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Resisting Tyranny of any Type: with Prof. Francis Boyle (SOAPBOX PODCAST 7/26/2022)

  JULY 26, 2022         TOPIC: TYRANNY, HOW TO RESIST GUEST: PROF. FRANCIS A. BOYLE   CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER BOOK   CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER      About Francis Boyle Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He received an AB (1971) in Political Science from the University of Chicago, then a JD degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, and AM and PhD degrees in Political Science from Harvard University. He practiced tax and international tax with Bingham, Dana & Gould. Professor Boyle serves as counsel to Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the Provisional Government of the Palestinian Authority. He also represents two associations of citizens within Bosnia and was involved in developing the indictment against Slobodan Milosević for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over his career, he has represented national and international bodies including the


  Baby Hitler and U.S. Liberals                   CLICK PIC FOR AUDIO VERSION   CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION   SheeLilly#8: The Truth about Stepan Bandera and Nazism in Ukraine Cindy Sheehan For Shee-Lilly#8 Cindy and Dakotah share Ukraine’s historic ties to Nazism and worship of rightwing, nationalist, racist leaders like Adolf Hitler in Germany and Stepan Bandera. Please Subscribe, Share, and Smash the LIKE heart. What do you think? Leave us a comment! Share Find Dakotah at: Find Cindy at: ******************************************************************* Thanks for reading Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Newsletter! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. SUPPORT SHEE-LILLY

Mystical Imperialism with Liz Gould and Paul Fitzgerald (SOAPBOX PODCAST 15 JULY 2022)

  15 JULY 2022 GUESTS : LIZ GOULD PAUL FITZGERALD Topic : Mystical Imperialism and Valediction: Resurrection   Liz and Paul   About the guests –   Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, a husband and wife team, began working together in 1979 co-producing a documentary for Paul 's television show, Watchworks . Called, The Arms Race and the Economy, A Delicate Balance , they found themselves in the midst of a swirling controversy that was to boil over a few months later with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Their acquisition of the first visas to enter Afghanistan granted to an American TV crew in 1981 brought them into the middle of the most heated Cold War controversy since Vietnam. But the pictures and the people inside Soviet occupied Afghanistan told a very different story from the one being broadcast


     July 9, 2009   GUEST: CINDY SHEEHAN TOPIC: FEDERAL ELECTORAL POLITRICKS     In 2008, I ran a pretty dynamic and successful (came in 2nd!) campaign against House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi in SF, despite many obstacles, vandalism, media blackout, and other Democrat hanky-panky. However, I have come to the conclusion after almost two-decades as an activist/political commentator, author, journalist, that electoral politics are a deadend for true/positive/evolutionary change. Watch the recounting of a piece of history that has implications for today’s political climate.                                      Or if you prefer to watch the youtube video   ************************** MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION    

Independence for Whom (Shee-Lilly#6)

        Independence for Whom? Shee-Lilly#6 Either EVERYONE matters, or no one does. Cindy Sheehan 22 hr ago CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO ORDER CINDY’S BOOK ABOUT SIMON BOLIVAR, HUGO CHAVEZ AND SOCIALIST REVOLUTION For this episode of Shee-Lilly, Cindy and Dakotah compare and contrast the U.S. revolution, Bolivarian Revolution and Cuban Revolution and which ones helped, or hurt, regular people. Both Cindy and Dakotah have extensive experience, real and intellectual, about these subjects and this is one of the best discussions you can hear on the topic. Cindy and Dakotah obviously care about workers and oppressed people around the world and, following in the legacy of revolutionary leaders, wish to free all oppressed peoples and build a world where citizens can be connected to their “leaders” in positive and constructive ways: Indeed BECOME the leaders we have been waiting for! CLICK FOR DAKOTA'H’S WEBSITE Thank you for reading Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Newsletter. This post i

Rational Talk on Roe with Cindy Sheehan and Dakotah Lilly (Shee-Lilly#5 Podcast)

          This week on Shee-Lilly, Cindy and Dakotah chat about the SCOTUS overturn on Roe, why it happened, and how feminists, liberals, and Democrats, or Liberal Feminist Democrats failed women AND children, historically.     CLICK FOR DAKOTA'H’S WEBSITE Cindy mentions this piece: The Emancipation of Women, V.I. Lenin “Down with this foul lie! There is no ‘equality’, nor can there be, of oppressed and oppressor, exploited and exploiter. There is no real ‘freedom,’ nor can there be, so long as women are handicapped by men’s legal privileges, so long as there is no freedom of the worker from the yoke of capital.” Lenin, Pravda #249, November 1919