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Cindy Sheehan to Receive Prestigious Eugene V. Debs Award

Cindy Sheehan The officers and directors congratulate Cindy Sheehan as the 2016 Debs Award winner. Ms. Sheehan is an anti-war activist and a lifelong and public admirer of Eugene V. Debs.  She gained national attention during her campaign in opposition to the Iraq War after her son, Casey Sheehan, was killed in action near Baghdad on April 4th of 2004. Cindy Sheehan, the 2016 Eugene V. Debs Award Winner Her media exposure came after she set up a makeshift camp outside of President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch to protest the Iraq War.  The camp, sometimes referred to as “Camp Casey”, attracted thousands of supporters and drew tighter focus to the many salient objections to US involvement in Iraq (and to war in general). She, like Debs, has run for office many times, including for Vice-President of the United States on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket as well as in congressional and gubernatorial races. Ms. Sheehan has maintained her anti-war activism through the y

There's No Such Thing as a Vegan Car by Mickey Z.

Tesla Model X  by Steve Jurvetson derivative work: Mariordo  ( CC BY 2.0 ) Mickey Z. -- World News Trust March 23, 2016 When Tesla Motors CEO  Elon Musk  tweeted about  his preference for the “vegan ultra white”  interior in the Model X (estimated base price: $80,000), Team Tofu™ spun the “news” as proof ( sic ) that veganism was so dramatically on the rise that  automakers had no choice but to adapt . Of course,  PETA  (a Tesla shareholder) immediately took credit for this “cruelty-free” ( sic ) “all-vegan” ( sic ) innovation. Or, as the  New York Times  Department of Redundancy Dept. called it: A Tesla “even a luxury-minded vegan could love.” The revolution will not be televised… but at least it’ll be comfortable while stuck in traffic. The rest of that NY Times article fell into the blah-blah-blah category but no matter; they’d already done a fine job of conditioning readers to believe car companies give a shit about the environment or human

Not-So-Super Delegates by Anthony Freda

The 717 Democratic Party insiders, a.k.a. Superdelegates are not bound to the will of the voters. Ten percent of these Superdelegates are current or former lobbyists. 41 of these lobbyists have already committed to party favorite, Clinton. Their votes could be the deciding factor in a close election. The procedure was adopted to protect the party establishment from "grassroots activists". (a.k.a. uncorrupted outsiders) Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasermann Schultz said this about superdelegates (also called unpledged delegates): “…unpledged delegates exist to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists…”

How Big Oil Conquered the World (SOAPBOX PODCAST 3/20/16)

MARCH 20, 2016 TOPIC : How Big Oil Conquered the World GUEST: James Corbett of THE CORBETT REPORT This week, Cindy chats with blogger, podcast host, and filmmaker James Corbett about his excellent film: How Big Oil Conquered the World Please watch the film and listen to the interview.

Why 14-year-olds don’t rule the world | Mickey Z.

Kids playing stickball in Havana, 1999. By Cliff. Wikipedia/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) Mickey Z. -- World News Trust March 16, 2016 Spring 2003: After training my early-morning clients on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, I'd ride the N train under the East River back to the friendly confines of Astoria. I never failed to raise my eyes from whatever book I was reading to smile when the train rumbled out into the sunlight. We made it through a 100+ year-old water tunnel yet again!  Hallelujah . Once, when heading directly to a local gym for my own workout, I got off the train two stops early -- 36th Avenue, my old stomping grounds. Upon walking downstairs from the elevated station, I noticed Joe’s Pizzeria had fallen victim to Astoria’s creeping gentrification. The decades-old pizza joint had its windows covered with newspaper and was undergoing a metamorphosis into yet another Manhattan-style eatery. Years ago, my friends and I were regulars at Joe’s (although

RAY O' LIGHT NEWSLETTER #95 (March-April 2016)

RAY O’ LIGHT NEWSLETTER                             March-April  2016    Number 95   Publication of the Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA   2016 U.S. Presidential Primary Campaigns Update— From Obama’s State of the Union Address and Governor Haley’s Response, to the Anti-Trump Declarations of McCain, Romney and Ryan –   WALL STREET EXERCISES ITS “REPUBLICRAT” POLITICAL MUSCLE by RAY LIGHT Two months ago, even before the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary formally ushered in the Primary season, we had already observed: “Under the banner of ‘universal suffrage,’ the TV debates, polls, rallies, and constant media coverage have revealed that there is remarkably little support for the ‘Republicrat’ ‘2016 heavy favorites’ (mainstream Democratic and Republican candidates, Hillary Clinton and especially Jeb Bush). Instead, the strong showing of right wing, fascistic Tea Party candidates such as Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Cruz, Rubio et al. on the Republican side and the