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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cindy Sheehan demands the immediate release by Israel of the kidnapped aid workers on the boat: The Spirit of Humanity. JUNE 30, 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Human Rights’ Activist and Gold Star Mother, Cindy Sheehan, calls on the Israeli government to immediately release the members and crew of the boat The Spirit of Humanity that was attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to the devastated peoples of Gaza. Speaking from Newton, Mass, Ms. Sheehan commented: “The detention of the crew and human rights’ workers on The Spirit of Humanity is a clear violation of international law, as the blockade of Gaza is a clear violation of not only international law but the human rights of the people of Gaza. Not only must the Israeli government immediately release and recompense the captives, but it must allow the humanitarian aid to penetrate the blockade.” She continued: “I not only call on the Israeli government to do the right thing, but I call on our own President, who

Cindy Sheehan's Myth America Tour for July

Cleveland and Akron July 8th to the 10th July 8th Wednesday 2-4pm-CLEVELAND BOOK SIGNING Mac Bac's Books 1820 Coventry Road Cleveland Hts. Oh 2-4pm Cindy will be speaking at Akron Main Public Library July 8th- Wednesday 7-9pm 60 S. High St. Akron Oh 44326 330-258-0046 Thursday July 9th Cleveland Community pot luck with Cindy Sheehan 4-6pm where: 10220 Clifton Ave. Lakewood OH Bring a healthy dish and some love community support for Cindy (she is a glutten free vegan) CINDY SHEEHAN'S CLEVELAND SPEAKING TOUR w/ special musical guest Cleveland's Own Troubador Charlie Mosbrook St. Coleman's Parish Hall 7-9p.m. west 65th and Madison (parking at Zone recreation w. 65th and Lorain) Free and Open to the Public Donations Welcome Friday July 10 noon-2p.m. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY! DRUM CIRCLE Bring your own picnic lunch if you wish & your drum for a circle with Cindy Sheehan Gold Star Peace Mom on the upper Pavilion of Edgewater State Park bring your energy and positive v

Passing Propaganda by Cindy Sheehan

"The goal of modern propaganda is no longer to transform opinion but to arouse an active and mythical belief." Jacques Ellul, philosopher One day in July of 2006, I was on Hardball and the host was Norah O’Donnell who was filling in for Chris Matthews. I was her first guest that day and when she was introducing the show before the first break, she intro’d me as: THE WOMAN WHO MET WITH COMMUNIST DICTATOR, HUGO CHAVEZ . We then went to break and I told Norah: “You know Chavez is not a communist, he’s a socialist and he has been democratically elected several times, survived a CIA coup attempt and the last election was certified by Jimmy Carter.” She replied: “Yeah, we talked about that earlier, but we decided to call him a ‘communist dictator,’ anyway.” I was appalled, but not shocked. I was born during the day, but not yesterday and I realized a long time ago that the caca that passes for “news” is just that: caca. Norah O’Donnell readily and unashamedly admitted to me that

The War Party and its Faux-gressive Minions by Cindy Sheehan

For years now, I have been writing about the duplicity of the Democrats and the shocking similarity between the two parties when it comes to the use of state-sanctioned terrorism against innocent populations. This past week, after the betrayal of every American who elected Democrats to end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, I am wondering if there is anyone still in this nation who thinks that there’s any significant difference between the war ideologies of Democrats and Republicans. I know many faux-gressive entities on the “left” whose silence on this matter is so loud it’s hurting my eardrums. Where was over these past few weeks when the Dems were bludgeoning their caucus to vote “Aye” to extend the war crimes in the Middle East? Where were Markos Moulitsas (Daily Kos) and his bloggers that day? The day the funding bill passed, I wandered over to The Daily Kos and saw that it was all a-twitter about Senator Ensign (R) having an extra-marital affair. Nancy Pelosi, St

Memo to Dennis and Lynn: LEAVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY by Cindy Sheehan

“Congress must use the power of the purse to end combat operations. When the War Supplemental conference comes to the Floor for a vote I urge you to continue to vote no." Dennis Kucinich, (D-Oh) "Voting down the funds for war honors the mandate to end the war in Iraq that was given to this body by the American people in November 2006. Furthermore, defeat of the War Supplemental sends a clear message about U.S. priorities at home and abroad.” Lynn Woolsey, (D-Ca) I am not even remotely surprised that the new supplemental bill for war funding passed the House today. Hawks: Pelosi (Democratic Speaker of the House from SF), Hoyer (Democratic House Majority Leader), Obama (Democratic President) and Emmanuel (Democratic Chief of Staff) weren’t even about to allow the bill to come up for a vote until they were assured that it would pass. Besides, Pelosi, Hoyer, Obama (Senator) and Emmanuel (Congress Rep) gave George Bush every damn penny for war he demanded so why wouldn’t they al

An Injustice to ONE is an Injustice to everyONE!

