Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Killing is right and proper" (What happened at Travis AFB, yesterday)

“The Killing is Right and Proper”

Cindy Sheehan

Yesterday, Bay Area CODEPINK and I, started our caravan to Creech AFB in Nevada with a morning peace rally at Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA.

After we got there we were informed that we had to move off the base and were shown by MPs where we could protest. As good warriors for free speech and peace, we groused about it and we were moving forward to where we were supposed to go, when a very angry older man pulled up and started yelling at us to: “Don’t go, I want to counter protest you.” I told him, first of all, he shouldn’t be drinking so early in the morning, and secondly not to worry, that we were going anywhere, we were just moving about 100 yards away.

We decided to just stop and take a picture by the Travis AFB sign and then we were going to get back in our cars to caravan down to Lemoore NAS because it was extremely windy and we were running a little late anyway.

I was giving a little speech denouncing the drone-bombing program and the upcoming 50 percent troop escalation to Afghanistan, when the angry old man, now dressed in a military uniform, charged around the corner and got right into my bullhorn—I told him to get out of my face and he very violently slaps the bullhorn away from me.

Everything happened so quickly: I was so shocked that I was actually physically assaulted that I just turned away from him and that’s when my colleague, Suzanne immediately jumped to my aid and got between the man and me. He swore profusely and pushed her—and then a mini-melee ensued. The numerous MPs and POs that were there finally intervened after I asked them to stop the man from assaulting my friends. I touched no one even though I was within my rights to defend myself. The video clearly shows that the aggressor and the person who brought unreasoning anger and violence to the rally was Sgt. Phil Ward

After the mini-melee, a Fairfield Police Officer, told Suzanne and I that we couldn’t press charges against the man who physically assaulted us because it was a “he-said, she-said” situation, when at least one dozen law enforcement officers were standing around and witnessing the events AND if we did press charges, then Suzanne and I would also have to go to jail until things got sorted out! Complete bullshit.

After all that, when we were leaving, like we were asked to, I got about 2 feet out of the parking lot and I noticed one of the CODEPINK women was not in the van, so I pulled over to the side of the road to wait for her and as soon I we got rolling again, to add insult to injury, I WAS PULLED OVER and detained for about one-half hour and kept isolated in my car from the others until I was presented with a ticket for “impeding traffic!”

We dropped my daughter’s car off and I hopped in the van with a group of desperadoes, (with me being the third youngest, at 52, and six out of eleven in the van being over 70), and we headed down to Lemoore NAS and a National Guard post in Fresno. After another three- hour drive from Fresno, we landed at a cheap motel in Mojave California and I was shocked to open my email and see that I had received numerous emails attacking me for essentially “bullying” a poor, old military veteran.

I watched the news videos to confirm my recollection, which was 100 percent correct. I got to watch an interview that Phil Ward did after his attack on us and he says that the killing in the wars is “right and proper” and was exceedingly upset with Obama because he is only sending 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan when the generals asked for 40,000 more. During an interview with me, I am clearly shaken, but I say, “no matter how much violence they bring to us, we will bring them more peace.”

A thing to think about in this whole episode, is that at least one area newspaper posted that we were going to be at Travis AFB, and it only drew ONE person out to protest us who was unreasonably aggressive and almost comically out of control? Hmm—it makes one wonder what Phil Ward was up to. He charged out of his car at us from the second he got there and felt it was okay to be physically aggressive towards me and the other protestors and he did get away with it with impunity?

We will bring them more peace, but we will also bring them justice, too, as we are planning on pressing charges against Phil Ward as soon as we return from Creech AFB.

There’s scum that attack and more scum that protect those attackers.

There’s scum that take away our rights to peaceably assemble and to freedom of speech, and more scum that protect those who try to steal those rights.

We the People need to be the ones to vigorously defend our rights and defend peace on earth from everyone from Sgt. Phil Ward to President Obama who think that killing is “right and proper.”

Video of Phil Ward attacking our protest:

Getting up early to stop at Edwards AFB and Nellis AFB on our way to Creech in Nevada---the other stops yesterday were uneventful and we just want to peaceably protest without any further assaults.

Friday, November 27, 2009

You Get What you Vote For!

The so-called anti-war movement currently finds itself in somewhat of a quagmire: What to do when the man you raised money for, volunteered for, and yes, even voted for, actually fulfills one of his most repulsive campaign promises?

First of all, I never understood why, or how, peace people could support someone who voted to pay for the wars while he was a Senator and was quite clear on the fact that he would increase violence in Afghanistan and perform a slow, painful and very incomplete withdrawal from Iraq. Principles that were proclaimed so loudly while Bush was president get shoved aside and buried now that a Democrat is president and how do you get your principles back from the dung-pile of selling out?

