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"No Boots on the Ground" by Cindy Sheehan

--> "No Boots on the Ground" Cindy Sheehan The President of the USA, aka, Able Servant of Empire, claims that his planned assault on Syria will be “limited” and he won’t order any “boots on the ground” as if he is angling for praise from the almost non-existent antiwar movement and/or to prove that he really earned that Noble Peace Prize! Besides the fact that the US now has troops on the ground in 35 African countries; destroyed Libya for regime change; is bombing “al Qaeda” in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan; AND is already arming and training “al Qaeda” in Syria, the Able Servant of Empire is chomping at the bit of more mass murder to launch a Tomahawk missile attack on Syria. My friend Ann Wright, who is a retired Colonel, US Army and a former diplomat who resigned when the US invaded Iraq in 2003, wrote in this piece about what could be the possible consequences of Obama’s “limited” assault on Syria: Syrian anti-aircraft ba

Cindy Sheehan for Reichwing Dummies

Now that the War Party with its leader, Barack Obama, is ratcheting up the rhetoric for another war, the predictable Reichwing attacks against me begin. Whether written by moronic bloggers, or emailed to me directly, the subject line is always something like this: "Where are you now?" I thought to save myself some time, I would write this fact sheet for those Dummies. It always amuses me that they can come to my blog, find the "CONTACT" link, then write me with misinformed accusations like those below. The Reichwingers can take the time to find my email, but they don't look down the page a little to see that I actually do the opposite of what they want to accuse me of? "What? You only opposed war when Bush was in office? What a hypocrite!" I oppose every war of the past and in the present. I oppose every war of the future. War is a tool of barbarism and it is the opposite of sane and healthy for states to force its young to kill


Hands Off Syria - Take action against U.S. intervention! Call to Action for actions the day of/after U.S. military action begins August 27, 2013 The Iraq war took far over 1 million Iraqi lives. Now the U.S. government is using essentially the same rationale to attack Syria. Washington is on the march toward yet another war of aggression in the Middle East, this time targeting Syria. In the event of U.S. military strikes against Syria, the ANSWER Coalition is calling on organizations and individuals to take to the streets in opposition to what would be a destructive and criminal war by the U.S. government. Make plans now to hold a demonstration in your city on the day of or the day after U.S. military action begins. See a list of demonstrations around the country and fill out our Event Listing form so we can help spread the word! Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of the American people are clearly opposed to U.S. intervention,

Cindy for Governor, 2014 Launched Today!

Cindy Sheehan on the steps of the California State Capitol (From the Sacramento Bee) Andy (CampMan) Conn, Cindy, Lanette Davis and Supporter  Today, I launched my bid for Governor of California. NOTE: We didn't get a permit because I reject the restriction placed on my first amendment rights.  Read the text (minus a few adlibs) of my announcement here .  (VIDEO OF MY ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW). COVERAGE IN THE SACBEE  COVERAGE IN THE LATIMES   VIDEO OF MY ANNOUNCEMENT AUGUST 26 JERRY BROWN ACCEPTS $27, 200 FROM  OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM HE IS THE GOVERNOR FOR THE 1% AND  CORPORATIONS. CINDY FOR GOVERNOR WANTS 27, 200 PEOPLE TO CONTRIBUTE $1 EACH. CINDY WILL BE THE GOVERNOR OF AND FOR THE PEOPLE.   CLICK TO DONATE $1 (OR MORE) TO  CINDY SHEEHAN'S EPIC CAMPAIGN

The Power of Love....(Special Soapbox Podcast)

The Power of Love by Joe Bravo The Power of Love turns mild mannered mothers into Super Moms; loving cousins into Fighters of "Crime Fighters;" and uncles into one man Justice Leagues. One thing that I know since my own son Casey was killed in Iraq for the lies of Empire, is that we have this secret weapon that the war mongers and police statesmen don't know very much about: LOVE. One thing I often wonder about is what if George Bush had a loving mother instead of Mrs. IceWoman Sarcasticon?  What if George Bush had a father that adored him and encouraged his healthy growth instead of assassinating people and starting wars? Well, for one, George Bush would have grown up to be a different man, and my son would probably still be alive.  George Bush grew up to follow in the horrendous footsteps of his father as a liar and murderer. No one could, or would (Thanks, Plastic Woman Pelosi) hold George Bush accountable, except a Gold Star mother from Vacaville, Californi

Cindy Sheehan to formally announce EPIC campaign for California State Governor, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE for Tuesday / August 27, 2013 Contact: Cres Vellucci, Campaign Press Office, 916/996 9170             Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Formally Launches Campaign for Governor Tuesday at State Capitol; Calls for EPIC (End Poverty in California) Reforms Statewide SACRAMENTO – Cindy Sheehan will formally announce her campaign for Governor of California at a news conference Tuesday /August 27 at 10:15 a.m. at the State Capitol . Ms. Sheehan said she plans to unseat incumbent Gov. Jerry Brown, and to bring California  " peace, economic equality and environmental sustainability," and reforms through an EPIC (End Poverty in California) campaign. (see: http://cindysheehanssoapbox. million-reasons-to-vote-for- me-by.htm