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox has a very exciting announcement: Starting Sunday, June 14th at 3pm (CST), The Soapbox will be heard on Rational Radio, 1360AM in Dallas ! Rational Radio is the new terrestrial flagship station for The Soapbox and we are hoping that it will spread like wildfire across the nation. If any market needs the unvarnished truth of Cindy Sheehan, her topics and her guests, it's Dallas. - Hide quoted text - Watch this video of our protest in front of George Bush's new home in Dallas. Last week, Cindy interviewed Black Panther Party member, Richard Brown about the persecution he and others have received from the government for their alleged parts in the 1971 murder of a San Francisco policeman. The pre-trial for the SF-8 was supposed to begin on June 8th, but has been postponed again until July 6th. The San Francisco board of supervisors is considering a resolution, proposed by Supervisor Eric Marr, to urge California State Attorn

Right or Left Wing Media Bias? by Cindy Sheehan

Right or Left Media Bias? Cindy Sheehan I am sort of confused? When I was only protesting George Bush, his administration and the wars, I received a fair amount of media attention, especially when we were in Crawford the first summer. As time wore on and the novelty of having a mother speak out against the atrocities wore off, the coverage dwindled, but never down to practically zippo until I ran for Congress against a "liberal," Nancy Pelosi. After the Summer of Camp Casey and Katrina, it became really popular to protest and hate George Bush. George Bush slank out of office as the most detested president in American history. However, from the time Casey died until today, my focus has shifted from blaming George Bush only, to blaming the entire system: The Military-industrial- Congressional-Prison-Media- Banker Complex...or whatever you want to call it. I have integrity. I oppose war, torture, economic oppression and environmental degradation no matter who is in the White Hou

Leave that Poor Man Alone by Cindy Sheehan

Leave the Poor Man Alone! Cindy Sheehan I, maybe more than any other progressive Texas outsider, know that not everyone in The Lone Star State is a Neanderthal, Bush-loving, redneck. Thousands of people from all over the state came out to join me in protest near Bush’s PR Ranch in Crawford, Texas. There is always two things Texans want me to know: 1) Bush IS NOT a Texan, and 2) not everyone in Texas is a Neanderthal, Bush-loving, redneck. Having said all that, I was treated to some very ignorant statements on a blog about a protest sponsored by the Dallas Peace House in front of the Bush’s new Dallas home this upcoming Monday that I am joining. This old nugget has been appearing on right-wing blogs with increasing frequency lately: Yes, the same "grieving" mother who didn't even raise her son who has used the life of a valuable soldier and honorable man for her anti-war political rant. She needs her own life... Just who do these people think “raised” Casey? An au pair? A

June Schedule for Cindy's Myth America Book Tour

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! June 4th-5th: Phoenix Az Click here for Events June 6th-8th: Dallas, Texas Saturday, June 6, 7:00 p.m. "An Evening With Cindy Sheehan" Fundraiser-dinner for the Dallas Peace Center and Cindy's Soapbox For information/reservations contact Sunday: Private event Monday, June 8, 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. The Rational Radio Report with Jack Bishop, KMNY 1360 AM, Dallas/Ft. Worth Live interview; listen in! Call-in number: (214) 631-1360 or (800) 277-1637 Monday, June 8, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Dallas-area peace & justice groups join Cindy for a demonstration and march in Bush's neighborhood to call for the investigation and prosecution of George W. Bush and any government officials involved in decisions that led to torture and other war crimes. 4:30 - meet at SW corner of Preston & Royal in Dallas for peaceful, nonviolent demonstration 5:00 - begin march to 5700 block of Meaders Lane (

Robber Class v. Robbed Class: What Can We Do? by Cindy Sheehan

Robber Class v. Robbed Class What Can We Do? Cindy Sheehan In my new online book: Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution, I outline a clear path for grassroots communities, from neighborhoods to associations, to divorce ourselves and declare independence from the Robber Class. What is the Robber Class? Among other things, the Robber Class is the class that just profited off of the bankruptcy of General Motors. Besides losing tens of thousands of good union jobs, Greg Palast, economist and journalist, outlined the illegal plan for GM’s bankruptcy in raiding retiree’s pensions to pay off six billion dollars in loans to Citigroup and Morgan Chase. So again, while tens of thousands of autoworkers lose their jobs and retiree’s lose their pensions, the banksters don’t lose a freaking penny. Besides, as Greg points out in his brilliant article linked here , raiding pensions is clearly illegal under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act; which wa