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Brother Larry Pinkney: End of an (Obama) Error and Start of Another (SOAPBOX PODCAST 1/15/17)


JANUARY 31st, 2017


Brother Larry:

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox began in January 2009 after Cindy's historic campaign against then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco) and a few weeks before Barack Obama began is blood-caked regime.

Brother Larry Pinkney's first appearance on the Soapbox was right after Obama was inaugurated and the Soapbox has been honored to be graced with his trenchant analysis of The First Black President™ every January since then.

This week, the Soapbox presents Brother Larry as he looks back on the past eight years and ahead to Trump.

NOTE: This show was recorded shortly before my sister Dede Miller went into home hospice care, and after that, she declined rapidly and passed over on January 22nd.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Obit: Christy "Dede" Miller

Dede and Cindy: Tour de Peace, 2013

Christy Anne “Dede” Miller

Christy Miller, known to all family and friends as “Dede” joined her parents, Dennis and Shirley Miller and beloved nephew, Casey Austin Sheehan in infinite peace on January 22, 2017, after a protracted illness.

Dede began this life on June 16, 1958 in Inglewood Ca. Shortly thereafter her family relocated to Bellflower CA where Dede loved to play softball and music and graduated from Bellflower High School in the class of 1976.

For 25 years, Dede worked at the Bellflower Kmart as Human Resources manager until she quit to work full-time for the peace and social justice movement after her nephew Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Dede will be remembered for her quick sense of humor and zest for life. She traveled the world with sister Cindy in her quest for peace and remarked “I’ve had a wonderful life” shortly before her transition.

Dede will be missed by many, but especially by those family members that survive her: sister Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville CA; brother Scott Miller of Bellflower CA; brother-in-law Patrick Sheehan of Fairfield CA; niece Carly Sheehan of Novato CA; nephew Andy Sheehan and niece Jane Henry both of Vacaville. In the final two years of her life, Dede found great joy and comfort in her great nieces and nephews: Jonah, Jovie, Jackson, Jillian Henry; and Cohen Sheehan, all of Vacaville. The friends and people she had a positive influence on and touched profoundly in her too short life are too numerous to list.

Dede was in home hospice care for her last days and was surrounded by love, peace, and her beloved family at all times.

 Dede loved animals and when she needed a distraction from the cancer "treatments" and pain, she spent many hours watching the antics of the Lone Star Dog Rescue Ranch.

In lieu of flowers, we request that you make a donation there in Dede's memory.

online donation

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dede Miller's Remembrance Page

Dede being arrested in Crawford Tx in December 2006

Christy "Dede" Miller
June 16, 1958 - January 22, 2017
 (Passed at home from breast cancer and complications due to treatments)

 Dede Miller's family has been so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all the warm wishes and wonderful remembrances we have already received about our dear Auntie/Sister. 

Please feel free to comment on this post with your good memories or condolences to the Sheehan/Miller family.

Thank you!  

For UPS mail:
Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, LLC

PO Box 6264
Vacaville, Ca 95696

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


“Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 Free Speech Radio for Central California. Dan Yaseen interviews Jeff Brown, an author and blogger who currently lives in China. Jeff grew up in Oklahoma; he received a BS from Oklahoma State University and an MS from Purdue University. He has also lived in Brazil, Middle East, Africa and France. His latest book is, China Rising, Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations – The Truth behind Asia’s Enigmatic Colossus. In 2012, he took a solo trip through China for 44 days and wrote a book, 44Days: Backpacking in China.  His website is http://chinarising.puntopress.com/

Monday, January 9, 2017

1/20/17: End of an Error and the Beginning of Another by Cindy Sheehan

Elitist rogues out on the town.

Please, take a ride with me on Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine to election night 2008:

I was rather busy that night, because for the prior 18 months, I had set up "camp" in San Francisco on Mission St. in a campaign to defeat then Speaker of the House and treacherous Democrat, Nancy Pelosi.

The first returns were bleak, I was getting single digit results, but we ended up with almost 17% and a second place finish--but, even though I think we did really respectably, this is not the focus of this recollection.

