Sunday, March 29, 2020

Clarity on Corona with Sayer Ji (Soapbox Podcast March 29, 2020)

March 29, 2020


GUEST: Sayer Ji
Topic: Clarity on the Coronavirus

This week, Cindy had the honor of interviewing natural health expert Sayer Ji of the widely followed GreenMedInfo site.

Sayer talks about the problems with the lab tests that declared that Covid-19 was a "novel" Coronavirus; the best ways to deal with the crisis for families and communities; and the dangers to our health, psyches, liberty, and emotional well-being of Medical Martial Law.

If you listen to only one Soapbox, or one podcast about Coronavirus, make it this very important interview!

Sayer Ji is the founder of GreenMedInfo, the world’s largest open-access natural health database.

He is also a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, the co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, a board member of the National Health Federation, and a steering committee member of the Global Non-GMO Foundation.

Cindy, who lost her health insurance in 2004 after she was fired from her job for "taking too much time off" after her son Casey was killed in Iraq has been very interested in natural health and healing.

In Cindy's opinion, GreenMedInfo  is the best researched and credible natural health site and has trustworthy information.

Please check out GreenMedInfo and this great article (below) by Sayer Ji:

Why Everything You Learned About Viruses is WRONG




 "© [Article Date] GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here //"



Check out Sayer Ji's new book!



Radical resilience – not disease – is your body’s destiny
MODERN MEDICINE AND HUMAN HEALTH are at a critical crossroads, and the truth is that you and not your genes are in the driver’s seat. You are the one who gets to make informed decisions on how you use and nourish the evolutionary miracle that is your body.
Combining analysis of cutting-edge scientific findings with our deepest ancestral wisdom and health-promoting practices, Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, offers a time-tested program to help prevent and manage the most common health afflictions of our day—cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic syndrome.

Antiquated thinking and scientific dogma have long obstructed our understanding of our innate untapped potential for self-regeneration and radical healing. But the New Biology explains why biological time is not a downward spiral and how chronic illness is not inevitable when you implement nature’s resiliency tools.
In his thorough and thoughtful exploration of the New Biology, Sayer Ji illuminates:
  • the fascinating new science of food as information
  • the truth about cancer and heart disease screening and what real prevention looks like
  • how to reverse the most common forms of degeneration using food-based approaches
  • how the body extracts energy from sources other than food, including water and melanin
  • how to make sense of conflicting dietary recommendations and out-of-date food philosophies
Encoded within every tissue of your body is your ability to regenerate. Unlock your radical resiliency through this roadmap for diet, exercise, stress reduction, and the cultivation of the environment in which you choose to live.


10 More Experts Criticizing the Coronavirus Panic


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Apocalypse, Snooze (Day 8 of A Sheltered Life) by Cindy Sheehan

There are many grey areas and life is often not "choose A, or choose Z." There can be a point on the line where one is not a "virus denier," nor is one a "hysterical mess," over The Virus™ and one might fall on the letter P, or K, or something along that line.

I have read a lot of doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, etc, refuting CDC and WHO stats. Stats are numbers, based on math, which is pretty science-y. Also, stats can be misleading---if you only test people with corona-like symptoms, then you are going to get a WAY HIGHER stat for morbidity. These stats must be extrapolated to the general population from which the numbers are taken.
Population samples from China, Italy, Iceland and the U.S. provide relevant evidence. On or around Jan. 31, countries sent planes to evacuate citizens from Wuhan, China. When those planes landed, the passengers were tested for Covid-19 and quarantined. After 14 days, the percentage who tested positive was 0.9%. If this was the prevalence in the greater Wuhan area on Jan. 31, then, with a population of about 20 million, greater Wuhan had 178,000 infections, about 30-fold more than the number of reported cases. The fatality rate, then, would be at least 10-fold lower than estimates based on reported cases. 
Read further...

Stress, isolation, fear, poverty, boredom, hunger, increasing domestic violence and other lack of balance can lead to illness. An increasing police state can lead to a number of troubling developments that we have already seen around the world (from the US military) and here in our inner-cities, etc.
Considering the fact that, at present, billions around the world are being detained in their homes due to what are perhaps greatly exaggerated and hyped fatality numbers, these are not simply questions of academic nature. These mandatory quarantines are having devastating impacts on the socioeconomic, psychological, and physical well-being of already law-abiding and healthy individuals. There are strongly positive epidemiological associations between unemployment and a wide range of adverse health effectsa 2015 study found that men experience up to an 85% increased risk of all-cause mortality following losing their jobs. Moreover, a 2020 Lancet study on the “Psychobiological effects of quarantine and how to reduce it,” found that “most of the adverse effects come from the imposition of a restriction of liberty.” The study noted: “Separation from loved ones, the loss of freedom, uncertainty over disease status, and boredom can, on occasion, create dramatic effects. Suicide has been reported, substantial anger generated, and lawsuits brought  following the imposition of quarantine in previous outbreaks.” These effects, as measured by increased morbidity and mortality, are likely to exceed those attributed to the theoretical risks of COVID-19 exposure.
Read further...