Secondly, On January 23rd of a rapidly dissipating 2009, Barack Obama perpetrated his first war crime (as president) by authorizing a drone attack in Pakistan. In February of this same year, he ordered an increase of roughly 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan: more war crimes, no corresponding outcry. However, when I cried out, I was roundly attacked by the “left” for not giving Obama a “chance.” 2009 is going to be the most deadly year for our troops and Afghan and Pakistani civilians on record. I think George Bush is calling: he wants his Nobel Peace Prize back.

It is being widely reported (and it seems hotly anticipated by some)—that even though the “anti-war” movement wrote a letter to Obama and asked him to “pretty please” not send any more troops to Afghanistan and had us calling the White House all day on Monday the 23rd when Obama was scheduled to hold his final “war summit"—that the U.S. will commit 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan which is a 50 percent increase in troop strength in the Land of Certain Empire Death.

What is the “anti-war” movement’s response going to be? Candlelight vigils; “honk if you love peace” rallies; a hundred rounds of “We Shall Over Come" (someday, not today or tomorrow); or, is the “anti-war” movement going to say: “Phew, McChrystal asked for 80,000, but our letter worked—he’s only sending 34,000?”

True story: in October of 2005, U.S. troop deaths were going to reach 2000, within days and the “movement” was planning its response. I called for a die-in, with risk of arrest, in front of the White House and called for a candlelight vigil in Lafayette Park. moved their vigil to another location because they told me that their members weren’t ready to do civil disobedience and some of them may be accidentally swept up in some kind of a "peace sweep." I said, “Fine,, have a candlelight vigil for 2000 like you did for 1000 and next year you’ll have one for 3000, then 4000, and then 5000.” I think many of’s members were ready, I just don’t think that was then, or is now. They didn’t do it when Bush was president, I can’t imagine standing up for peace when their man is the one doing the killing.

So, here we are four years, thousands of U.S. troops deaths and hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths later, and the Pope of Hope, the Dalai O’bama, the Nobel Laureate will soon be condemning thousands of more to the same fate and his supporters have given him permission to do so, no matter how many letters they write, petitions they sign or phone calls they make.

In the end, you always get what you vote for.

I knew that this surge was a done deal no matter how much political posturing and pandering occurred. I chained myself to the White House fence on October 5th and was arrested with 60 other people protesting the wars and demanding that peace be put on the proverbial table. But those were symbolic actions and the problems we are facing are deadly and in full Techno-Color, real. The time for symbolism and street-theater ended years ago, but moribund actions won’t seem to just go away gracefully, so we will have to cut them off, cold turkey!

On Monday, November 30, the Peace of the Action Coalition will be sending out a press release condemning the escalation and announcing our Mother of all Protests (MOAP) that will begin in the spring.

If you’re looking for some action, look no further than Peace of the Action and stayed fine-tuned for further details!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three cheers for women behaving "badly"

This Sunday on Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, one misbehaving woman interviews another one. Thank goodness for women who do buck the system and resist "going with the flow," just so as to appear socially acceptable to a society that is not so polite.

Cindy interviews Malalai Joya, a female Afghan Parliamentarian who courageously stands up for female rights and peace against the warlords of Afghanistan and America. Cindy and Cliff (videographer--video of the interview will be available soon) caught up with Malalai when she was in Berkeley to talk about her book: A Woman Among Warlords.

Cindy loves to bust Myths (and is almost finished with Myth America II: 20 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution) and was thrilled when Malalai busted the stuffing out of the Myth that US and NATO forces must remain in Afghanistan to "protect the women."

Please listen to this interview on Sunday at the website after 2pm (PACIFIC):


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On this week of gluttonous eating and shopping, American Style, Cindy urges her listeners to perhaps forego a treat and seek out a local food pantry and donate food, time or money: even if it's a can of corn or five bucks, everything helps especially at this time of year!



Watch the entire video of Cindy's interview last week with Professor Chomsky here.



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Friday, November 13, 2009

Barack Obama DOES NOT Speak for Me! by Cindy Sheehan

I was facilitating a meeting in Washington, DC this past weekend, and an Iraq “War” veteran claimed that the GI resistance movement ended the Vietnam War. I started to say that I was sure that the GI movement was a part of ending the Vietnam War as was the draft, the student movement, the Congress (that had some influence back then), and I was interrupted by the rep from Veterans for Peace who simply said: “actually it was the Vietnamese people who ended that war.”

That’s the plain truth after millions dead/wounded, the Vietnamese people succeeded in vanquishing the U.S.

Today, I recalled that meeting as a couple of very insidious things crossed my path, or caught my eye.