That night, I received a phone call on my private cell-phone, I still
Was it, really?
have no idea who it was, because I couldn't understand his name, but he was literally screaming, "we did it Cindy! We did it! We got rid of Bush and elected Obama!" 

First of all, "we" didn't do anything. I didn't support Obama in 2008 because I actually listened to what he said about promising more war and he voted for and made a full-court press for the bankster bailout and such horrible initiatives like NDAA, among other things.

Secondly, "we" didn't get rid of Bush--one of the oligarch's most brilliant ploys is a regular election for President of the United States that gives an appearance of a "peaceful and orderly" transition of power. In reality, the only thing that transitions is the personnel, the policies of empire and vampire capitalism stay firmly in place. 

I never gave Obama a "break" like I was constantly urged to do by people, I assume, who didn't want the truth pointed out to them.  No matter how some want to keep their heads in the sand, the barest reality is that Obama continued the imperial rampage through the Middle East; is aggressively, continually, and maniacally provoking Russia; passed a "health"care reform bill that was nothing but welfare for big pharma, HMOs and insurance companies; increased the police state and didn't prosecute killer cops; increased oil production and financially protected BP after the Deepwater Horizon gusher; prosecuted twice as many whistleblowers as all the presidents before him since Wilson, and etc, and etc.

Obama was the perfect foil and servant of Empire for the past two-terms because if anyone opposed him we could be smeared with the awful sobriquet of "racist," and many were afraid to oppose him for fear of even giving the appearance of being a bigot. Also, I have learned (the hard way) that many things considered evil during a Republican regime are not so bad to some when a Democrat is the prez. Partisan politics in the US will kill this earth if we don't realize this and struggle against it. Also, incredibly, if you didn't want Obama to be a stone-cold killer, you were tarnished with being a "purist," as if anything about waging mass-murder against civilian populations is positive, and only someone who is "pure" would be against it?

So, for the prior eight years, I have been waging this struggle against Obama, not because I think Obama is even a little bit in charge, but because this nation puts so much stock in "personality" and Obama was putatively in charge. How can one highlight the hypocrisies of this demented system without knocking down the icons that support it? 

I will not give Trump "a chance" either. I will be in the streets as much as possible, when possible, and I will be using The Soapbox to tell the truth as always, but the irony is, the people who thought I turned into a dimwit when Obama was president, will once again agree with me and think, maybe, I have wised-up again.

I do want to give fair warning though. 

I believe that the Republicans are a sordid lot of rightwing reactionary fascists. I think that most of you reading this piece will be simpatico with that view. However, I believe the treachery of the Democratic Party is far worse and I will be keeping a close eye on Pelosi/Schumer and their minions in the months and years to come. I know I will hear, "Obama is gone Cindy, get over it." The world will not be able to "get over" Obama's legacy, as we still suffer from many past presidents who slunk off to peace and comfort after their destructive presidential behavior came to a Constitutional end.

It's laughable to think that a nation that was built on genocide and forced slave labor which has NOT been at some kind of overt or nasty covert war for about 20 years of its existence can be made "Great" AGAIN. How about joining together in solidarity as workers, peace advocates, and social justice advocates to make this nation "Great" for once?

Will it really?

"Errors" cannot end when they are foundational and institutional. The "Powers That Be" have long waged class war against us and when we only vent our rage against 1/2 of those criminals, we do ourselves and the world a great disservice. True revolution will only come when we are repelled by and reject the intolerance and oppression of empire and capitalism.We are not each others' enemies--we need to "shoot" up, not sideways, or down, to hit the ones who torment us all.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Russian Scum!!! by Anthony Freda

Four prominent activists and truth-tellers are debunking the Russian Hack conspiracy theory.
WIlliam Binney, Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange and Ray McGovern All say that the story being told by the discredited, state/corporate fake news syndicate that Russia hacked US elections is not true. 
These brave experts and whistleblowers say there is no evidence to back up the official narrative.
Why is this hysterical Russophobic and NeoMcarthyistic narrative being promoted by Obama, Hillary and their minions in the corrupt mainstream media?

