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Neocons for Hillary, etc. (SOAPBOX PODCAST 7/31/16)

July 31, 2016 Guest: Robbie Martin Topic: A Very Heavy Agenda and Neocons for Hillary MEDIA ROOTS CLICK FOR MORE INFO ON THE FILM EXCLUSIVE – Neocons for Hillary: Obama “Doesn’t Want Nuclear War” by Robbie Martin

Despite U.S. Policy, Fidel Castro Turns 90! by Cindy Sheehan

Dear Fidel, I hope you excuse the familiarity of calling you by your given name, but even though I never met you I do feel like you are my friend, because you are a friend of all the people. I would never dream of being so familiar with politicians here in the US because they are NOT my friends, nor are they friends of humanity. I also hope you forgive me my former ignorance about you and the Cuban Revolution. I was born in 1957 at the height of the Cold War and, as you know, the propaganda reviling you was hard to escape.  However, since my son Casey was killed in another U.S. war for Empire and domination, I have learned much, the hard way. One thing I did learn, was that the government of the USA lies, always--even when telling the truth would make more sense and would be easier. Learning the truth about yourself and Cuba, though, was not one of those hard lessons. It has been my pleasure to visit your beautiful country many times and I have always been treated with lo

We Were Lied To About 9/11 - 4 Part Interview With Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson is the author of The Terror Timeline, a compilation of over 5,000 reports and articles concerning the September 11, 2001 attacks. The book was based on research conducted by himself and other contributors to the History Commons website. Thompson's research in the field has garnered over 100 radio interviews, along with TV interviews on Fox News and Air America and interviews in print, such as for Buzz Magazine. Articles about himself, his research and its reception by the 9/11 Truth Movement have appeared in The Village Voice and Esquire Magazine's "Genius Issue,” and recognition as "an authority on terrorism", even though, "He never studied, trained", as noted by Esquire. In 2005, Thompson was asked to speak at a congressional briefing on the 9/11 Commission’s final report, he addressed what he defined as failures by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Paul Thompson was born in

Remember When Nukes Were a Problem? (They Still Are) (SOAPBOX PODCAST 7/24/16)

CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX JULY 24, 2016 GUEST: Leonard Eiger TOPIC: No Nukes!   BIO: Leonard Eiger coordinates media and outreach for Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action ( ). Since retiring from a career as an occupational & environmental health professional, Leonard has devoted much of his time to the abolition of nuclear weapons. He initiated the NO To NEW TRIDENT ( ) campaign to stop production of the Navy's new fleet of ballistic missile submarines and maintains a blog, The Nuclear Abolitionist ( nuclearabolitionist.blogspot. com ), to educate and engage people to work for a nuclear weapons-free world.  PRESS RELEASE FROM GROUND ZERO SEATTLE BUS AD Controversial bus ad gets green light for Seattle streets Contacts: Leonard Eiger (425) 445-2190                 Glen Milner (206) 365-7865                 Rodney Brunelle (425) 485-7030                 Hans Kristensen, ( Federation of Americ

Equality DOES NOT EQUAL Liberation by Cindy Sheehan

CLICK FOR ARTICLE  "There are only three things the guys let you be if you're a girl in the military - a bitch, a ho, or a dyke." Anonymous Female US Soldier If there is any institution in the world today that embodies the “ideals” of violence and male supremacy, it’s the US military. Not only is the US military engaged in murder and mayhem all over the world against civilians and insurgents, it holds its troops in very little regard, and female troops even lower. Recently, the US Senate passed a bill (included in the war funding bill—sorry, “Defense Authorization Act”) that would require women over the age of 18 to register for “Selective Service.” This excerpt is from an article in the New York Times (June 4, 2016): Under the Senate bill passed on Tuesday, women turning 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018, would be forced to register for Selective Service, as men must do now. Failure to register could result in the loss of various forms of federal aid, inclu

