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"If you don't like war; why do you pay for it?" (SOAPBOX PODCAST 1/26/14)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox January 26, 2014 GUESTS: RUTH BENN (NWTRCC.ORG) ED HEDEMANN (NWTRCC.ORG) MARIA (WAR TAX RESISTER) ANITA (WAR TAX RESISTER) KATIE (WAR TAX RESISTER) With all the commercials for TurboTax and H and R Block and the dreaded April 15th approaching, I thought it would be a good time to re-run a program about War Tax Resistance. I am a War Tax Refuser and I understand how frightening the specter of the IRS and US Empire can be, but this is a movement and there is help out there. I got through my (il)legal travails with the IRS with the support of National War Tax Resistance Co-ordinating Committee and interview the director, Ruth Benn, and her partner and fellow member, Ed Hedemann. Maria, Katie, and Anita, are activists who have also chosen this courageous path and share their stories. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Cindy Sheehan for CalGov End Poverty in California Tour (Los Angeles, 1/31)

Peace and Freedom Party of Los Angeles presents: THE END POVERTY IN CALIFORNIA TOUR with Cindy Sheehan Candidate for California Governor 2014 Also featuring:                                               Poet Matt Sedillo     & Hip Hop artist Wil B Friday, January 31, 2014     6:00pm-9:00pm Peace Center West,    3916 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City, CA, 90230 $10 Suggested Donation – no one turned away for lack of funds Reception, Meet and Greet the Candidate, Light Refreshments (323) 960-5036             www.

"Bark if you think Jerry Brown is losing it." Cindy Sheehan for California Governor 2014

Although we here at Cindy Sheehan for California Governor 2014 think it's quite unusual to quote ones dog at a Stateof the State address, we would really like to focus on the substance. The bottom-line for our campaign was when the Republican Senate Leader said after the address that Jerry Brown (D) is "sounding more like a Republican everyday." With the steady and unrelenting rightward march of this state’s politicians we believe that our EPIC (End Poverty in California) campaign is needed more than ever. We demand that the “surplus” that the state enjoys, combined with tax increases on the super-wealthy and corporations be used to increase spending on social programs and safety nets. A recent published study states that 25% of our state’s children and 17% of all our population live below the Federal poverty line. There are currently about one million homeless people here in California and an unemployment rate of 8.7%. The s

Gov Brown Proposed Budget Leaves Most Young Children Behind.

From California Budget Project: Child Care and Preschool in the Governor's Proposed 2014-15 Budget: Deep Cuts from Prior Years Remain in Place Access to high-quality, affordable child care and preschool is extremely important for families across California. Child care and preschool help children learn and explore, while allowing parents to find and keep jobs knowing their children are in good hands.   A new CBP analysis -- the first in a series of briefs on Governor Brown's 2014-15 proposed budget -- takes a look at child care and preschool funding, and shows that the Governor's proposal would leave in place current, diminished levels of support. Despite increased state revenues, the Governor's budget proposal includes no major reinvestment in child care and preschool funding, which state policymakers have cut by nearly 40 percent in recent years. This CBP brief looks at several key benefits of subsidized child care and preschool and identifies p

Candidate Cindy Sheehan Speaks at Poor People's Campaign in Sacramento

Cindy Sheehan's Candidate Statement (DRAFT)

--> Candidates for office here in California are forced to pay $25/word to have a statement in the California Voter's Guide. Unfortunately, unless you are a wealthy person, or a candidate of one of the Capitalist parties, oftentimes, this statement is the only time voters are exposed to a far better 3rd Party or Independent candidate.   The statement is limited to 250 words and is due (with payment) by February 12th. The following is our "Dream Statement" and we are trying to raise the money to publish it in the voter guide. Can you sponsor one word? Two words? An entire sentence? A couple of letters? Anything will help and be appreciated. CLICK THE IMAGE TO DONATE (This statement is flexible until Feb 12 and we welcome input) ******************************************** 180 words= $4500 --> I am running to End Poverty In California. Our major goals are to: decrease pr

Pinkney Pulls no Punches about the President (Soapbox Podcast 1/19/14)

Brother Larry Pinkney Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox January 19, 2014 GUEST : Brother Larry Pinkney of The Intrepid Report  SUBJECT : Annual Obama Report Card This is Brother Larry's 6th Appearance-- his first being in January of 2009--the same year that Obama and the Soapbox first "debuted." Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox AND Larry Pinkney  have never stopped telling the truth about this Empire of violence and lies! CLICK THE PHOTO TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Stop the Tunnels! (SOAPBOX PODCAST 1/12)