I don't want anyone to get sick, die, or be hurt by anything I post, I just want people to know that their lives and their liberty matter to me and I want people to use their goddess-given brains.

"Furthermore, according to a first Chinese study, the internationally used virus test kits may give a false positive result in some cases. In these cases, the persons may not have contracted the new coronavirus, but presumably one of the many existing human coronaviruses that are part of the annual (and currently ongoing) common cold and flu epidemics. (1)"

For me, this "stay-at-home or you'll kill everyone you see and everything and everyone you love will be destroyed" order is already affecting me. I can't swim; I can't see my co-parented grandson; parks are closing; TV is BORING; libraries are closed; shopping is limited to food and necessities, etc. 

I am bored out of my skull and I did something I only do if I am physically ill: yesterday, I stayed in my jammies all day and watched documentaries.

I watched the shows on Hulu, but I am sure they can be found other places. These are the ones I really enjoyed:

Hail, Satan.
It's not what you think---it's about a group that started out as a satire group when Gov Rick Scott in Florida did something abrogating the separation of church and state, but grew to an international organization fighting against Christian tyranny and fighting for religious freedom (most of the group are non-theist).
The Wrecking Crew
Extraordinary piece which celebrates the studio musicians of the 1960s and 1970s that played on almost every record. Great documentary, great music!
Too Funny to Fail
A documentary about the short-lived Dana Carvey Show, which was a truly "not ready for prime time" show put in a slot right after the Number 1 family show in the country at that time: Home Improvement. Hilarious reminiscences from such currentcomedy stars as Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. 
That's all for today---really, that's all. Such a weird time.
Stay well!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Blue Skies (Day 6 of A Sheltered Life)

Blue Skies
Day 6: A Sheltered Life

I am not trying to trivialize the serious situation we find ourselves in, at all. I am just trying to provide some straws to grasp at in these dark days. It's been quite awhile since we have faced such dire circumstances, but I have a feeling we will come out the other side of this. It's up to us whether we will come out better, or worse.

Almost a year and a half ago, Pacific Gas and Electric burned down an entire town and our town was covered in a dangerous blanket of toxic smoke for days (that's why I have a good mask to wear). Paradise is slowly coming back, but during our current "stay-at-home" orders, the opposite thing is happening---the skies are bluer than I have seen them in a long time. It's hard to explain, but the air seems more present than ever before. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 1960's, it wasn't too unusual to see bubbles floating around in our air and it had a bad flavor. 

Yesterday, I went with my daughter and granddaughters to a local recreation area, Peña Adobe, with hiking trails and a lagoon with ducks and geese. The parking lot was full and there were hundreds of people out with their families enjoying the fresh air, playing Frisbee golf, or bringing their dogs to the dog park. I go to Peña Adobe frequently, but, I have never seen so many people there, especially on a week-day. It was easy to maintain "social distancing" in this situation. 

I know people are losing their businesses, jobs, and security--if they had them in the first place. I feel fortunate that I have a roof over my head and close family that I can rely on, but my mind is always on the most vulnerable, and not just vulnerable to Coronavirus, but to capitalism and its failings.

We have a close family friend who is a nurse at a hospital in the town next to us and she was sent home the other day because there wasn't a lot to do. My sister Dede spent a lot of time there when she was going through cancer treatment, and I never saw it when it wasn't brimming with patients--so, where are the packed hospitals? 

I also see that doctors here in the U.S. are complaining about a shortage of equipment, particularly masks. It reminds me of the wondrous works that the Cuban medical system does with profound shortages due to the vicious U.S. blockade. The last time I was there, we spent a lot of time at a medical clinic in Villa Clara, where the doctors could only operate on the most serious cases because of a lack of surgical gloves. Despite all of the shortages in Cuba, their health, longevity, and infant mortality is improving and outpacing the United States. Cuba is sending dozens of doctors all over the world to help in this crisis. Why is the tiny, poor, island nation of Cuba able to provide health? Because its system is based on a holistic approach where the individual, family, and community, is paramount; not profits. Cuba is a model that we would be doing well to emulate and, I have to say it again: the brutal blockade must be lifted. Cuba could do so much more good around the world to counter-balance the evil the U.S. does.