Well, according to Assange, the reason is obvious. 
"They’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House. They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president." 

The same media and establishment that warns us of the dangers of alternative news is disseminating a fake news story that could provoke a nuclear conflict with Russia.

Binney was a RUSSIA specialist and worked in the operations side of intelligence, starting as an analyst and ending as a Technical Director prior to becoming a geopolitical world Technical Director. In the 1990s, he co-founded a unit on automating signals intelligence.
Binney's NSA career culminated as Technical Leader for intelligence in 2001. Having expertise in intelligence analysistraffic analysissystems analysisknowledge management, and mathematics (including set theorynumber theory, and probability), Binney has been described as one of the best analysts in the NSA's history.
(But what does he know?)

Greenwald has exposed illegal surveillance and the inner workings of the drone assassination campaign and kill chain as editor of The Intercept.
Greenwald is critical of actions jointly supported by Democrats and Republicans, writing: "The worst and most tyrannical government actions in Washington are equally supported on a fully bipartisan basis."
He is highly regarded as an independent investigative journalist and lawyer.
(But let's just say he is working for Putin)

Julian Assange has been exposing the crimes of the powerful via his non-profit organization Wikileaks since 2009.
He has exposed evidence of corruption and criminality of the Bush administration, Hillary Clinton and many more power-brokers.
His information has Never been disproven or discredited and is authentic. He is literally risking his life to bring us the truth.
(But let's trust the same media that lied us into the Iraq War and just say he loves Russia)

Retired CIA Sr. Analyst Ray McGovern, who gave presidents going back to Ronald Reagan the CIA’s daily briefing, and who co-founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) calls the Russian Hack conspiracy theory  “a crock” — He says the claim that Russians and Vladimir Putin were behind the release of Democratic National Committee and Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta’s emails, in an effort to give the election to Donald Trump is not backed up by any evidence.
(But let's call him Russian Scum)

None of these men are supporters of Trump or the Republican party, and neither am I.
Each of these men have a track record of honesty, credibility and objectivity.
The intelligence agencies, media and politicians who are promoting this Russophobic campaign have a record of mendacity and failure.
The same dark forces who fabricated the pretexts to bring us to war in Iraq are now engaged in a Neo-Cold-War-Red-Scare game.


Anthony Freda
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Nuclear Waste by Anthony Freda

Image by Anthony Freda

Nuclear power may be the most reckless and shortsighted technological misadventure in human history.

"It's a helluva a way to boil water"
Albert Einstein

Nuclear power was sold as a cheap and safe alternative to oil, but when you factor in the cost of storing and protecting the radioactive waste for thousands of years, the cost is absurdly prohibitive.

When you compute the risk/reward ratio, it is an utterly insane idea.

From building nuclear plants on fault lines as in Fukushima or in populated areas like Indian Point, the hubris of the technocratic planners is unfathomable.

The world's very first nuclear power station was erected in at Sellafield in the United Kingdom on the Cumbrian coast.
This facility pumped unknown quantities of high-level radioactive waste into the Irish Sea for decades without concern for the consequences to life on Earth.
By the 1980's Sellafield had exposed the whole of Europe to 
" more radiation than the combined exposure of all nuclear sites, weapons testing and Chernobyl"
According to Oregon State University scientists.
The worlds largest stockpile of plutonium (28 tons)
currently sits at the site and the estimated cost of cleaning up the waste is 79 billion pounds.
They have not begun cleanup because they are not even sure how to safely go about it at this point.

The Hanford facility in the United States is one of the most irresponsible crimes of the technocrats in history.
(According to The New Yorker)
Between 1943 and 1980, Hanford released 6.3 trillion liters of liquid waste containing strontium, plutonium, cesium and 63 other toxic substances into the Columbia River basin.
Sometimes the releases were accidental, but most times they were intentional.
They were knowingly releasing significant quantities of radiation into the environment and then lying to the public about it.

There are many more similar, harrowing stories from all over the globe.

