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Restore Democracy to Bolivia! Interview with GrayZone Journalist Ben Norton (RECORDING)

November 17, 2019 Tired of corporate media bullcrap? For March on the Pentagon's Monthly Community Conference Call, Cindy Sheehan and other members welcomed The GrayZone journalist Ben Norton to speak about the real situation regards the military coup d'etat in Bolivia that occurred on 11/10/19. This is a "must listen" interview, but only if you want the absolute truth. Ben Norton License to Kill and go Unpunished in Bolivia (Cochabamba Massacre)   CLICK HERE FOR MANY ARTICLES ABOUT THE URGENT SITUATION IN BOLIVIA BY BEN AND OTHERS  ********************* March on the Pentagon

Another US-Backed Coup in Latin America: Restore Evo to Bolivia! (Soapbox Special Report 11/10/19)

November 10, 2019 A Soapbox special report on the anti-democratic situation in Bolivia that is currently unfolding. GUEST: Dakotah Lilly . Listen to get the real scoop on the newest US-backed coup. Evo Morales DID NOT resign, he was forced to leave at the "urging" of the Bolivian military. Support Evo and the people of Bolivia! #HandsOffEvo actions. Washington DC Miami New York City - 4pm on 11/11 Bolivian Consulate 2nd Ave and 42nd St, NW Corner San Francisco Baltimore Philadelphia Los Angeles Albuquerque Las Vegas London


#116 September/October 2019   ********************   Main Articles:   The State of the Union Under the Trump Regime on Labor Day 2019 by RAY LIGHT   and   The USA is Long overdue for a do-over by Cindy Sheehan   CLICK TO READ  

PG & E is Making California a "Shithole Country" by Cindy Sheehan

PG&E is Making California a “Shithole Country” The Kincaid fire in Sonoma County is near where I live, but we are not inundated with smoke like with the Paradise fire.  However, much of Vacaville was without power or wifi for days on two separate occasions, in October. Ironically, despite the punitive power shutoffs, PG&E's aging and poorly maintained equipment probably caused the Kincaid fire.  PG&E has for decades spent money on executive bonuses, salaries ( ), donations to individual campaigns and lobbying ( ) and to conservative sides of propositions in California (such as same-sex marriage and labeling GMOs---against both). So, what if they spent all these millions in repairing their equipment so they can provide power (at a premium) with those who are forced to use that power being assured of a reasonable expectation of safe

"Only the people can save the people" (Soapbox Podcast 11/3/19)

November 3, 2019 Guest: Dakotah Lilly Topic: People Power in Vz and the pathetic state of the puny "left" in the U.S. Dakotah Lilly This week, Cindy welcomes back our good Soapbox friend Dakotah Lilly and they chat about their affection for the late Hugo Chavez and their hope in popular people power in Latin America and the Caribbean. Also, how can we here in the belly of the most vicious beast on Earth create positive change when we can't even overcome factionalism of the fractured left? Any dissent from the dominant paradigm of "identity politics" is immediately attacked and dissenters are wrongfully labeled as "fascist." Anyway, listen to the interview for more information on these topics! Click this image to listen to the Soapbox Interview with Hugo Chavez *********************  CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX