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The Illegitimate State of Israel and the General's Son (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/27/16)

October 27, 2016 GUEST: Miko Peled CLICK IMAGE FOR MIKO PELED WEBSITE TOPIC:  Free, Free Palestine! This week on The Soapbox, Cindy chats with peace and social justice activist Miko Peled who wrote: The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine   *********************************************** THE SOAPBOX IS IN DESPERATE NEED OF DONATIONS IF YOU FOUND THIS SHOW INTERESTING, INFORMATIVE, AND/OR INSPIRING, PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU ARE ABLE AND PLEASE SHARE THIS SHOW! ***************************************   GREAT YOUTUBE PRESENTATION BY MIKO PLEASE WATCH  

Truth Trumps Proganada by Anthony Freda

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: ... everything else is public relations."  ― George Orwell. Good political art punches up and fearlessly exposes the sins of the criminal elite even at the risk of retribution against the artist. Re-enforcing official party narratives is what propagandists do. Challenging them is what political art is supposed to do. When you create art that glorifies a corrupt establishment politician, you are no different than the artists employed by fascists and dictators in the 20th century. You become a tool of the state speaking lies for the powerful, instead of speaking truth to power. Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the iconic fascist-inspired Hope poster for Obama has expressed regrets about the illustration because Obama has not lived up to his campaign promises. Exactly why you don't do it. I am seeing a disturbing trend in political art coming from purportedly p

Speaking Truth to Empire with Dan Yaseen: (October Edition)

Image speaking-truth-to-empire/ 20161019-speaking-truth-to- empire-ray-mcgovern Dan Yaseen interviews Ray McGovern Speaking Truth to Empire . He is a veteran CIA officer turned political activist.   Ray grew up in Bronx, in the early Sixties he served as an Army infantry/intelligence officer and then he was a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the administration of John F. Kennedy to that of George H. W. Bush. Ray’s duties included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which he briefed one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s five most senior national security advisers from 1981 to 1985. His website is

Killary vs. the World by Anthony Freda

Watching the mainstream media working with the Clinton campaign to promote her discredited talking points and her mendacious "Fact checks" is watching the end of the fourth estate, and the end of a free republic. Hillary and a complicit media have run the dirtiest campaign in modern history, but that is not the worst of their crimes. They have successfully launched the broken coalition strategy and by releasing tawdry sex tapes they are attempting to neutralize attacks against them in that category. A classic Machiavellian move is to charge your opponent with the very crimes you are guilty of. It is a known fact that Bill Clinton is a violent, serial rapist and that Hillary threatens his victims and that she laughed about preventing a child rapist from receiving justice. Disgraceful and repulsive, yes, but ultimately trivial in the big picture. The true crimes of Clinton include lying us into the Iraq War and spearheading the destr

"Nasty" And "Wrong" by Anthony Freda

      In 2002, then Senator Hillary Clinton enthusiastically promoted the obviously false charges against Saddam Hussein made by the Bush regime and implored her fellow Democrats to vote for preemptive war against Iraq.  She ignored the UN weapons inspectors and other experts who insisted that there was zero evidence to support Bush's claims of possession of weapons of mass destruction and an imminent threat from Iraq. Along with 27 other Democratic Senators and 81 members of the House of Representatives, she voted Yea on Resolution 114 on October 11, 2002. Senator Hillary Clinton, in justification of her vote to authorize the invasion, falsely insisted that Iraq's possession of such weapons was "not in doubt" and was "undisputed."  Despite her lies, Obama named her his first secretary of State and she is currently poised to become the President of the United States. She now infamously claims in her self-serving whi



Nothing but the Truth in Syria (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/20/16)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox October 20, 2016 Guests: Vanessa Beeley Cory Morningstar  Topic  Nothing but the Truth in Syria   RELATED LINKS SYRIA: Avaaz, Purpose & the Art of Selling Hate for Empire by Cory Morningstar   Aleppo The Worst Humanitarian Disaster Since WWII? Not So Fast, Mr. Kerry By John Wight   Journey To Aleppo Part I: Exposing The Truth Buried Under NATO Propaganda by Vanessa Beeley Journey to Aleppo Part II: The Syria Civil Defense & Aleppo Medical Association Are Real Syrians Helping Real Syrians  by Vanessa Beeley Killed in Turkey: No investigation two years after suspicious death of American journalist Serena Shim by Eva Bartlett Truth and Consequences in Syria (SOAPBOX 10/6/16) with guest Coleen Rowley

The US Brings World to the Brink of Nuclear War by Cindy Sheehan

  October 14, 2016  - " teleSur "-   What’s happening in Syria has been going on for over five years and it's not a civil war. U.S. imperialism has been exporting disaster around the world for over a century now, but not since the “Cuban” missile crisis in 1962, has the U.S. put the world on the brink of such a disaster as we are witnessing today. The conflict began as a U.S.-funded effort to depose President Bashar Assad and install a puppet government in Damascus friendly to U.S. interests. I am sure there are some legitimate forces in Syria who oppose the government of Assad, but the U.S. does not care about democracy—afterall Assad was elected by his people. Also in Syria, approximately one dozen militias are no