Some provocative films about this insanity can be seen on PBS here:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern and Frank Serpico on Live on the Fly with Randy Credico

Randy Credico- Live On The Fly


Tue, Jan 3, 2017   5:00 PM

Activists and WhstleblowersAnti War Activist Cindy Sheehan, Ex CIA analyst Ray McGovern and Ex NYPD detective Frank Serpico
BIOS (in order of appearence)

Cindy Lee Miller Sheehan was born on July 10, 1957. She married Patrick Sheehan and the couple had four children--Casey, Carly, Andy, and Janey. Casey was the oldest. The whole family was active in the church; Cindy was once a Youth Minister. They were a tightly knit family that, in Cindy´s words, “did everything together.”

Cindy’s world changed forever when, on an April 4, 2004 missio in Sadr City, Iraq, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan was killed. Cindy and other military families met with President George W. Bush in June of 2004. By October, Cindy´s grief had led her to action. She wrote, “I was ashamed that I hadn’t tried to stop the war before Casey died…Well, I now felt that if I couldn’t make a difference, I would at least try.”

Sheehan became one of the strongest, most personal and persistent voices in the movement against the war in Iraq. Her quest to end the war, bring soldiers home, and hold politicians accountable for the decisions that sent the troops to Iraq in the first place, has been indefatigable.

The American Friends Service Committee created a traveling exhibition of combat boots, each pair representing a U.S. military casualty. They invited Sheehan to speak at the opening of the exhibit, titled “Eyes Wide Open: the Human Cost of War”, which coincided with President George W. Bush´s second inauguration in January 2005.  At that event, Sheehan got the idea to start an organization called Gold Star Families for Peace. Cindy said this about the organization: “When a mom has a child killed in a war, she becomes a Gold Star Mom. Well, we expanded the idea to include all family members because an entire family is affected because of the death.”

In early August of 2005, Cindy, or “Peace Mom” as she came to be called, camped in a ditch near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. She requested a second personal meeting with the president, who had declared that the fallen soldiers had died for a “noble cause”. Cindy wanted to know exactly what that cause was, and to demand an immediate end to what she viewed as an unjust and immoral war.

So many people stopped by to show their support or join her camp that her demonstration became known as “Camp Casey”. A few days later, one of Bush´s neighbors offered the Camp Casey participants some land to use as their base. Camp Casey became a regular protest event, popping up when President Bush was in Crawford for holidays and vacations.

Between Camp Casey operations, Sheehan traveled extensively to join anti-war rallies and to meet with activists and leaders from around the world. She is credited with having revived the anti-war protest, and being the face for the peace and justice movement. Her published works include an account of her first year of activism called Not One More Mother’s Child, a collection of her writing and speeches, Dear President Bush, and Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey through Heartache to Activism.

RAY MCGOVERN was a hell of a spy. For 30 years he was a top-level CIA operative who prepared the President’s daily briefings and chaired the National Intelligence Estimates. So when he retired in 1990, the CIA gave him a prestigious medal for “especially commendable service” to the agency. But outraged at the CIA’s flagrant and illegal use of torture, he returned that medal in 2006 to become an antiwar activist, vigorously exposing agency abuses and speaking out on behalf of people like Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. Now he is the CIA’s worst nightmare, and was put on the State Department’s BOLO list (Be On the Look Out), barely a heartbeat away from a jail cell. And, in fact, he was thrown in jail, after being handcuffed and brutally beaten by police for simply standing up and turning his back during a speech by Hillary Clinton. Because Ray is such a powerful and persuasive speaker against the vast unchecked power of the CIA and NSA, and how they secretly shape U.S. domestic and foreign policy, he never stops listening for that ominous knock on the door that might mean he will be eating his future meals behind bars. With Donald Trump about to enter the White House, that knock on the door seems more likely than ever. Ray will talk with Randy about the dark days ahead, and why Presidents from Clinton to Bush to Obama – and now Trump – are afraid of the CIA and NSA and will not act against them even when they break the law. Otherwise, as Ray has asked, “How else to explain why the National Intelligence Director, who on March 12, 2013, lied under oath to the Senate, was not fired as Director of National Intelligence?” [Note: under Section 1621 of Title 18 it is a federal crime to lie to Congress while under oath; and under Section 1001 it is a federal crime to lie to Congress while not under oath. The penalty is a fine of up to $100,000 and/or up to five years in jail.]