January 12, 2014 Guest: Alexandra Nagy, Food and Water Watch Subject: Disastrous Water Policy in California California Gov Jerry Brown is supporting the Orwellian named  Bay Delta Conservation Plan which is just a very thinly disguised water grab by Big-Agra and Big-Oil. The voters of California rejected the plan years ago, but  Jerry Brown was illegally and unconstitutionally given authority to proceed with it. LISTEN TO CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX for more info. Of course, water issues go far beyond California.  CLICK FOR SHOW (AFTER 2PM PACIFIC ON 1/12)  STOP THE TUNNELS CINDY SHEEHAN FOR GOV STATEMENT ON TUNNELS  

Join the Fight for 15/hr!

WEBSITE CINDY SHEEHAN'S STATEMENT FOR  15 NOW KICK OFF RALLY Dear friends and comrades,  I send you greetings from California and also congratulate you again on your wonderful victory (Kshama Sawant) in Seattle! I stand in solidarity with your call for a 15/hr minimum wage, but I believe this is just the first step in our struggle for a more just distribution of wealth…although and important and needed one. To equalize the distribution of wealth, along with a minimum wage, there must also be price freezes to start to drain some of the income from the deep and seemingly bottomless pockets of corporate CEOs and other management. Along with price freezes, discussion of a "minimum" wage must also be accompanied by talk of a "maximum" wage indexed to what the lowest paid worker of any place of employment/corporation receives to insure a fairer distribution of profits. Hopefully, all this would lead to total worker con


Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox 5th Anniversary Show! January 5, 2014 "Truth, More Truth, and NOTHING BUT, the Truth" Guests:  Jon Gold Birgitta Jonsdottir Jon Gold is a 9/11 justice activist who will share with us his research about the Saudi Arabian connection to 9/11 and The honorable Birgitta Jonsdottir MP in Iceland will join our 5th Anniversary show to talk about the real-deal in Iceland and her efforts for transparency and protecting internet freedom.  CLICK FOR BIRGITTA'S WEBSITE It's a great show to begin our sixth year of presenting interesting and informative information from amazing and awe-inspiring guests!  CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO HEAR SHOW   Note: Soon after I interviewed Jon, he ended up back in the hospital. Please keep him in your good thoughts! ********************************************* $5 FOR 5 YEARS! The traditional gift for the 5th Anniversary is Wood-- paper is made out of

$5 Month for 5 Year Anniversary! Become a Friend of the Soapbox!

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox is celebrating its 5th Anniversary! We're on the air and in the streets. It's been a struggle to keep Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox broadcasting, but we have managed to present amazing shows with a wide range of topics certainly not heard on the corporate media, but most "left" wing media sites are doing the Allemande Right shuffle with their Democratic Party. We could not do it without the help of our Friends! Become a Friend of the Soapbox and receive any number of cool Soapbox Chatskis! ***************************** For minimum 16 and 2/3 pennies/day ($5/month), you can become a  Friend of the Soapbox. BONUS GIFTS* Soapbox Sticker Signed Copy of Cindy Sheehan's First Book ********************** For  $10 to $19.99/month, you can become a (BF) Best Friend of the Soapbox BONUS GIFTS* SOAPBOX STICKER CINDY'S FIRST BOOK, and  CINDY'S LATEST BOOK  ******

Lynne Stewart is Finally Free!

Cindy and Lynne and another beautiful woman, Iris Baez (child murdered by NYPD in '90's) On December 31, we received the most wonderful and surprising news, our friend,  Lynne Stewart, was being released from prison! Lynne's triumphant return to her friends and family (thanks to Margaret Kimberly of Black Agenda Report)  January 1, 2014 This is Lynne's New Year's Eve message:  My Dears: Well, the impossible takes a little longer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We learned this morning that the US Attorney's office has made the motion for my compassionate release and that the Order was on Judge Koeltl's desk. Since on the last go-round he stated i n Court that he would treat it "favorably", we are now just waiting expectantly. The wonderful thing is that Ralph is here in Ft. Worth for a visit and will bring me back to NYC with him. We don't know when but the rules state that the warden has 2 days to let me go a