Viva Venezuela! Venezuela Continues to Stand Against U.S. Intervention! (GUEST BLOG BY ALISON BODINE) Viva Venezuela! Venezuela Continues to Stand Against U.S. Intervention! By Alison Bodine On June 21, 2016 Afro-Venezuelans from all of Venezuela’s 14 states took to the streets in Caracas to show their support for the government of Venezuela against an economic war and foreign intervention. Two days later, people across Venezuela gathered in the public squares of major cities also against foreign intervention and to defend the sovereignty of Venezuela. On the International Day of Refugees, Colombians living in Venezuela marched in Caracas in support of the Bolivarian Revolution and the government of Venezuela. These mass demonstrations are only a few examples of the way that the people of Venezuela are demonstrating their support of the Bolivarian Revolution. The people of Venezuela, led by the government of President Nicolas Maduro are mobilizing every day, in streets, classr

The King of Drones Kills 200 Civilians by Anthony Freda

I know. A manufactured, non-scandal about a speech is much more important. (According to the discredited mainstream propaganda channels)    

What Makes Obama Think His Wars Are Legal? By David Swanson

What Makes Obama Think His Wars Are Legal? By David Swanson 5216 President Barack Obama's lawyers, working on our dime, have just laid out a 46-page explanation of why current wars are legal. They've done so in response to a lawsuit , which has limited the argument in some significant ways. First, while Obama has bragged about bombing seven nations, this lawsuit deals only with whichever parts of the world ISIS is in. But there is every reason to believe that Obama would make similar arguments for the legality of his other wars. Second, while Tony Blair may be in hot water for violating the UN Charter's ban on threatening or using war, and while Germans and Japanese were once prosecuted for violating the Kellogg-Briand Pact's ban on waging war, this lawsuit takes no notice of such laws whatsoever, and thus neither does Obama's response. In fact, the "Most Progressive Democ

Remember the Chilcot Report? (Soapbox Podcast 7/17/16)

REMEMBER THE CHILCOT REPORT? CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX   July 17, 2016 David and Cindy: "Impeach Bush and Cheney"   GUEST : DAVID SWANSON TOPIC : THE CHILCOT REPORT ABOUT UK IRAQ WAR CRIMES There certainly has been a lot of drama recently, so things like an inconvenient report reinforcing the crimes of Iraq tend to be shoved aside. Join The Soapbox as Cindy chats with David Swanson about the report and implications! ************************************************************************************************************* DAVID'S RECENT PIECES ABOUT CHILCOT To Prosecute Blair for War You Do Not Need the ICC  IMPEACH AND PROSECUTE TONY BLAIR BLAIR COMMITTED SUPREME CRIME HAVE A CHILCOT 4TH

Getting Away With Murder (SOAPBOX PODCAST JULY 10, 2016)

JULY 10, 2016 GUEST: GEORGE MALLINCKRODT TOPIC:  PRISONER ABUSE  George Cindy chats with author and activist George Mallinckrodt who wrote the book Getting Away with Murder about the brutal murder of Darren Rainey by prison guards while he was being detained in prison in Florida. George was a psychotherapist and whistle-blower in the mental health ward where this abuse (and many others) occurred. STOP PRISON ABUSE NOW SPAN CLICK FOR ORDERING INFO BOOK INFO: THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS HAS BANNED THIS BOOK! The FDC doesn't want the truth to come out: It is the most corrupt, brutal agency in all of Florida. America is experiencing a mental health crisis of unprecedented magnitude. Fifty years ago, shocking conditions and abuses in psychiatric facilities resulted in nationwide closures with no viable plan to provide care for former and future patients. For the severely mentally ill, ever diminishing funding

Why I Care so Much About Unbridled Police Brutality by Cindy Sheehan

Why I Care so Much About Unbridled Police Brutality  by Cindy Sheehan Since my son Casey was murdered (by the US Empire and its cohorts, like Great Britain) in Iraq on April 04, 2004 and I have become a resister to aforementioned Empire, I have been arrested over 20 times (I lost count). To be sure, some of those arrests were fairly benign---popped in front of the White House, or CIA, then out in a couple of hours with a citation. However, I have been treated very poorly and even the "easy" arrests always have some component of dehumanization and the threat of brutality. Once I was arrested in DC and the cop told me that he really agreed with me. I always opine why then don't they arrest the criminals in Congress and the White House, and then I challenged him with this question: "You would kill me if you were ordered to, though, wouldn't you?" His answer, "I guess I would have to." Not only have I been mistreated when I have been ar