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GUEST ARTICLE: Socialism, A Love Story by Dakotah Lilly

Capitalism isn’t working and it never has.  Correction, Capitalism isn’t working for 99% of people and it never has or will. A correction was needed because clearly some people are doing fabulously under capitalism. Hundreds of billionaires inhabit the United States including the worlds richest person; Bill Gates.  Most people don’t interact or even see the capitalist class as they live in a different world, one free from anxiety over paying bills, choosing between the mortgage or medicine and the like. The reason these people live in a different reality, is because the rest of us do not. In order for there to be this privileged class, there must be an exploited class, i.e., the vast majority of the world.  America is the richest nation on Earth, yet we send millions of children to bed hungry every night.  America’s "great" cities are lined with corporate offices bearing names such as Raytheon, Boeing, and IBM: companies which make millions selling w

GUEST ARTICLE: 30,000 Murdered in Argentina while Pope Francis Was Top Jesuit - Millions While Pius XII Was Pope By jay janson

30,000 Murdered in Argentina while Pope Francis Was Top Jesuit - Millions While Pius XII Was Pope MOTHERS OF MISSING CHILDREN DURING PINOCHET DICTATORSHIP The twenty-four hour week long electronic and print media saturation coverage of the visit of Pope Francis to a United States of Protestant and Evangelical Christianity majority brings various suspicious to mind.  Though that was a long time ago, that John F. Kennedy overcame anti-Catholic sentiment to become president thanks largely to the wealth and connections of his father, is not the world wondering about being subjected to unconstrained media projected adulation that borders on adoration of Catholic Pope Francis during his dramatically highlighted V. I. P. tour of Washington, New York and Philadelphia, during which he addressed a joint session of Congress, met with the President, spoke before the UN General Assembly, at Madison Square Garden

An Injury to One with Ajamu Baraka (SOAPBOX PODCAST 9/27)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox September 27, 2015 GUEST: Ajamu Baraka TOPIC: Enlightened analysis of Syria and Sanders, etc As Brother Ajamu points out in this interview, citizens of the US, for the most part, feel no solidarity with those outside our borders. Some are willing to trade the lives/livelihoods of those outside the US borders for campaign promises of mild reform. The mantra of the Wobblies, "An Injury to One is an Injury to All" does not just apply to worker solidarity, but international solidarity with other human beings on this increasingly smaller planet we share. ARTICLES by BARAKA REFERENCED IN INTERVIEW: WHY IS CORNEL WEST SHEEPDOGGING FOR THE DEMOCRATS--ONCE AGAIN? THE OBAMA TWO-STEP ON SYRIA   CONNECT WITH AJAMU BARAKA ON FACEBOOK  

10 Easy Ways for Men to Smash Gender Roles | Mickey Z.

Photo credit: Mickey Z. Mickey Z. -- World News Trust Sept. 26, 2015 Let’s face it, whenever we hear about someone “challenging gender roles,” it usually looks like this . Or maybe even this .  Now, I’m not here to rant about guyliner but I’d like to strongly propose that revolutionary gender non-conformity should involve addressing, challenging, and changing the most common -- and most dangerous -- male behaviors.  With that in mind, here are 10 radically simple ways men can get started right now:  Don’t rape and don’t be a rape apologist (99.8 percent of those in prison for rape in the United States are men and 0 percent of these rapists committed their atrocity because the victim was “asking for it”). Don’t murder women (or men or children or, basically, everyone ). Don’t be a pedophile . Don’t physically or emotionally assault your domestic partner . Don’t jerk off to pornography ; don’t let boys have access to pornography. Do


Powerful voices back Occupy Peace Global forecaster Gerald Celente's vision for creating a new kind of peace movement became a super-charged reality when his Occupy Peace rally took over the streets of historic Kingston, NY, on Sept. 20, 2015, to the beat of many different drums and the words of some of the country's most provocative and thoughtful challengers of the status quo. Motioning toward the nearby Ulster County Court House, Celente told the crowd that the seeds of political freedom and liberty had first been planted there, seeds that ultimately comprised 90 percent of the country's constitution. "And now they've been taken away from us by mad men and mad women that can't stop the march to war." He told the crowd, "You are the beginning of the new movement to occupy peace, not only abroad but to bring peace back home, because that military mindset is robbing us of our f

Occupy This Question: What’s Changed in 4 Years? | Mickey Z.

Photo credit: Mickey Z. Mickey Z. -- World News Trust Sept. 23, 2015 I was training a client on the morning of Sept. 18 when she mentioned she saw something about Occupy Wall Street on the news the night before.  "Yeah, yesterday was the fourth anniversary," I explained. "It looked quiet," she said. "Did you go?"  I shook my head "no." She did another set of exercises and then asked: "So, what's changed in four years?" After a long, deep sigh, I replied: "That's a really depressing question." Choosing not to fall back on privileged platitudes (“ Occupy changed the conversation ,” etc.), I instead made a sarcastic crack about how so many occupiers are now actively campaigning for a Democratic presidential candidate … and moved on with my client’s workout.  When I got home, I pondered her question more. I contemplated how swiftly and easily the movement was co-opted

OCCUPY PEACE with Gerald Celente (SOAPBOX PODCAST 9/21)

CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 GUEST : GERALD CELENTE GERALD AT OCCUPY PEACE TOPIC : PEACE MOVEMENT WITH TEETH! Occupy Peace Rally, 9/20/15 This week, Cindy chats with the director of the Trends Research Institute , Gerald Celente about his new initiative for peace: Occupy Peace   Cindy at Occupy Peace (click for photo gallery)  RELATED: OCCUPIED by Anthony Freda   


Occupied Thank you to all who showed up to hear brave, eloquent voices of peace, sanity and morality at Occupy Peace in Kingston. NY. Some random impressions I took away from this important event: We live in an age where war crimes are routine and met with excuses instead of indictments. HALF of the federal budget goes to fund the war machine. We have a Constitution that gives us the power to fix our corrupt system, but we don't use it. I am anti-war, not just anti-Republican war. We have glittering gambling casinos and crumbling schools and infrastructure. We live in a country where inertia, apathy and cynicism are the rule, but if a small fraction of us take action, we can change history. We can write a bill that would mandate all eligible children of members of Congress join the military when Congress votes to start a new war of aggression. People in other countries are literally dying to get the freedo