The first thing was an article in the rag called the Washington Post about the attack at Ft. Hood and the alleged suspect, Nidal Hasan and how there is an increasing pattern of soldiers targeting other soldiers. The WaPo editors filtered the article through the Propaganda Wing of the Pentagon and came up with the title: “Fort Hood attack is 3rd this year by antiwar radicals targeting military on U.S. soil.” I think the message is clear: “anti-war=terrorism.”

Call me cynical, (I haven’t always been this way, but I stood up a new person after I fell on the floor screaming my heart out when I found out that Casey was killed in Iraq), but I feel the next item that I would like to point out on this Friday the 13th, is something the Commander in Chief promised the troops when he stopped in Anchorage, AK to refuel Air Force One on his way to Japan, and something that I think is connected to the increasing war path rhetoric.

He actually told the men and women assembled at Elmendorf Air Force Base that if he decides to “not hesitate…to use force to protect America’s vital interests (not defined in the speech)” then he promised, promised, promised (like he promised to close Gitmo within the year and bring one combat brigade per month home from Iraq) to:

A) Have their backs.” I vote that he put on a helmet and some Kevlar and shoulder an M-16 and really “have their backs,” AND take Congress with him.

B)“And that includes public support back home. That is a promise that I make to you.”

We see the revisionist “historians” (spin-doctors) tell us this about Vietnam: it’s not that public sentiment was rightly against that disastrously unjust and inherently unwinnable war, but if the public only supported it, we would have “won.” It’s called the V"ietnam Syndrome."

The two incidences put together spell this: If the USA “loses” in Iraq-Af-Pak, which we certainly will since those "wars," too, are disastrously unjust and inherently unwinnable, then the fault will lie with an American public that are either non-supportive, or outright “anti-war radicals.”

During my Camp Casey campaign, there were “Cindy Sheehan speaks for me,” rallies and conversely, “Cindy Sheehan DOES NOT speak for me,” rallies.

Well, as a member of the American public, Barack Obama DOES NOT speak for me!

I can’t count how many times I have been called an “anti-war radical,” and I have never killed anyone or plotted to kill anyone, but I will NOT support the troops by supporting insupportable missions.

I will not support the “mission” by paying my Federal income taxes and I will not support the troops by flying the imperial flag or putting a yellow ribbon on my car, either. I will support the troops the only way I know how: by being an “anti-war radical,” no matter what the cost.

If we “lose” in the “wars” that the Bush regime started and the Obama regime has escalated it only will be because they were ever started in the first place.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aunt Cindy Wants You! from Cindy Sheehan

If Not Now, When?
If Not Me, Whom?

Cindy Sheehan

“A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Oh boy! Here comes Cindy Cynical again.

I know you want to hear that Obama is the Savior of the World…but the only thing Obama is saving is the Empire and the Corporatocracy. The new elitist health care bill is nothing but another handout to corporations and at the same time the Democrats limited a woman’s right to reproductive choice over her own body. About 130 people will die today because he/she did not have access to health care because they are uninsured or grossly under-insured: that’s 47,000 a year. That’s an Empire-imposed holocaust the size of a small city every year.

I know you want me to tell you that the economy is in recovery, but 17.5 percent unemployment and the fact that every 7.5 seconds someone’s home will go into foreclosure and one million of our children here in the US will go to bed tonight and every night with hunger pangs gnawing at their bellies tell a different story than the Geithner-Summers=Bernanke fantasy "recovery."

I know you want to think that someone who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize may actually be a person who works for peace, but in addition to the tens of thousands of troops Obama has already sent to the war torn zones, he will shortly announce an increase of at least 34,000 more for Afghanistan. This increase will incredibly happen even though members of the “anti-war” movement signed a petition asking him to "pretty please" not escalate the wars. How rude!

Soon pilots for drones (slaughter by robot) will be trained in Syracuse, NY and will also be controlled from there, too. How convenient: pilots can kiss their kids in the morning, go to work to remotely kill other people’s kids and then be home in time for dinner and the evening news.

I wish I could announce the cure for cancer and that cars can henceforth cleanly run on air and that the abuses of the Bush regime have been prosecuted and rectified, but I regrettably can't tell you any of these things either.

So, what are we going to do about it? Stay in sweet, yet disordered denial? Or get busy?

I choose to get busier.

This afternoon in DC, we had our first organizational meeting for Peace of the Action and here are some of the key things we came to a consensus on:


The “Camp Casey” aspect that was so crucial to the experience in confronting Bush in Crawford, Tx will also be an integral part to Peace of the Action. Camp will be set up on March 13th-14th on the Ellipse and will be the staging area and camping area for people coming to DC to take part in the Action.