I am here on the steps of the capitol building to announce that I am running for governor of California in 2014 with the Peace and Freedom Party. One of the goals of this campaign is to break the stranglehold on this state’s politics by the two parties of, by and for, the corporations and the 1% because I am devoted to improving the lives of the working and poor classes and protecting our precious and compromised environment. Why am I running now? First of all, I believe that politics are local and that change should come from the grassroots and a state executive should be more accessible and responsive to his/her employees than a federal official. Secondly, and more importantly, I am exhausted with the struggle of living in a state that puts the bottom-line of corporations above the needs of its citizens; that puts prisons over education; that puts balancing the budget off the backs of senior citizens, students, and the physically and mentally i

Reform or Revolution? (SOAPBOX PODCAST August 25, 2013)

"Social democracy... is only the advance guard of the proletariat, a small piece of the total working masses; blood from their blood, and flesh from their flesh." Rosa Luxemburg August 25, 2013 GUEST: JONATHAN SIMON TOPIC: VOTING MACHINES JONATHAN'S WEBSITE: www.ElectionDefenseAlliance. org JONATHAN'S BIO: Jonathan Simon, author of CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft And The New American Century , is a co-founder and currently Executive Director of Election Defense Alliance ( www.ElectionDefenseAlliance. org ), a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 to restore observable vote counting and electoral integrity as the foundation of American democracy. His expertise in polling and statistical analysis derives from his former employment as a political survey research analyst in Washington, DC. Dr. Simon has also authored, both individually and in collaboration, numerous papers related to various aspects of election int

The Manning Verdict: The Implication of Placation by guest blogger Diane Gee

Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 of the possible 136 years they could have given him today. Eligible for a parole hearing in 10, it will likely come up in 7 with "time served." The MSM tried to frame as "accidental" the civilian murders on the released war-porn video, one of many such images and videos Manning witnessed, despite the soundtrack showing the unadulterated blood-lust and glee at the hit. Even the judge could not find "damage-done" though at one point, Manning did the smart thing and offered a general apologia prior to sentencing. Lets face it.  People we are bombing know we double-tap.  Thats why they hate us, beyond the general "invade my country and kill my family and take all my resources" general hate.  We kill civilians with GLEE. Manning's statement today was profound. "Our nation has had similar dark moments for the virtues of democracy-the Trail of Tears, the Dred Scott decision, McCarthyism, the

Big Pharm and Bigger Harm (SOAPBOX PODCAST 8.18.13)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox August 18, 2013 First Guest: Kellia Ramares-Watson Topic:  Eating Poison CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT KELLIA'S BOOK Second Guest: Mike Whitney   Topic: Obama put private "Capital" at center of housing plan   CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE CLICK PHOTO TO DOWNLOAD SHOW  

Fukushima Fubar: Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox with guest, Dr. Michio Kaku (PODCAST: AUGUST 10, 2013)

CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX AUGUST 10, 2013 With the continuing bad news and bad radioactivity pouring from Fukushima Dai'ichi,  Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox  replays a show from August 2011 with famed physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku. Dr. Kaku talks about the nuclear disaster and nukes, in general. Please CLICK HERE to download the show (2pm Sunday, August 10) No Charges Expected from Fukushima Disaster UN Agency Monitoring Fukushima and ready to help Toxic fallout threatens the livelihood of fishermen Pump and Pray by Dr. Christopher Busby

Silenced Again, this time in Richmond, Ca by Cindy Sheehan

Silenced Again by Cindy Sheehan You know what is sad?  Since Obama was elected in 2008, I have been dis-invited from speaking in more than a few places; I have been rejected from speaking in more places; I am no longer asked to "sign onto" most "progressive" causes; and, of course, the "liberal press" has almost totally blacked out my message of peace, (no matter who's president) and justice out. What's really sad, is that's not the sad thing. The sad thing is that I have gotten used to it and I am not even insulted or angry any longer when this happens. I get up and charge ahead with all steam possible despite all of the obstacles, and I really appreciate the people who are still with me in the principled struggle. However, another "not interested" not-invite occurred this past weekend when (admittedly an Obama-loving organization) held a protest in Richmond, CA to oppose Chevron. My friend and campaign ma

10 Million Reasons to Vote for Me by Cindy Sheehan

Yes, I am forming an exploratory committee to run for governor of the state of California: the state of my birth and life. The state where I gave birth to four in the next generation of native Californians, and where I buried my first child who was killed in another war based on lies and for profit of the Empire. According to a recent piece in the Sacramento Bee, my gubernatorial prospects are "long" because incumbent Jerry Brown (D) has already raised over "10 million" for his re-election campaign. It is sad that in a state that was in the forefront of progressive election reform, instituting the initiative and referendum process over 100 years ago, has degenerated to cash-based "democracy." Just recently, the "liberal" state of California shot down same sex marriage and legalization of marijuana. In 2012, Prop 37, which would have just required food to be labeled if it contained GMO's was defeated because the "No" side