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The Ineffectual and Dangerous Concept of Lesser-Evilism by Cindy Sheehan

  The recent Dump Trump, then Battle Biden piece written by Noam Chomsky, et al and signed by a few dozen liberal activists and authors, who recycle this twaddle every four years, makes many logical, factual, and rhetorical errors. Arguably, the main error is that no matter how terrible is a Democrat candidate for POTUS; no matter how many wars he supported; no matter how many women/girls he publicly molested; no matter how many cops went un-prosecuted; no matter how many immigrant families were separated at the border; no matter how many billions of dollars were transferred from the poor to the already wealthy; no matter how much corruption and pork barrel politics have been tied to him; and no matter how far he has gone in a state of mental decline; etc: THAT HE OWNS OUR VOTES. According to the letter, the signers are not in love with Democrat candidate Joe Biden, but it seems their only “beef” with him is that he is “beholden to the elites.” He IS one of those political elite and

"The Activist of all Activists: Cindy Sheehan" Cindy interview on eTownHalls

  Welcome to Ordinary Peoples Equality Assemblies #eTownHalls podcast and ongoing weekly meetings with your host Daniel Roy Wigler Baron Author, Activist and Egalitarian ("Equality for All") Revolution advocate with 20+ years of technology in Quality Assurance, Technical Writing, Business Analysis and Project Management.    Today we are #eTownHalls honored and privileged to be chatting with The Activist of All Activists Cindy Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan anti-war activist Author, Activist, Talk Show Host, 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Cindy is the Rosa parks of the anti war movement and we welcome our Peace Mom. Music used at the beginning and end of the video Most Epic Music Of All Time - African Skies (Stephen J. Anderson) Cindy and I talk about her anti-war activism, eldercide and the urgent need to abolish capitalism, abolish stocks, abolish politicians so we can put in Ordinary Peoples Equality for All Meetings #eTownHalls

The Sham and Shame of U.S. "Democracy" (SOAPBOX PODCAST SEPTEMBER 20, 2020)

                                      SEPTEMBER 20, 2020   GUEST: CHRISTINA TOBIN TOPIC: The sham and shame of U.S. "Democracy"       This week, after the firestorms and smoke blankets have somewhat alleviated in Northern California, Cindy is back with a bang, chatting with election choice activist Christina Tobin who founded Free and Equal Elections in 2008.   Please listen to this timely and important conversation and share with your friends, or frenemies.       *****************          

Kevin Zeese, ¡Presente! (1955-2020) (Soapbox Archives of Kevin's Interviews)

  Cindy and Kevin Zeese at a Protest in DC Our friend Kevin Zeese suddenly passed away from a heart attack at aged 64 on September 6, 2020.   Kevin was a very kind person, father, partner of activist Margaret Flowers, and generous activist himself who was always very open with his time, resources, and energy to many movements: from antiwar, to national healthcare, to Venezuela solidarity, and Green Party politics (and much more). I first met Kevin in May of 2005, about a year after my son Casey was killed in Iraq. We worked with other activists in exposing the 2002 Downing Street Minutes which showed that the US's invasion of Iraq was definitely based on lies.    We send our love and condolences to Kevin's family and his partner Margaret Flowers.   ARCHIVES OF KEVIN'S APPEARANCES ON THE SOAPBOX   MAY 24, 2009    DECEMBER 6, 2009    July 6, 2015     May 7, 2019   *******************************     

SalonGate: Nancy Pelosi Further Reveals her Corruption in the Age of Covid19 by Cindy Sheehan

Then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan September 2005 Where Nancy lied to  Cindy, saying, "You help us win the house net year and we'll help YOU end the wars."  In the summer/fall of 2005, I became quite the cause célèbre of the Democrat party and their sycophants after I sat in a ditch in Crawford Texas to demand a meeting with then president George W. Bush to ask him "For What Noble Cause," he had killed my son, Spc Casey Sheehan and hundreds of thousands of others in Iraq: both civilian and military.   It was fashioned as a "David v. Goliath" moment as a grieving mother had the audacity to demand a meeting with the "most powerful" man on the planet. Of course, I never got my meeting, but clever democrat political operatives like Nancy Pelosi saw me and the antiwar movement as a way for her Democrats to win back the majority in the House and create the "First Female Speaker of the House."   As the photo above s