Loyal Soapbox Reader/Listener,   I have had this blog for 13 years now and there are almost 2k posts and 400 podcasts.    This service has become very unwieldly to use with the functionality becoming archaic and as a google product, it has begun to "unpublish" some posts that it deems inappropriate.   However, I will leave it up for eternity because it does have valuable archives and historical relevance, but I won't be updating it.   Please follow me at my new home at Substack   Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Newsletter    There, I have found renewed motivation and vigor to attack the people and systems of our oppression and I am posting new Soapbox podcasts and have a new Video Cast called: Shee-Lilly which is a weekly collaboration between me and my co-host Dakotah Lilly (a Soapbox friend and favorite).   If you have not already, please check out our new home, and subscribe to get reminders every time

Aging War Mongers: Shee-Lilly#9 (AUDIO ONLY)

    Shee-Lilly#9: Aging War Mongers and the Danger They Bring to the World Cindy Sheehan 18 hr ago It was not Shee-Lilly#8, but even the most brilliant people make occasional boo-boos! For this episode of Shee-Lilly, Cindy and Dakotah chat about the confusing and dangerous foreign policy coming from a regime of aging war criminals. As their abilities rapidly decline, will their final “f#ck you” to the planet be the legacy of a species exterminating World War? Find Dakotah at: and Find Cindy at: And please follow the Three Esses of Shee-Lilly: Subscribe, Share, and Smash (peacefully) the Like Heart. WATCH NANCY PELOSI TRY TO TALK AFTER HER TEE-MARTOONI LUNCH LINK FOR HELP WITH ALCOHOL ABUSE _________________________________________________________________ DONATE TO CINDY'S SOAPBOX AND SHEELILLY _________________________________________________________________ At least 15 lawmakers who shape US defense policy have investments in mi