We will have a contest to have a name for the Camp. Send your suggestions to me at:

There are many tent cities springing up around the country and we believe that our suffering should not be hidden from those that caused it so we will set up right under their snooty noses.

Come to our Camp for food, basic shelter and lots of warm community.

We are including social services, entertainment and education pieces in our Camp life.


The website with online sign-ups could be online as soon as tomorrow evening.


I had originally intended to begin Peace of the Action when we had 5000 people committed to joining us, but now we will begin on March 23rd no matter how many have signed up, to partner with the ANSWER Coalition’s March 20th anti-war march (7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq) and World Can’t Wait’s events on Friday, March 19th. We truly believe that this is going to be such an amazing and energizing action that if we “build it you will come.”

So, now everyone has target dates to plan to join us for the boldest anti-war action in recent history that will make all kinds of history! Make your plans! We will also have housing and ride sharing boards on our website.


The committee and I would like to cordially and enthusiastically invite you to join us for Peace of the Action this spring until our demands are met (for all of the action, or any part you can make). We are all in it to win it, this time!


Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and close all bases.

No drone bombings.

Bring home contractors and paid mercenaries from those countries and Pakistan.

Reparations and political/diplomatic help for the people of those regions.

Fully fund VA programs to help reintegrate our troops healthfully back into society, physically, emotionally and mentally.


We in the coalition believe that we can’t have economic health without the profound reduction of the US Military Empire and Peace of the Action will go very far in accomplishing this.

Troops and dollars home!


If you can’t attend our actions in DC at any point (or even if you can), we will be encouraging and helping with local actions.


If you would like myself, or anyone from the steering committee to visit your church, school, peace group, or community to talk about Peace of the Action and to help us raise money, please contact me at:

For any questions or comments, please, please, please contact me at:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


One year ago today, I was running around San Francisco doing last minute campaigning in my independent run against House Speaker and nine-term incumbent, Nancy Pelosi. In case you didn't hear, I lost. I lost big time, but I came in second in a field of about six.

I am still proud of that campaign, though, because for not being able to get any media attention and very few endorsements from clubs and zero from local unions, I did receive almost 50,000 votes.

Yesterday, during another election day, (that saw the rejection of the weak-kneed Democratic Party Politics), my second grandchild, Jovie Lee, was born at 6:24 am.

Jovie Lee weighed in at a very healthy 8 lbs 10 oz and we are so grateful that we have a health system in California (so far) where mothers without insurance can get great pre-natal and birthing care. Although my daughter works very hard as a massage therapist, like so many of us, she has no health insurance. I am thrilled to report that Mommy, Daddy, Brother and New Baby are doing very well! (As is Gigi---me).

So besides being blessed with two wonderful grandchildren (Jovie's older brother, 17 months old, Jonah, was my first) what else have I been doing since the elections of '08?

Well, in the beginning of the year, still reeling from the election (not mine, Obama's) and the continued violence of the US Empire and the silence of the lambs who once fought against Bush, I wrote the first edition of Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution and hit the road doing book events to what was at first smaller crowds that have grown. I went to about 40 cities in about 4 months and realized that I barely skimmed the surface of the great class divide in the USA.

So, between protests in Martha's Vineyard, Pittsburgh, DC, Dallas, etc, I rewrote Myth America and expanded it to: Myth America II: 20 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution.

Myth II is at the editor and will be available probably in less than two weeks.

My book sales are what keep me financially afloat (barely) and traveling from community to community to spread the word of a true grassroots rebellion to wrest control of our economy, our security, our environment and our survival out of the hands of the Robber Class.

To preorder Myth America II, please click on the image.


At this point in the Declaration's evolution, we are stalled because we need a website and a place where people can enroll in this true grassroots movement for peace on earth.


A broad coalition of activists will be meeting in DC this weekend to further plan this bold new plan to force our government to finally bring the troops back home from Iraq-Af-Pak. More details will be forthcoming.




Monday, November 2, 2009

Black is Back and End the Fed!

In keeping with my desire to cut back on traveling for the rest of the year and spend time with my children/grand-children (still waiting for the granddaughter to arrive. She was due 2 days ago)..I will only be speaking at two out of California events in November:

I am honored to be asked to speak at the Black is Back Coalition march and rally this Saturday, Nov. 7th at 10am beginning in Malcolm X Park.

Black is Back
Coalition for Peace, Social Justice and Reparations



I will be in Charlotte, NC on Sunday, November 22nd to speak at the End the Fed Rally.

Sunday, November 22, 2009
1:00pm - 4:00pm
530 E Trade St Charlotte, NC 28202 (704) 358-2137