Cuban Doctors leaving for Italy with a picture of the man who put the well-being of people above corporate profits.

Downtown Vacaville at 7pm March 23. 

I am very interested in the toilet paper phenomenon!
I see the stores have plenty of food and other supplies, but, still no toilet paper?

How are you doing? How is your family?
How are you faring with the stay-at-home stuff?

Monday, March 23, 2020

Medical Martial Law? with Anthony Freda (Soapbox Podcast March 22, 2020)

March 22, 2020

Guest: Anthony Freda
Topic: Covid-19 and Medical Martial Law

Cindy and Anthony chat about Covid-19 and the police state repressions being implemented and the possible future oppression being considered.

Medical Martial Law? DOJ Requests Suspension of Certain Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Emergency

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development (Lock Step Rockefeller Foundation scenario)
Operation Dark Winter Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4





Sunday, March 22, 2020

Lady in a Cage (Day 4 of A Sheltered Life) by Cindy Sheehan

Cindy out for a stroll

I hope this finds all my friends, comrades, and contacts in good health and as good as spirits as possible! For all the sick, suffering, nurses, and caretakers, I send all my love and best wishes! 
I haven't written for a couple of days because I actually had a bit of a tumble when I was out walking the other day---I am fine, just very sore! 
Anyhoo, the scuttle-butt of a possible "Medical Martial Law" and a two-week complete quarantine is very concerning. 
Trust me, I don't want to spread panic, but my concern is not about contracting the Coronavirus (still don't know anyone who has it and there is some evidence that spring will kill it, anyway), what I am concerned about is the enactment of more police state repressions. I am concerned about being trapped in my home for two weeks and I think you all should be, too.
This weekend was the 17th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq (another war that Obama, now Trump, didn't end and is still ongoing) in 2003 and this is also about the same time of year in 2004 that my son Casey was deployed there, to return home in a flag-draped coffin a few weeks later. No matter what we think about the events on 9/11 ("official" version; false flag, ?), I do know that the terrible event that day was used to invade two countries that didn't have anything to do with the attacks and to put in place the USA PATRIOT ACT.  Out of fear, USAians accepted that overreaction, and I believe most are accepting these "emergency" orders out of fear when there is little evidence of an actual health crisis. One of the things I don't understand is on one hand we are being told there are no "available tests" for the Covid-19 virus, but how are there about 20k "confirmed" cases in the U.S.? The propaganda cannot have it both ways. The test reports from other countries have also been shown to give many false positives and false negatives, so the available data is questionable and contradictory.
What will we do if the National Guard and/or U.S. military are deployed on our streets allegedly to protect us and to stop looters? When has the U.S. military been used for humanitarian purposes? It is not a humanitarian organization, it's a group of trained killers and has spread death, destruction, and rape all over the world. Will we be safe on our own streets if the military is deployed? Over age 65 and immune compromised people are more susceptible to Coronavirus, but our young people of color will be the vulnerable ones if martial law is declared. 
Will we cower in our homes like obedient serfs, or will be be heroes?
Of course, my endorsement of fresh air, exercise and safe social contact is not an endorsement to be a Coronavirus Candy---just in case there is a virus out there, we must still take REASONABLE precautions. Do stuff you should have been doing all along: take your vitamin C; get fresh air and exercise; wash your hands; don't french kiss strangers; stay away from obviously ill people; laugh.
This article in Off Guardian analyzes the stats from Italy and 99.2% of the people there who have allegedly died from CV-19, had an underlying, serious illness, or condition and 50% of those had THREE or more illnesses or conditions. So, .08% may have died from Covid-19.   
Today, I watched a pretty terrible movie made in 1964 with the great actress Olivia de Havilland called The Lady in a Cage. During a power outage, wealthy widow Mrs. Hilyard who has an elevator installed in her three-story mansion after hip surgery, gets trapped between the first and second floors in the steel cage. Using the emergency alarm, she doesn't attract help, but scoundrels to rob and terrorize her. Long story short, she escapes, and it really doesn't matter, it was bad. The lesson I learned from this bad movie was that Mrs. Hilyard actually used some pieces of the elevator she ripped apart in clever ways and didn't just sit down in despair. No one is coming to help us, really, and they want us to separate ourselves from our families, friends, and communities when we need each other the most. 
Right now, for me, this time of year is very hard---from the time Casey was deployed to Iraq to April 04, when we found out he had been killed. I crave contact with my loved ones and I crave action: ever since my son was killed, I have used my voice and my energy to oppose U.S. militarism, now there is not outlet: We are to submit to our oppressors, and many of the oppressed here have been agreeing with the evil ones. 
I have SO much to say about all of this, but it's going to be a long process, so, hopefully, I will be back with more observations, soon.
Personal Stats
Me: Healthy (except for my sore muscles from the fall)
My friends/family: All Healthy
Toilet Paper: Haven't seen a roll for sale since Black Friday the 13th
(A couple of local restaurants are selling staples like toilet paper, milk, butter, meat, bread---check it out in your community)
 Food: Most stores are pretty well stocked, so far.

