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Election 2020: Hold onto Your Hats with Guest Ted Rall (SOAPBOX PODCAST 10/31/2020)

  Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox October 31, 2020       GUEST: Ted Rall TOPIC: Clusterf#ck 2020   Cindy chats with political cartoonist, author, and commentator Ted Rall about the upcoming election and possible outcomes and aftermath.   NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE TED RALL'S WEBSITE   *****************************   

Madelyn Hoffman: Green Candidate for Peace and Social Justice! (Soapbox Podcast 10.29.2020)

  October 29, 2020     Guest: Madelyn Hoffman Topic: Elections, 3rd Party Politics, Peace Where will we be on November 4th?  Madelyn Hoffman is a longtime advocate and activist for peace and social justice. Her platform is a platform for the people and something to be striven for all the time! Cindy Sheehan (not the Soapbox) enthusiastically endorses Madelyn Hoffman for NJ Senate over the war criminal, Cory Booker (D). Not a wasted vote, but a principled one!       It's Time, New Jersey! Madelyn Hoffman is running in 2020 to put a stop to the endless wars both at home and abroad that are supported by both mainstream political parties.   She believes that health care is a human right and supports a plan to enact improved and expanded single-payer form of medicare for all! She supports a real Green New Deal, one that is linked to cutting the bloated military budget, and real investment into renewable energy. She supports reparations for African-Americans and

Biden's War: Guest Blog by Anthony Freda

  Biden's War  by Anthony Freda    Both maniacs running are pro-war, but why does one get a pass for his Iraq War record? Why is war such a small part of the debate? Did you know that Biden promoted the false claims of WMD’s and wanted an invasion of Iraq before Bush ?  Here are the facts:   Biden Shepherds the War Authorization It is difficult to over-estimate the critical role Biden played in making the tragedy of the Iraq war possible. More than two months prior to the 2002 war resolution even being introduced, in what was widely interpreted as the  first sign  that Congress would endorse a U.S. invasion of Iraq, Biden declared on August 4 that the United States was probably going to war. In his powerful position as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he orchestrated a propaganda show designed to sell the war to skeptical colleagues and the America public by ensuring that dissenting voices would not get a fair hearing.  As Scott Ritter, the former chief

Speaking Truth to Empire with Dan Yaseen (OCTOBER 2O20 EDITION)

Image speaking-truth-to-empire/ 201021-speaking-truth-to- empire-jim-w-dean “Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 FM independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno. Dan Yaseen interviews Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor of Veterans Today ( ) , a popular alternative media website, founded in 2004 by Gordon Duff, a disabled Vietnam veteran, accredited diplomat and global intelligence specialist who worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Veterans Today reaches thousands of visitors worldwide. Its international contributors work without pay and the website depends entirely on donations, allowing for maximum freedom to address taboo subjects. Topics of discussion include: the move from a unipolar to a m

Helena Norberg-Hodge: "What if Local and Diverse Is Better Than Networked and Global?" (CSSB OCTOBER 21, 2020)

      OCTOBER 21, 2020 Guest : Helena Norberg-Hodge Topic : Localization vs. Globalization    Helena This week Cindy welcomes back and catches up with a Soapbox favorite: Helena Norberg-Hodge.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 12th 2020 The Future Is Local: Working to strengthen local economies that put the well-being of people and planet first There’s never been a more crucial time for all of us to consider the power of going local. According to a World Bank/OECD survey, over the last six months, a staggering 1 in 4 of all small businesses have reportedly closed around the globe, with 1 in 5 staying closed even after pandemic restrictions are lifted. Meet Helena Norberg-Hodge, the Executive Director of Local Futures, an international non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the power of localization as a systemic solution to environmental as well as economic challenges. Featured in last week’s, New York Times (Oct. 9th, 2020), Helena is the author of seve