U.S. Hands off Syria Sign on Letter (Please redistribute)

Dear Friends of Peace and Justice in the U.S. and the World, We are very pleased to announce that, following a lengthy round of deliberations among several organizations and leading individuals in the peace movement, about the urgent need for a broad coalition to oppose war and U.S./NATO intervention for a forced regime change is Syria, about 30 organizations and 18 prominent leaders of the peace movement have currently signed on the Coalition’s Points of Unity statment and have agreed to cooperate within the framework of an Ad Hoc coalition named Hands of Syria Coalition. Our objective is to create the broadest possible united front for peace and justice by peace activists and organizations in the U.S. and around the world to fight for an end all violence, intervention and sanctions against Syria, which is now threatening world peace. We have attached our Points of Unity statement to this email (please see below) for your review. It is our sincere hope that

The Russians are Coming!!!! by Anthony Freda

      In a bizarre and reckless resurrection of Cold War hysteria, Hillary and the corporate media are seeking to blame the Russians for hacking into the DNC, compromising the election process and trying to start WW3. Of course, they present Zero evidence to prove their conspiracy theory, but the new "Red" Scare is on. Former high ranking NSA officer, William Binney says it was US intelligence, not the Russian boogieman who have been intercepting and retaining data illegally. Despite what the discredited Clinton News Network says, The NSA has all of Clinton’s emails  and the FBI could gain access to them any time they wanted.  No need for Trump to ask Pooty-Poot for those emails, he can just call on the FBI or NSA to hand them over. All of this finger pointing seems to be designed to demonize Russia as a means to pre-condition the public to armed conflict with our perennial "enemy". The “no fly zone” that Clinton wants to

Open Memo to Barack Obama: Step Down off of Russia's Ass! by Cindy Sheehan W/WHITEHOUSE.GOV RESPONSE(EDITED 10/21/16)

To: US President Barack Obama From: Cindy Sheehan Subject: Step down from Russia cc: US Adjunct Secretary of War John Kerry I don’t know how much control you have over this bellicose Empire, but as apparent head of it, I felt compelled to reach out to you one more time. I have been trying to warn you and warn the people of the US for almost eight years now that your thirst for blood and continuation of wars and starting more wars would eventually come to really bite you in the ass and now it has in a big way. Barack, you really need to step down off of Russia’s ass right now. In the recent past, you and your Empire have really only provoked war against weak nations that could not mount a very credible defense, but Russia? How seriously moronic can you be? Look, in case you didn’t know it, Russia has nukes and no matter what I feel about Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin, they are not one of your weaker nations that cannot fight back. Russia has

Meet Madeleine by Anthony Freda

Meet Madeleine Albright. As former Secretary of State in the Clinton administration, she enthusiastically defended the brutal sanctions imposed on Iraq which resulted in the death of as many as 576,000 children.   In 1996 she defended the murderous sanctions during a 60 Minutes interview when she declared “we think the price is worth it.”  The sanctions achieved nothing but the mass death of children and the suffering of innocents. Now she says there is special place in Hell for women who don't vote for Hillary. I hope there is a special place in Hell for Her.    

Syria: Truth and Consequences (Soapbox Podcast with Coleen Rowley)

CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX OCTOBER 6, 2016 Guest: Coleen Rowley Topic: Clearing up Liberal blather RE: Syria  Liberal and shadowy sites like and The Syria Campaign are propagating false claims about Syria and the urgent need for a  No Fly Zone (NFZ) instituted by the US that could result in another tens of thousands of deaths as did the NFZ resolution that precipitated the destruction of Libya. Please listen to the show and read the supporting articles. COLEEN ROWLEY has a long list of credentials that give her legitimacy to comment on this dire situation. Relevant articles:   Inside the Shadowy PR Firm That’s Lobbying for Regime Change in Syria  by Max Blumenthal ******************************************** Revoke the Reward for NATO'S White Helmets ********************************************* Poking The Bear: Dems & Reps Court War With Russia By Supporting Syrian No-Fly Zone Last month, a top U.S. general warne


Race, religion, and region obviously divide people and bringing them together requires sustained and targeted marketing. Disparate demographic groups cannot be persuaded with a singular strategy, so they must be targeted with cynical stunts designed specifically for each of them. For instance, a brouhaha is cooked up to inflame the passions of Muslims, or homosexuals, or overweight women.  These groups have very different triggers, so the traps are successively launched as the campaign progresses in waves of propaganda. An actual crisis can also be used to your advantage by demagoguing the issue. The goal is to portray your opponent as an enemy of the chosen group and move the group's loyalty to your side, building a coalition that is broken, but real. The tricks are built on half-truths or completely manufactured, but this method of exploiting human frailty with psychological warfare has been proven to be effective.