In case of Medical Martial Law, I advised my children to have two weeks of food and other essentials just in case, and the worst scenario is they don't have to go shopping anytime soon. I can last two weeks, if I am careful. 

This song always makes me happy:

Be Well and Looking Forward to Raising Some Hell!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Speaking Truth to Empire w/Dan Yaseen (March 2020 Edition)

Speaking Truth to Empire on KFCF 88.1 FM independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, California. Dan Yaseen interviews Jeff J. Brown; he is a geopolitical analyst, journalist, lecturer and the author of The China Trilogy, which consists of 44 Days Backpacking in China”, “China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations and “China Is Communist, Dammit!-Dawn of the Red Dynasty”. They will discuss spread of Coronavirus and its geopolitical implications. 


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hello from GhostVille (March19: Day one of A Sheltered Life) by Cindy Sheehan

Hello from Ghostville:
(March 19: Day One of The Sheltered Life)
Cindy Sheehan

I am an incurable walker---I walk to shop; I walk for fun; I walk to go visit; I walk to stay fit. I see the world at short 3.5 mph bits---usually not zooming by in a dino-mobile, texting while driving. I don't own a car, but even if I did, I can't see myself living a non-pedestrian existence. 

Long before this Covid-19 virus reaction, I have seen the seedy underbelly of my town, as well as the plight of our many homeless. However,  I have also learned of the peaceful places:--near creeks, or up in the hills. I have lived here in Vacaville since 1992---I have a son buried in the town cemetery which I have also gotten to know too well.

Anyway, I think the current crop of concerns began right before I was destined to take a three-city trip back east, leaving on March 6th. Even though there was not a lot of panic, yet, I decided it would be best to postpone this 10-day trip. "Corona refugees" had been taken to the nearby air force base and cruise ships were being quarantined in SF Bay.

Even with the ramping up of the hysteria, I have never stopped walking, but rest assured, I have never gone out and sneezed, or coughed all over people, nor am I a serial French kisser of strangers. Because I haven't had health insurance since 2005, I always try to stay healthy and limit risks to that very valuable health. I don't want to get sick at all, let alone get some random virus that no one really knows the true story. I think this confusion of information on social media and the corporate media is intentionally designed to keep us ill-informed, or fighting each other and staying away from people (no protests, or in-person gatherings, how convenient).

So, since the beginning of March, it appeared everything was pretty normal in my town. Everything was opened and people were still shopping, going to school, going to the gym and parks, and eating out in restaurants. Until Friday, March 13th when Governor Newsom closed all schools, then like moths to a flame, or locusts to a wheat crop: Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, grocery stores, mini-marts, etc, were cleaned out of toilet paper, some medicines, milk, bread and canned vegetables and fruit. I had my son's vehicle, so I was able to witness this frenzy, but not willing to participate in yet another Black Friday--where the goal was hoarding staples, not getting good deals on electronics or toys. 

Black Friday the 13th didn't not stop me from going out and I have been back to my strolls around town. Again, everything was open, the stores were packed---there were a limited stock of staples and most stores had FINALLY put limits on how much people could buy...

...until last night, when the Solano Health Department sent out a "Shelter in Place" notice, which also closed all gyms, bars, theaters, spas, and, if restaurants chose to stay open, they could only offer take out. We are told if we are over 65, to stay home. If under 65, then if we have to go out, we need to maintain "social distancing." Of course, if we are showing any symptoms, then we are strongly encouraged to stay home and stay in place until we have been symptomless for about a week. People who call the doctor if they sneeze, begging for some big-pharma "miracle" cure now are being told to "self-treat," unless it seems your symptoms are getting worse.