Frank Serpico was born in Brooklyn, New York. When he was eighteen, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served for two years in Korea. After military service, he worked part-time and attended college, joining the New York City Police Department at the age of twenty-three. His police career has been well-documented in Peter Maas’s best-selling biography and in the Academy Award nominated film, Serpico, in which Al Pacino portrayed him.

Serpico’s career as a plainclothes police detective working in Brooklyn and the Bronx to expose vice racketeering was short-lived, however, because he swam against the tide of corruption that engulfed the NYPD during the late sixties and early seventies. Not only did he consistently refuse to take bribes for “looking the other way,” he risked his own safety to expose those who did. In 1967 he reported to appropriate officials “credible evidence of widespread, systemic police corruption.” It was not until April 1970, however, when the New York Times published an explosive story, that Mayor Lindsay took action and appointed the Knapp Commission to investigate. As a consequence of his testimony before the commission, Serpico was ostracized by his peers and, many believe, ultimately “set up” to be shot during a drug raid in which he was seriously wounded and his fellow officers did not call for assistance.

He resigned from the NYPD and spent the next ten years living abroad, recovering from his wounds, traveling and learning. In the early eighties he settled in New York State.

Serpico continues to speak out against both the weakening of civil liberties and corrupt practices in law enforcement, such as the attempted cover-up following the Amadou Diallo shooting in 1999. He provides support for “individuals who seek truth and justice even in the face of great personal risk.” He calls them “lamp lighters,” a term he prefers to the more common “whistleblowers,” because it evokes memories of the historic ride in which Paul Revere made a great deal of noise and caused the lanterns to be lit.

headline photo

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The World-Historic Achievements and Historical Significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution by RAY LIGHT

"Almost 50 years ago, I wrote:

“Marxist-Leninists commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution because millions of Russian people were liberated from Tsarist exploitation and from French, German and British imperialist oppression. We commemorate this anniversary also because the people of the Ukraine, Finland, Georgia, and the other nations oppressed by tsarist Russian imperialism were liberated.“But the primary reason that we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution is the world-shaking importance of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union for mankind, in bringing mighty deathblows against the world capitalist system, in leading the struggle of the world’s peoples a long way down the path of eliminating the system of exploitation of man by man from the face of the earth.” (The Role of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the International Marxist-Leninist Movement: The October Revolution Vs. The “Cultural Revolution,” Youth for Stalin, April 1968)" CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST




The World-Historic Achievements and Historical Significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution

* * *


* * *
Indigenous Protesters Get Police State Repression while Reactionary White Settlers Get State “Understanding” in the U.S. Countryside

* * *

ICOR Resolution on U.S. Presidential Election
* * *
“U.S. Democracy” Exposed Again

* * *
by Cindy Sheehan


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Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox: New Era, New Energy by Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox has survived 8 years of the Obama regime and we are entering a new era and are filled with anticipation and excitement to continue the podcast, which (I believe) has provided some much needed left-wing, non-partisan perspective.
For the past eight-years, many "progressive" talk shows, blogs, and media outlets have been nothing but cheerleaders for the wars and other oppression of the Obama administration. I predict that these, let's call them what they are: hypocrites, will find a renewed sense of radicalism as they rail against Trump with newfound outrage. 
 The Soapbox has never ceased to be a voice against Empire and for the end of the ravages of unbridled Capitalism.


The above graphic has been the banner for The Soapbox for 
these eight years, and I think with a new era, we need a new look.

My sister Dede Miller was the one in our collaboration that had the computer skills to make graphics, but the cancer she is fighting prohibits her from doing much, except fight.

I am hoping that there is someone out there with such talents that can volunteer his/her services to create (with credit and gratitude) a new Soapbox banner for the new era.
Please email me at:
CindySheehansSoapbox@gmail.com, if it's possible.