After the new order, I went out this morning and my town had transformed into a ghost town literally overnight. Even though Vacaville has all the chain restaurants and big stores, we actually have a very vibrant downtown: with a very low vacancy rate on Main Street. Main Street is only a few blocks, but it's always pretty busy and when it's nice, there are concerts in Andrews Park or Town Square. The lack of cars on the streets reminded me of early Sunday morning and the picture below shows a stretch of Main Street that at 8 AM would usually be filled with the parked cars of people going to Pure Grain Bakery or the popular breakfast spot: The Heritage House (fyi: not my favorite).

 Main Street at 8 AM: Usually bustling

I frequently walk through close by Andrews Park in the morning, and there could be at least 20 homeless there after the shelters kick them out for the day---I didn't see anyone in the park except two cop cars. I hope this bodes well for homeless people, since their main hub (phone charging, internet usage, weather avoiding) the Town Square Library (and all of our libraries) is closed. I saw some health department twit from a neighboring county recently say, "the homeless are exempt from these regulations, but they need to find shelter as soon as possible." What a stupid thing to say! As if our most vulnerable (every day of the year, not just during public health scares) will all of a sudden get the means and opportunities to find shelter. Then, when most people are out of work, they will find jobs to keep them housed? The handling of this crisis by the U.S. government is magnitudes worse than most other governments and maybe we shall get into a discussion of that in one of my future posts.

This brings me to another point. I follow many holistic health blogs, or practitioners and one of them had a Coronavirus Town Hall with about eight doctors, or other health specialists. I sat there watching in shock as they all bragged about how "lucky" they are to have months and months of essentials in stock and how happy they are now that they don't have to travel and they can spend more time with their children, and meditate, catch up on their reading, and just have a good old time during these urgent times that are very frightening for most people. I asked them "what about those of us that live paycheck to paycheck; or those of us that have immune issues, or other high risk factors--how can we look upon this disaster as "positive?" The answer was, "well, you can take time to re-evaluate your lives and be more prepared for the next disaster." LOL, I don't have time to listen to a bunch of elitists who weren't offering any of their toilet paper or medicine to anyone.

I don't watch a lot of corporate news, but I do read a lot of sites and, as usual, the Democrats and Republicans are using this issue as just another club to beat each other up. Sanders had something super-political to say recently: that the best thing for the Coronavirus issue would be for "Trump to shut up." Yeah, that'll do it Bernie! One thing I am surprised about in all the WashedUp, DeCeit efforts is that besides bailing out Wall Street and other wealthy industries, they are also talking about bailing us out, too. We'll see.

Los Reyes Restaurant on Main St

Even though it's apparently a crime against humanity for me to leave my house, since I am over 60, (but less than 65) I still plan to walk, walk, then walk some more. One Dr. recently said that those that sought osteopaths during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 had lower mortality rates because they were told to get fresh air, sunlight, and exercise to keep their lymphatic systems flowing. Sounds like a good plan to me.

All of my children and their partners are off work because of the reaction to the virus, but the only thing that has changed for my activist work is that I am not traveling, and frankly, the break from airplanes is definitely a good thing for me. I am even going to update this blog every day from "A Sheltered Life."

I am also voluntarily sheltering myself from social media---it has just turned into a clusterf#ck of bad information and negativity. Not that I am saying there is nothing to be worried about, there obviously is, but most USAians just don't understand a few things:

1) The US government and its servants are never going to allow a "good crisis" to "go to waste." Rahm Emanuel---democratic politician

2) The USG and its servants will never tell you the truth and is, in fact, relishing in all of these police state measures they are forcing on us. I don't think we've seen the worst of the measures, unfortunately.

3) STRESS is the number one factor that will lead to chronic or serious illness. For me, to reduce this stress, I am curtailing social media for now and NOT social distancing myself from my close family who shares everything, including germs. A day without grandchildren is like a day without sunshine.

4) Constant arguing about every little damn thing is going to turn us into a nation of bitter trolls. Come out from under that bridge!

Me in front of my closed gym at 8 am

Usually, the parking lot would be full.

(Mask to make other people more comfortable)

 There are a lot of "stats" flying around out there and they all contradict each other, so these are my personal stats.

Me: Fine, never felt better

My family: Fine, no illness

My friends: Fine, no illness

My acquaintances: Fine, no illness

What I watched today:

Season One of Patriot the story of a depressed U.S. intelligence agent who gets into all kinds of trouble trying to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. It's very funny and surprising.

(Amazon Prime---sorry, I'm sheltered)

What I read today:

I finished The Boy from the Woods, the newest Harlan Coben book. (No review, just look it up) 4 stars from me.

I would love to hear how you all are doing!

Comment on this post, or email me at:

Please be well and very soon we will again raise hell!